Manifesting The Wrath – Part 2

We ended Part 1 with Pastor Parks announcing that Atka Noatak would be sharing the legend of his people from Barrow Alaska.

In progress, we return to Chapter 42, Legends In The Wilderness

“I hope you are planning to stay and hear Atka’s legend. Up here, we believe Alaska is God’s Country, we believe there is a special reason why God has kept this land a plentiful wilderness.”

Rhetta looked at her watch and said, “I wasn’t planning on it, but you have my curiosity piqued. I’ll stay. How about you, Crush? “

“Rhetta, I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I saw the announcement featuring upcoming speakers. Of course I’m staying for this.”

“Great.” Pastor Parks smiled. Meanwhile, outside of the building, the Dragon was lurking about the campgrounds ravenous, starving to devour a soul—any soul. His wrath was raging as he spied a victim. “Perfect!”  he exclaimed as he went over to  his victim’s side. “No guardians, an open soul! And he didn’t attend the congregation inside. He doesn’t even think he needs anything except to be a member in name only. Ha! Perfect! It’s about time he decides that I am his only hope!”

The Dragon swooped over his prey, spreading his fallen, tattered, leopardess wings over the guard. He enclosed the man within his grasp. He called for three dozen demons to assist. The demons instantly appeared from out of the dark night’s air. They clung to the man’s back hissing and chattering their double rows of teeth as they bit into the guard’s flesh, securing a strong hold. Half in and half out. The  Dragon smiled a vicious, evil smile and did more than whisper; he shouted in the man’s ear, “You must tell the government about the switch of the guards! Tell them what the governor did to the real FEMA guards!”

The guard’s back began to itch, and he scratched at it furiously. “Dang bugs; there’s not supposed to be bugs up here. What’s itching my back? I hope I didn’t get some type of rash.” As the guard relieved his itch, he caught a glimpse of colors flashing in the sky. He looked upward to see what it was and beheld a most remarkable display in the northern lights. They were giving off the most spectacular array of colors he had ever seen. Tongues of orange flames were leaping upward, lapping at the colors. And each time the flames lapped up as though it were devouring the colors, the spectacular array would burst and melt over the top of the flames as though it were a waterfall; then the flames would dis-appear as though they were being doused by water. Strange, he thought. Magnificent, but how strange. I have never seen anything like this up here before. What could be causing this strange phenomena? He pulled out his cell phone and started to video the event as he stood spellbound.

Inside, Atka Noatak had been introduced and was just beginning his teaching of the legend of his people. “Many people who have visited this great state of Alaska have asked me about the meaning behind my strange name. What does Atka mean in my native tongue? All names are given to us by our fathers, according to the ancient customs of my people.  Where modern customs, it is a shared decision on the name of the child with the mother’s decision ruling over all.”

The crowd laughed in agreement. Atka continued. “When a child is to be born, when the hour to exit the womb has come, the male elders of our tribe gather in praise and prayer to the bows of colors.  A ceremony is held, and the name to be given is revealed in the stars. My name Atka was taken from the sign in the stars. It means one who councils; one who has lived and knows many things.’ My last name goes back to my father’s fathers. Noatak means ‘a big river that provides food for people.’ This name was the name given to my tribe when they left the land of the north to come to this land.

“It was given to them so that they would always remember the land from where they came—the north land. It was a land of warmth, with a Sun that shined both night and day. There is no night, and there is no moon within that land. The Sun of that land did not burn the skin; it nourished the skin and fed the people by producing great crops of abundance of special foods. It was a land of plenty. When we tell this story, many have asked us, ‘Why did you leave such a wonderful land of plenty and  blessing? The answer that has been passed down from my ancestors is one of particular curiosity by many.

‘It was the time to come out.  It was time to establish in the earth the many mysteries that the land held, but we did not honor. When we fulfilled our great task, we would return to that great land. We would have learned the lessons of our wisdom as long as we never forgot where we were sent out from. And so, the legend of my people  begins at a time when things were very different, and yet very much the same things evolved.”

“Long ago in the beginning, before man was untamed, my people lived in a manner of oneness with the great tongues of fire. The bows of color would dance in the heavens and the tongues of fire would leap up happily in sacred union and join in the dance. It was said to be placed in the heavens as a sign of harmony and balance with all of the tamed who follow and look forward to returning to the north land. It was a sign of a new start of dance and balance.

“Over time our people began to ignore the skies and to seek the things upon the face of the earth as the most important part of survival. Our people had grown hungry for the great hunts and began to neglect the ground. Then one day visitors came and offered our ancestors great treasures to enter our lands and hunt beside us. The treasures were shiny like the stars, and our people traded with them and shared their land. Before long, the untamed people killed our great creatures for their skin and not for food from its flesh. It was a time of great sorrow for our people. They tried to give back their shiny treasures in exchange for the untamed people to leave. The untamed people took back the shiny treasures, but they did not leave the land, and they continued to kill the great creatures for their skins.

“The tamed people began to fight the untamed people, and great wars broke out and many number of evil things happened upon the earth. It was told that the bows of color and the tongues of fire fell out of harmony. The bows of color no longer came out to dance with the tongues of fire. There was a long time of sadness. There was no harmony. Then one day there was a child born to one of our great ancestors who came forth from the belly of the womb fully grown as if he were the age of a four-year-old child. He was born fully clothed in a strange type of clothing. The birth was so hard and painful that it killed the woman of our ancestors who bore the child. The husband of the woman of our ancestors was great among our people, and he was frightened at this birth.

“In his fear, he cried out to the bows of color and the tongues of fire. The bows of color and the tongues of fire sent a great star to tell him that this strange child was sent by the great father and this child would stay with him only for a short while. The great star told our ancestor that a great water of tears was about to come on the face of the earth and destroy the untamed who destroyed the great creatures for their skins, and made evil war with the tamed. He said he would return in a little while to  take this child before the day of tears of water came upon the earth. At that time he would place the child in the cave of treasures in the belly of the earth. He would be safe and learn more things by other great stars until the day that the waters of tears stopped and the bows of color returned to the skies.

“After that, our great ancestor was no longer afraid of the strange child, and he cared for him and taught him the ways of the bows of color; and in return for the kindness, the child taught our ancestor all of the secrets of the tongues of fire. He told him of the great dance and the meaning behind the great dance, and many, many things that he had not known. “The day came when the great star returned to take the child to the cave of treasures in the belly of the earth, and our ancestor was deeply saddened, for he was in his old age and had never had a child before. The child had only been with him a short while, and now he would be alone again, and more alone than before, for his wife had died giving this great birth.

“This was the son he had always asked the Father of the bows of heaven and the tongues of fire to bring to him. And now he was leaving. He suffered many sorrows, for he was told that the time of the end of days was at hand. The great star who came for the child saw the grieving of our ancestor. He had compassion and told our ancestor of his nephew who would be saved from the great waters of tears that would be sent upon the face of the earth. The nephew would take his relatives to keep alive future generations; and after these days, the strange child would be returned to the earth to lead the great people in the wisdom of the days of harmony with the bows of color and the tongues of fire just as he had shared with him.

“He reminded our ancestor that this child did not belong to him, he was a great star from the harmony of the great Father who guided all things. This star child would be sent to instruct the tamed after the great waters of tears had cleansed the great earth from the untamed. For upon every day of destruction he will always leave a great star to guide the tamed who were worthy to survive. He told him that just as the star child had told him, there would be two destructions. The first time would make the great Father so sad his tears would flood the earth with great waters. But the second time the great Father would be so angry that the people would not learn the lesson from the first time, that he would hurl great stones of fire upon it.

“Our ancestor told his nephew of the wonders his star child had told him. He told him that when the skies burst forth and bring great waters of tears, look for the star child, who will tell him of the great dance with all the bows of color and the tongues of fire that leap in harmony with it. And to make sure that you find the right child, I shall give you the secrets that the star child gave to me, and you must guard them with all your life for future generations. If anyone tells you of a legend that is different than the one I leave with you, do not believe it, for it will be a lie.

“Our ancestor’s writings were then written.  He wrote, ‘After the great waters come to a rest, the bows of colors will dance again in the sky. They will dance as a sign for the people who have made it past the danger of the great waters, and now all will be forgotten about the pain before the waters, and a new life will begin with that generation. The bows of color will stand above to comfort all alive at that time. Every time the water of tears come down from the sky, future generations will tell the great story. There will be no more waters of great tears such as were sent at that time ever again.

“Watch always up above in the land of the north, for the day when the skies burst forth again in dance with all the bows of color and the tongues of fire leap against it. It will be another sign. This time a warning sign for all the people. For when that day comes, a great chaos will follow. A fierce battle between the tamed ones of the north land and the untamed ones who seek to destroy the bows of colors in the sky. The bows of color will conquer the flames of fire, and they will stand upon the sea of crystal ice, mingled in the flames of fire on the day the Great Father sends his Holy Sun to conquer the chaos.

“The great warriors that guard the bow of colors shall gather all the tamed ones who the untamed seek to destroy. The Holy Sun will send his stars to gather them all and bring them to the north-ern sea of ice. He will collect all of the tamed ones in all the distant lands wherever they have wandered. No one will be forgotten who is tamed. The ones who guard the bows of colors will show them the way. When all are shown the way and all have been gathered, the Holy Sun in the sky will send its rays to destroy the evil chaos. On that day the great earth’s heart will cry out. It will beg the sun to repay the same destruction to the untamed ones who have pained her.

“On the day the Holy Sun hears that cry so great and sees the poison harpoons of evil spirits stabbing her sides, piercing and poisoning the earth’s belly, the great one of the bows of color will destroy all chaos that do this harm. He will send mighty winds and stars of great fire to destroy the great harpoons. The Great Father of the bows of color, the tongues of fire, and the great sun will cause the earth to stand still and behold the greatness of that Sun!  Chaos shall experience great fear and tremble. Chaos shall try to flee to hide from what is coming. The great Sun will send the great storehouse of winds to shake the earth.

“After the earth is shaken, the great Sun will open the great storehouse of fire in the skin of the earth; it will lance the grounds that have been poisoned by the harpoons, and it will bleed out the poison on the earth. It will be a great purging of evil venom. Then the great Sun shall hurl big stones of fire to dissolve the chaos that cling above the clouds of the face of earth. He shall roll away the skies, and they shall turn into a great arm that will shake the earth like a great hand. All things that were clinging above shall be dissolved into utter darkness. It will swallow all of the poisons of chaos.

“The great breath of the storehouse of wind will blast away, like a great magic, all of the evil spirits and all of their evil magic from off the flesh of the face of the earth. And the pure heart of all that is tamed will be shielded in the eye of the great storm in the belly of the bow of great colors. When the great Sun has moved out of his place all darkness and chaos will be dissolved a great light will shine forth in the earth’s heart, which is the cave of treasures in the north land. A land of untold fullness of all things; a land of paradise where the great Sun is the light of it, both day and night. The face of the earth will see a great separation.  It shall acknowledge truth of the Great Father of the bows of colors, the tongues of fire, and the true star Sun of the Father of Greatness.

“There will be a millennium on the face of the earth and in the belly of the cave of treasures. Many will learn this great lesson on the face of the earth and come to the cave of treasures once a year, at an appointed time, to worship the Holy Sun.  Then many will be born on the face of the earth that will not understand the great legends of the day of their ancestors. A great evil will return to them when their hearts are  filled with ideas to overcome the great heart once again. At this time, the Father of the bow of colors, the tongues of fire, and the holy Sun of the great heart will complete a great age. He shall destroy all of the old untamed things for all time. It shall be the last time.

“The people of the great heart shall go to a great star coming down from the foundation of the great belly. This is the dawn of all new greatness and the final end of all chaos. Do as our ancestors and always listen to the great heart of the Holy Sun, creator and protector of the mother earth. Protect her and do not hurt her, for she is the giver of all good things. Listen to her heart, and she will reveal to your heart all danger and all good. Bless the messages from her great womb; watch the signs for her great birth. Always watch and seek your heart to join with hers. And this is the legend of our great ancestors.

“The time is coming when all will see the things that our ancestors have passed down to us in this great teaching. The day is so close to the coming of the great dance in the northern skies. Thank you all for coming to hear our ancestors’ teachings.

“After speaking those words, Atka was given a great applause, and everyone stood and wondered in amazement. How very close his story was to the prophecies they thought they understood. Now they questioned the mysteries of heaven even more. Standing and still applauding, Crush commented to the man next to him, “This is just amazing.  How much do we Christians really understand? How much of our truths have been twisted into pretzels along the way. It makes a man wonder. What do you think?”

The man answered, “We definitely are not as wise as we have made ourselves think. Atka has a very large, glowing aura. He is very spiritual.”

Crush answered very softly, almost in a whisper, “Is that what that thing is all around him and reaching through the top of his head way up into the rafters here? At first I kept looking around to see if a spot light or something was creating a special affect, you know to create some type of mysterious drama.”

“It is indeed emanating from within him out to us. He speaks a very powerful truth. Judging from the confused look on the faces of the people from the lower forty-eight, I suspect their teaching of the scriptures have been twisted, as you said, into pretzels of various shapes of complexity.”

“Hey, glad to meet you. My name is Crush Danner.” The man shook Crush’s hand  and said, “I know who you are; you have a famous face.  I am Professor Handcock.  I study archaeoastronomy.”

“Hey, I think I see the governor,” said Rhetta.  “I’ll be over there.” Rhetta made her way through the crowd that had gathered around the governor and shouted, “Esther! It’s me Rhetta!”

“Oh, hi there!” shouted the governor. “Excuse me, folks.” At those words, the people backed away so the governor could move through the crowd. Rhetta and the governor finally reached a talking distance.

“Wow, can you believe this crowd?” asked the governor.

Rhetta answered, “It’s just amazing. This night has made me forget all the hell that’s taking place outside of here.”

“That’s the way it works,” answered the governor.

“I didn’t think I’d see you here. I thought you were on a secret mission or something,” said Rhetta.

“Secret mission? Heck, the whole world’s involved here; there’s nothing secret about any of this. Somebody probably just said that to keep the press at bay. I do have a lot of work to catch up on, though. But I flew over here especially to listen to Akta. Wasn’t he great?”

“Great! He was amazing. He told the legend with such conviction and passion. He has me thinking about how much of his legend is true. Between him and Pastor Parks, I’m wondering how much of our interpretations of prophecy are true?”

“I think we will all find out the answers to all of the mysteries very soon. Each time I learn even one new thing that was different from all my years of teachings, my mind just gets boggled thinking what it would be like to understand everything that is in our Bible all at once. The Lord was true when he said we couldn’t comprehend it all if we were told. We definitely are babes in this process of understanding.”

“Yeah, and I’m reaching out for that big hand to help me walk more and more with all of this, just like the babe that I am.”

“Me too, Rhetta, me too. I thank the Lord every day for letting my eyes and ears be opened. And for guiding my heart. I don’t even want to imagine how it would feel going through all of this without Him. Are you staying in Anchorage?”

“Yes. Crush set our crew up in a nice hotel before all the planes started arriving. Every time I get on to him about something, he brings that up.” Rhetta laughed.

“Hey, you guys are welcome to ride with us, and we’ll drop you off on our way back to Ft. Greely. It’ll save you some time; the shuttle lift is awfully slow at night. They only come twice, and the next time’s not for another hour.”

“That sounds great.  I’ll tell Crush.  I suppose you’re leaving now?”

“In a few. I want to talk to Akta for a minute; then we’re heading out.”

“Gotcha.” At that, the governor went to see Akta, who had a very large crowd around him, and Rhetta went to tell Crush the plan.

Rhetta sighted Crush and made her way to him. “Crush, the the governor’s going to give us a ride back to Anchor-age so we don’t have to wait for the lift. We’ll be leaving in a few.”

“That’s music to my ears. I’ll be ready.”

“It’s getting stuffy in here, I’m going to wait outside,” said Rhetta. “I need some fresh air.” Crush responded, “No problem. I’ll be right behind ya.”

Rhetta made her way out to the night air and looked up at the northern lights, watching as the most amazing rows of fantastic colors burst upward and flowed over colors that looked like tongues of fire, dissolving them like a waterfall. She watched as it kept repeating itself like a grand finale at a firework display. “What the …” She ran back inside and shouted for the governor, who was just beginning to talk to Atka. “Governor, hurry, come quick! Bring Atka!”

The governor and Atka hurried through the crowd and met Rhetta in the doorway. Rhetta took them to the spot that she had been standing just a minute before. She looked and saw Crush and another man looking up at the northern lights. “Look!” shouted Rhetta as she pointed to the sky in the direction of the dance of the bows of color and the tongues of fire.

Atka threw himself down to the ground on his knees and bowed. He began to sing praises and pray. The governor stood silent with her eyes and mouth opened in great awe. Crush was standing with his mouth opened, his head cocked back, and both arms hanging limp. The professor was busy writing things in his journal, looking up and then back down to his writing, rapidly repeating the same process nonstop. The governor shook her head, looked again, and pulled out her Blackberry. She dialed the Lt. Colonel. “Have you seen the northern lights?”

“Our phones have been ringing off the hooks about them. People are bunkering down. The north bush natives are all migrating to their ice tunnels into the ground. Everyone is alerted. How are they acting up there?”

“No one is alerted yet. We’ve been in teachings, and most every-one here is from the lower forty-eight. They don’t understand this. They just heard their first lecture on it tonight, and it’s got them thinking, but no one understands it.  Have you heard back from FEMA on when they’re going to send supplies for these people here?”

“Yes, and they said they had more pressing matters to worry about at this time, but we are on the list. Boy, you called that one right, governor. If we hadn’t set out that cargo mission they would have all starved—both of hope and food by now. For all we know, FEMA was either going to let them starve or fill up a mass gravesite after a round of target practice.”

“The troops! We have to alert our troops. We have to put Operation Northern Lights into action. It’s time.”

“I know. We just got two alerts a few minutes before you called. The first alert was the clock in Grand Central Station has stopped. You wanted to know that. And if you are right, that explains our second alert. More missile launch threats are coming in from Iran and Russia. Looks like World War III may be our Armageddon. Young has been threatened to get the black box or he is dead. They came right out and said that point blank. We need to get our men in position. The command tower is ready with their interceptor launch task force, and it is all we can do to keep the president from using his black box; he doesn’t understand why we are not letting him. When are you coming back?”

“Right now.” Hanging up, she turned to Atka. “Will you help Pastor  Parks and the National Guard bunker down these people here? Show them the tunnels?”

“Yes, I will. May the bows of color guide your journey, governor.”

“Thank you and God bless,” said the governor as she threw her arms around Atka,  giving him a big bear hug good-by. “See you here again or on the other side.” At that she shouted, “Professor, Crush, Rhetta, come! We need to board fast. It’s the final hour on the clock, Professor!”

“How long ago?” he questioned as he ran along with the others to the chopper. “Probably six to eight minutes now. We have to hurry.” They leapt aboard the chopper, and it whirled toward Ft. Greely. The governor turned to Rhetta and Crush and said, “You’re both going to Ft. Greely with us. There is no time to stop at Anchorage. The legend and prophecy is happening. Did you notice the other part of the sky or just the northern lights?” Rhetta and Crush both looked at each other confused and at the same time said, “What other part of the sky?”

“The part that was almost in the formation of a five pointed star“, answered the  professor. “Here, look.”  He showed them the drawing in his journal that he had made a few minutes before. Crush blurted out in awe, “I never thought that such a thing was really possible without throwing the entire world out of balance.”

“The entire world is out of balance, Crush; that is exactly why it has taken formation. And why the legend of Akta’s people is about to be fulfilled. This is why the bows of color and the tongues of fire are dancing in the northern lights. Either there is a north country, the earth is hollow, and we will be gathered; or we will watch the worst hell on earth ever imagined.  Even Hollywood hasn’t been able to envision the type of special effects the world is about to see!”

The professor looked over at Crush and noticed his far-away expression. Curious, he asked him a question, “Crush, you have a very dazed look on your face. Do you mind if I ask what you are thinking?”

“Under normal circumstances, I would say none of your business. But these aren’t normal circumstances. It’s the weirdest thing … just this morning I was watching a dang mainstream reporter who was bragging all about his inside connections and the scoops he had on all of them. He said he had a ton of stuff on everybody. He was rambling on and on about Russia Japan, Iran, Venezuela, and the United States. He  had been drinking, so I took all of what was coming out of his mouth with a grain of salt. He said he was sent up here to help push the button. He said he had  information about quasi crystals, cloaking devices, meta materials, antimatter  gravity inertia renewal, and the reason the president really pushed the ‘Freedom of Information Act’ through Congress was to exploit the U.F.O.s and flying triangles and General  Jone’s  research.  He said what they really wanted was all the documents and research from these top-secret programs so they could pass it around the world and use it against these extra terrestrials to get all of their intelligence, so they could really push the button.

“I had no idea what he was talking about, but he said he had the scoop on the director and his days were numbered, but the thing  that got me thinking was, when he was all through rambling, he said when they are all done it will look like the Fourth of July in 3D; and the sad thing about it, no reporter will be around to report it. And if one survives, no one will read it; and even if they paid the guy a billion dollars to get the story, his only real reward would be to look at it while he starved to death. I was just thinking …” Crush paused for a second, looked up, then said, “that guy was probably right.”

“In top C.I.A. studies through NASA, they have studied some of these so-called aliens that they have shot down and killed,” stated the professor. “Their genetic compounds are unlike anything we have ever encountered; they are perfectly designed for inter-planetary travel. Their skin is a plant/animal hybrid with chloro-phyll to produce sugars from sunlight. Their eyes are designed to see the visible and the invisible spectrums. And they can see things far more accurately than an eagle. These aliens can read fine news-paper print from miles away. Their bodies are designed for space travel with long extended arms and super long fingers. Their brains are larger than human brains and studies have shown how they use every last bit of their actual brainpower. Every aspect of its anatomy has been super engineered for the perfect explorer race. Scientists have replicated the quasi crystal structures found in their spacecrafts and their computer devices. This is how our gov-ernment devised its cloaking devices and why all the research was performed regarding black holes, antimatter, and antimatter gravity inertia reversal. There is so much more to share, but the bottom line is, the world is going to battle these watchers! They are truly going to try and attack angelic beings.”

Rhetta added, “I have no idea what you are all talking about, but I think it has to do with the Illuminati and something that goes way back to ancient times.” The professor looked at Rhetta and said, “You’re catching on fast.”

“I think what the government has found is of the lesser things. Not the greater things,” said the governor. “The scriptures in Revelations say that the bottomless pit was opened and things like locusts came out to the earth, and to them was given power like the scorpions of the earth had power. They had breastplates like iron, meaning they were pretty darn impenetrable; and the sound of their wings were like the sounds of chariots of many horses running into battle. They had a king over them that was the angel of the bottomless pit!  I never made the connection between that  scripture  and what we term U.F.O.s and aliens.

“A person should be very careful what part of the earth they try to enter into. Whereas it may be heavenly, there are still some parts of that heavenly body that we are spiritually at war with. Something tells me the Prince of this World has given man a lot of forbidden knowledge. We have two sets of spiritual warnings going on here. One side is warning man to stop his activity; and the other side is giving man technology to destroy himself. Like a good watcher verses bad watcher thing.”

The Hercules factor,” added the professor. “The fallen angel gods need man in the flesh to fight his war for him. To fight the righteous of this heavenly kingdom. They need fallen men to shoot their exotic space weapons into the heavens and eliminate all things that oppose manifesting Lucifer’s Hades on earth. That is exactly what is happening here!”

“I don’t think man needs to be nosing around in there without an archangel invitation, one like Enoch had,” added the governor. “The Alaskan natives are full of stories of evil spirits; that’s why they stay right where they are and don’t go near the tropical paradise. Legends are one thing, exploring is another. No one has ever just  wandered in there, placed a claim stake, and wandered back out.”

“If I may interject here,” said Crush. “Professor, I remember one more thing that reporter said. At the time I thought he was just plain drunk when he said it. He told me that they have removed twenty or more chips from people who were abducted by aliens! Could they have been abducted by these bad watchers or aliens, whatever they are, and if so, why? Why would they put chips into them?”

“The chips were removed from alien bodies, not human abductions.  However,  NACO could have abducted some people and implanted them in the early studies of chip implants? Hmm? People were so much easier to buffalo back then. If our government told us they took chips out of aliens, then they’d have to explain. If they took chips out of people, they could always blame it on the Russians. But they never had too. They kept it covered up for a long time. The chips our researchers removed they named quasi chips. Quasi chips work as a very complex binary system of numbers.

“This is how NACA developed our computer technology. We received this knowledge from their crafts and materials. They discovered that these aliens’ computer systems are so advanced that they had access to records of every minute of time in this universe and every documented minute of every human being and every creature from the beginning of time itself. That is how advanced it is. From this technology, our researchers are still discovering new secrets that it holds. This is where our binary systems and computer codes have stemmed from—from these chips. They were full of numbers. And numbers by themselves mean nothing.  Numbers are abstract unless they have something to go with it. Like the number six, for example. Six what? Six is what? Six is an identifier. It must have something to go with it to make it have a meaning.”

“Whoa! Hold it right there, Professor!” shouted the governor. “We had a prophecy explosion a few years back, and the guest lecturer really stirred minds when he spoke of the mark of the beast being 666 and bar codes. I kept thinking it went deeper than that, but he was so convincing that it simply meant they were going to keep track of us through chips. This is what the government thinks these chips implanted by aliens must mean, right?”

“That’s exactly what they think and why they think they can do the same thing. They’ve already made great progress in implanting chips and tracking everything from money to people. But I have learned by the way you ask for my agreement  that you are onto something else. Am I right, Governor?”

“As you say, professor, exactly! The mark of the beast spoken of in Revelations is  666. If numbers are binery systems, what is the identifier? The Bible always cross references itself, and the place where 666 is referenced is in 1 Kings chapter ten  with Solomon receiving 666 talents of gold yearly. He was wise and had under-standing. His seal was the star of David, which held within it the perfect measurements of man. The mark of the beast is gold, money, bar codes.

“The mark of the beastly system, which represent a succession of kingdoms uniting into one, has always been gold! Wealth! Money! The thing that has ruled all world empires from the beginning! The root of all evil! The substance that creates world tyranny and oppression in modern times—it is the thing that governs the world, our central banks, Illuminati’s mark to make all man do what they say or they will not be able to buy or sell anything. Central banks have reached the ultimate alchemy of the Illuminati—to create gold or money out of thin air! Gold that does not exist except on paper, and they have been able to rule the world with their new alchemy!

“And now with the new universal religion, the only way man will be able to use this number of gold will be to join its false anti-christ church and then receive their rationed portions of this new alchemy!”

“My God, how does your mind make all of these connections?” asked Crush. “You are absolutely right here!  It is as plain as the paper it is printed on! Modern alchemy! If only we would have seen it coming before now!”

“Actually, Crush, it is Pastor Parks who has been right all along. He said the King of Glory taught against the mark of the world, its’ money. He’d always say, ‘Don’t make money your god; it is the mark of the world. We need it in the world’s system to survive, but we must be wise in using it or we will be a slave to it.’ Did we under-stand this message fully? Obviously not.”

image 48

“Well said governor.” The professor smiled. “In my briefings I learned the president had access to top-secret information and was going against NACA. He opened up Pandora’s box when he over-rode the top-secret accesses. The research from Los Alamos, New Mexico, and the research centers in Nevada, like Groom Dry Lake  Antimatter Research Facility in Lincoln County. All of their discoveries in electro mag-netic flight, space time distorters, three-wave gravitational wave amplifiers, the  research on separate internal gravitational fields, electro-gravitics, and telepathic navigation controls. All of the high technology that was given to man by the bad watchers.  And for what purpose? To once again rule like gods as in the days of the first time, just like Atlantis.

“All of this would make fossil fuels obsolete. And that is exactly how he wanted it. No oil for the average people. Only high tech that only the wealthy could afford. He took over the industries to force these technologies into the world under government control. Only the Hilderberg anointed were going to have access to these things. They were going to control the entire  Universe with the new technologies. Man was going to be reduced to the slaves who build their junk, while they traveled the earth and universe, beaming themselves around like a sci-fi movie.”

“They can do all that?” asked Crush, “And they never used it for the good of mankind yet? That reporter was right! He had the biggest story of the history of man and it was worth absolutely nothing right now.”

“Now maybe you can understand why Russia has been leveling the playing field, so to speak,” said the professor. “Back when Reagan and Gorbechev were bringing a halt to ‘Star Wars,’ they both had the same technology. The technology none of us knew about. The idea was to surrender a truce to using it all. The Hilderbergs didn’t have a truce. Russia decided that other smaller countries having the technology would brace them against the “all mighty United States”, under the Hilderberg control that it was under and decided to make sure that they had other pawns on their chess board to move around, so to speak. This is a very complicated game of chess and if you only know the game of checkers, as the private working sector only knows, none of the power struggles of the world make any real sense. It is all for a total godlike control over all the rest.”

Taking a breath and shaking her head, the governor stated, “But God will not let that happen. The end will be their own self-destruction with God’s massive hand waving in the final blows.”

“I hope you are correct,” answered the professor. “You see what the Hilderbergs are actually trying to establish is a world system that operates like North Korea itself. An evil universal dynasty. The people are oppressed, the propaganda machines are all  they hear and know. True knowledge is hidden, and the ruling class has the luxuries along with an anointed select class of the population that will have a lesser degree of lifestyle, all others will be enslaved. But just like North Korea, only a thin margin of people will be able to live it. Keeping such a tight reign on things in this manner will assure that those who want to, let’s say, wear a pair of blue jeans will be willing to kill, steal, and destroy anything to get them. And the universal system will use these people to keep the others in their poverty statuses in line. Little carrots of kindness in return for evil acts toward their fellow man. The polar opposite of the commandments of the King of Glory. The total commandments of the Prince of this World, Lucifer himself.”

Crush was beginning to fume. “I’d rather go when the big one hits than go with the new regime. To think of all the flack I took from those idiots when I said I hope the president fails. Those people will be saying worse than that; in fact, they are right now. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve heard from good people up here who were sucked in by his promises. Totally sucked into his vortex. Well, they woke up fast! A little late, but their eyes are now wide open.”

“The light went on; we’re landing,” said the governor. “I hope we make the right decisions in what to do. What direction to take first. Do you all mind if we say a group prayer together while we land?”

Rhetta answered first. “That sounds good to me.” “Count me already there,” added Crush. “As long as it’s a silent prayer,” said the professor. The governor smiled and said, “There’s no such thing as a silent prayer. He hears our every thought. But we’ll have a nonverbal one. How’s that?”

Chapter 44 Earth Heart Connection

As the chopper landed, the governor was thinking of all the things that needed to be done. As she stood up to part from the chopper, Michael the Archangel touched her shoulder and she stood a little taller and instantly got a second wind. “That’s strange …,” she thought as she looked around. “I could have sworn someone just touched my shoulder. I felt it deep and strong. She continued down the ramp to the landing pad and was met by a national guard.

“The commander needs you to come with me,” he said. The governor nodded and followed as the chopper’s propellers continued to stir up great winds.

As the others de-boarded, Rhetta asked, “Where did the governor go?”

Another ground guard answered, “I’m supposed to take all of you to the command post. Follow me; I have a shuttle bus right over there.” The professor seemed to be in his own little world as they boarded the shuttle bus. Once on board, the professor asked Crush a question, “If you had access to any of the top-secret technology that was available, what would you choose to defend your country? Use your imagination. You don’t need to know what it is called; just describe the action that you would want it to achieve. Think Hollywood special effects.”

Crush looked surprised at the question but thought about how to answer it and said, “I would get a super ion smasher and smash the  hell  out  of  their  nuclear  launch  pads  and  suck  all  their  yellow  cake  and  nuclear  war  head  facilities  into  an  ultra-wormhole device that sucked it all up and then waiting on the other end of that wormhole I’d have me a nice, big, fat black hole. That’s what I would do.”

“Interesting  answer. Your  choices  would  definitely  get  to  the point quickly. Saving valuable lives and the earth.”

“Why?  What’s going on in that archaeoastronomer head of yours?”

“Just wondering how one could intercept missiles coming from multiple directions with a limited amount of launch space. Now if we can only find an ion smasher, an ultra-wormhole device, and a black hole, we could save the planet.”

Rhetta had a puzzled look and asked, “Professor, just curious, but what’s the deal on these heartfelt gut feelings everybody around here keeps having? You all talk so intellectually, but you seem to make decisions from these feelings. What’s that about?”

“That’s a  very  good  question. You  see,  Rhetta,  many  ancient truths  written  in  manuscripts  have  been  proven  correct  through modern  science.  One  of those  is  the  truth  that  our  brains  are  in tuned to our heart. Modern science never believed in this connection until they finally developed the technology to prove to disprove it and found it was so. Biology and science once thought that the brain, the intellect, told the body what to do. Now they know that while the brain signals the actions for the body to take, it also receives its commands from the heart. The heart tells the brain what action to take, just as ancient manuscripts and biblical texts have shown. And so,  as scientists do, they break it down further and ask questions. If our heart instructs our brain, and our brain instructs every cell in the body, then where does our heart receive its signals from? What is our heart tuned into for its direction?”

“I know that answer,” said Crush. “The Lord. He knows our hearts, and he directs them. We will be judged by our hearts. Pastor Parks said the Lord can harden a heart or open a heart. But science doesn’t know this yet.”

“Don’t rule out science so fast, Crush. Science has proven the link  between  the  solar system  or  the  heavens,  the  earth,  and  the heart. They have done this through the studies of electrical impulses from the sun and the earth’s magnetic fields. Space programs have proven that man was not designed in the flesh to move about in the universe. So, in an attempt to figure out how to equip man to walk among the stars, his research has founded new credence to many ancient texts and truths.

“They  have  discovered  that  the  earth  has  its  own  heartbeat called the electromagnetic pulse. It’s what the animals hear when a storm is coming. This pulse or heartbeat gets faster and louder to  warn  other  life  forms  that  danger  is  approaching. The  Native Americans  were  very  in  tune  to  the  earth.  But  modern  man  has forgotten the earth is a living thing.”

“No kidding?” commented Crush. “It appears modern man has also forgotten his neighbors are living things as well.”

The  professor  continued, “In  1992, research  from  the  Heart-Math Institute in Northern California proved that the earth and the  human  system  both  had  vibratory  connections. They  placed electrodes on individuals and the earth itself, and recorded the electro magnetic pulses. They found that the rhythms on the research monitors showed a direct correlation between the human heart and the earth.”

“Wow! That is unbelievable. I never knew any of this about the earth. I’ll think twice the next time I ever dig a hole,” said Rhetta.

“Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating,” added Crush.

“In  a  second  research,  they  found  that  there  was  a  two-way exchange of electrical information between the earth and the subject’s heart. This connection so to speak, began to reflect the degree of harmony between the human and the earth. The results reflected the same messages found in ancient texts. It proved what Native Americans have always known—that the human heart was tuned into the signal from the earth, and the earth responds to changes in the human heart! Besides a physical relationship to the earth, we have a direct resonant link, a relationship based on our ability to tune into it. Our earth is another living creation.

“You see, our hearts are resonators, our master organ in life, and it matches the same resonance given off by the earth. Our brain is a secondary resonator that lives in harmony to the signal that the heart has to offer. Regardless of the signal’s quality or completeness, it is our brain that distributes what the heart is vibrating through-out our bodily systems.”

“Is that where they get that saying about learning the song of the earth to be in harmony with the planet?” asked Rhetta.

“Rhetta, I think you’re talking about tree huggers,” commented Crush. “But in this case, if we ever get out of this mess, maybe we can start a dirt hugger organization?”

“Actually, Crush, Rhetta is correct. Research has indicated that when we are feeling in harmony with the earth, it does affect our physical  and  mental  well-being. When  we  move  away  from  resonating  together  or  fall  out  of  harmony,  both  the  earth  and  the humans  have  a  shift  in  their  emotions. This  can  be  done  by  the human merely having a feeling. This signal is viewed as a seventh sense. That gut feeling to do what is right or what is wrong.”

Smiling, Rhetta added, “So this shows that all of God’s creation has a heart. Just like plants and water. I did a special on plants and water and the vibrations and feelings they give off, but I never heard about the earth. This actually proves that all creation has a heart, feelings, and  is  alive. A living  family  on  earth. This  whole thing actually proves  that God does exist. Think about it; this all boils down to free will. To connect into harmony or to disconnect from it. Just like with God, through our hearts.”

“Holy  cow,” Crush  declared, “that  seventh  sense  is  our  Holy Spirit working through us to keep us in harmony with the Lord. And the best way to keep that harmony is just like the Lord said, ‘Love God, love your fellow man, love all of God’s creation.’ Love keeps us in harmony. When we react to things in anger, poof!, there goes  that  harmony!  Disharmony  breeds  stress—the  number  one killer in America today, and now we know it’s the number one killer in the universe!

“Why  this  is  simply  amazing,  Science  has  proven  that  God does  exist, and  they  are  still  trying  to  link  it  to  some ‘Big  Bang’ intergalactic solar accident of some kind! Think about it, Professor, all of their scientific testing has only proven all of the ancient and biblical truths about God are true!”

“Exactly!” agreed the professor. “The clues that give scientists the  questions  to  ask  in  search  for  their  missing  link,  come  from spiritual and biblical beliefs, that they call myths from ancient texts and indigenous tribes! Yet they still refuse to identify that missing link as God.

“Faith, in its purest form, is aligned with all creation and linked directly to the divine creator, it needs no proof other than how the heart feels. It is so simple. Designed so easy for each soul to connect into it merely by the heart. God’s plan is so simple, and man has complicated the heck out of it trying to disprove it. “We are living between two realms, so to speak. The realm of returning to our true eternal home through the heart, and the realm of eternal separation from God.”

Crush added, “Pastor Parks said we wrestle with the realm the devils and demons  lurk about in. We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with darkness. He said with principalities and powers unseen! And our weapon is within our hearts, our relationship with God!”

The  professor  continued,  “Our  free  will  to  choose  is  within every heart, open it, or keep it hardened. The scripture speaks of circumcision of the heart. The prophets wrote of tearing back the foreskin of the heart. Thus opening it to connect with ones covenant with the King of Glory. The connection has always been there.

Science has confirmed it in the twenty-first century, yet continues to deny it. Scientists seek to discover the other dimensions and how to enter in and out of them. But man was never meant to dominate these. He was given dominion over the earth, and the earth only. Man was never given dominion over the heavenly realm he seeks. The temptation to act like Satan and play God is the spiritual battle mankind faces. We can choose to serve God and give him the glory by following his commandments, or as Satan did, rebel and try to become him.

“The scriptures show how man shall be brought down low, the same as Nimrod when he allowed his heart to build a tower into the heavens and his men shot arrows at the stars. That is what man is doing now. How many nuclear missiles will God allow man to fire into the earth’s belly before he says enough? And how much more junk will he allow to be thrown into that man-made galactic garbage bin orbiting around the earth before he says enough?”

“The first time I ever saw a satellite photo of all the junk orbiting our planet, I couldn’t believe it,” said Rhetta. “I had no idea the nations had accumulated so much garbage out there. After we did that special on the show, I understood why God said he was going to burn the heavens and the earth at the very end of things. “

“The sad truth is, all of that floating space debris is loaded with toxic waste. Someday it will ignite itself and clean up the mess. One big bang! That’s probably when the heavens will be rolled up like a scroll. This could be what will happen when Planet X moves in closer to our solar system.” said the professor as he pulled out his journal.

Crush raved, “The next person that ever gets in my face and talks about the dang  sheep’s breath destroying the ozone layers, I’m gonna tell them to take a good look up in the sky; maybe on a clear day they can see all the space junk. That’s the real killer! Space junk caused by man’s stupidity, blatant stupidity!”

 “Look, we’re finally here. Just in time. I’ve got to visit the lady’s room,” said Rhetta as the shuttle came to a stop.

The  professor  remained  seated  as  the  others  departed  and quickly made some drawings. He appeared to have an idea.

“Driver,” said the professor, “would you mind taking me over to the command tower. I must talk to the governor and the lt. colonel. It is rather vital.”

“Just a minute,” said the driver as he telephoned the command tower. He hung up and said, “Let’s go.”

At that, the professor was on his way. He flipped the page on his journal and continued to draw. The driver looked at him in the rearview mirror and wondered.

Chapter 45 – The Black Hole

When the professor arrived at the command tower, he couldn’t wait to  share  his  findings  with  the  governor  and  Lt. Colonel. He  leapt off the shuttle and ran into the building. In almost one breath, he stated, “I’m here to see the governor and Lt. Colonel.”

“Right this way,” said a guard as he escorted the professor to a conference room.

“Come  in,”  said  the  governor.  “Dr.  Charles,  the  director  of H.A.A.R.P.  has  been  briefing  President  Gordon  on  some  very important  findings  and  capabilities  in  ionospheric  physics  and radio science. They have discovered a mountain of information at the  High Frequency Activate Auroral Research Program Base in Gakona. Normally this information would be top secret, but under the circumstances, your presence is welcomed. In fact, your input is needed here.”

Dr. Charles, who had been addressing the group, continued, “So we have performed various weather manipulations with these devices, and they may be the device to use now. It has the ability to create extreme low frequency waves and create earthquakes. Virtually anywhere we direct it. Or we could alter the atmosphere, creating tornadoes that would rip apart their facilities; or create a tsunami that would swallow North Korea off the map without firing a  missile.”  Dr.  Charles smiled  proudly and paused, awaiting comments.

To be continued…

Keep on Pressing Into The Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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