Believe Your Own Eyes…Not The Propaganda!

Welcome to the Joe Show where nothing is as it appears and everything is upside down.

We are at war and while that is known… most people still look surprised to see that this or that happened. Especially when fact checkers (who are paid by thieves and Khazarian Mafia puppet masters) tell you not to believe your eyes and instead believe what they tell you. Be not deceived… the war is raging and the biggest weapon in use is propaganda and gaslighting all the people. 

It appears that all the governments seem to think the people are stupid and they will not understand the truth behind their corrupt evil leaders.  Like we are children and they have sent us outside to play while they stay inside and plan their next stupid thing to tell the children. 

The fact is, this war is being played out behind the veil while landmines are going off in the lives of unsuspecting people as leaders sell them down the river and tell them to get used to doing without things like electricity, food and gas to drive their cars to work. Wars are being planned and attacks are being made at the people who are the pawns used and the global goal is to depopulate. But….shuss…don’t tell them, they may interfere with the plans.

The truth is hidden out of sight from the people in the very same manner it has been for over a hundred years, by the same bloodlines and sorts that did it during the industrial revolution. It is the very same drill.  Picture it….this is the very same thing they (all governments) did in their  race to the skys with Tesla technology. All nation leaders deny it exists and all have it and use it. That is the Joe Show in a nutshell.

image 107

So we are watching them use all of their CGI, their space based technology, CERN, Bioweapons, HAARP, DEW, spyware social media, bots and the one thing  we all need to know is this. Although they all have their own space based and weather weapons, none of it works the way they desire us to believe it does. And even though they feed us garbage of fake history , fake science, fake air dollars (fiat), and fake  space based  weaponry – ( as they want us to believe they can do so much more than they are capable of) they have not perfected any of it!

They are losing the information war!

image 101

 So as they lie and tell us they are going to Mars, and at the same time tell us they forgot how they went to the moon…..The truth is they are all stuck here on the earth with all of us. None of them can break through the dome and if they broke it…what would they find?  

So what’s the plan?  Load up millions of people and send them off to another planet?  Never to be seen again?  Sounds probable.

So now they continue on as though no one knows the earth is flat and we never went to the moon.

The cold hard truth is the dark ones are very much afraid of the 7 billion who don’t like their darkness.  These yahoos are afraid of  God’s people who are faithful and the ones who have the Holy Spirit and pray unceasing.  They don’t want these to grow in numbers. Their entire mission is to kill, steal and destroy these who love the Lord and  that is the real mission. They want to bring their Lucifer out into the light. Laugh if you choose, but that is what they want.  

Read the Bible.  This is a war.  Man is limited to what he can do both in knowledge, and in power. The Lord told us to fear not he who can destroy the flesh, but fear God who can destroy both the flesh and the soul. 

People wonder what’s the big deal whether the earth is a ball or flat? Ball earth discredits God and His Creation and mankind. It discredits His Son, and the Holy Spirit, it throws all of God’s wisdom, mercy and love into the garbage can and gives you a BIG BANG, man evolving from amoebas into apes into upright walking brain thinking humans, soon to enter into transhumanism that will be controlled by satanic influencers who desire to rule the entire planet and bring Lucifer out into the light to rule whoever is left. Sound far fetched yet? Well, we are hearing this out of the same mouths at WEF who are implementing it as fast as their little minions can carry it out. That is the entire concept of this present war.

Today, even airline pilots are admitting what their eyes show them while flying their planes. I as well as many people have taken video and photos from the sky only to find it is flat and there is no dipping the plane for any curves. Only when they turn directions- mainly to come in for landings.

This is important because this has been one of the biggest lines of propaganda ever sold to all of us. And they are at it again…and ready to use their CGI in the sky called holograms to present their own version of whatever they are bringing on the earth.

Wayki Wayki Goes Undercover to Interview Astrophysicist, Dr Svetlana Berdyugina and finds she is more of a memorizer and groomer of young students than she is a creative thinker who has the power of their own mind to reason truths. Memorizers are what they are producing so no one questions what they see. Those memorizer ‘Prussian School System’ days are all but over as people take back their kids and expose the liberal progressive Prussian Universities and their psuedo science.

How do seasons work on a spinning ball? How does that all work as we spin, spin, spin… how do some spinning continue to have tropical weather all year long… what about the tropical zones… shouldn’t they also change with the globe spin cycles??? Tell me again how we have seasons?  Then tell me again about the spin thing…I’m trying to make sense of it all. Pseudo science is opposite of what God told Enoch. Enoch’s way works on a fixed earth…not a spinning ball. And from what I am seeing…spinning ball ideas are ridiculous and the only way to believe it is to quit looking at the sky, the earth, the flat horizons, and quit looking at how the space based toys work because they would never make it on a spinning globe. And of course… you would have to denounce that what the Bible says is true because it does not stand behind Scientist and their theories that they now claim are facts.

Scientists tell us that Seasons happen because Earth’s axis is tilted at an angle of about 23.4 degrees and different parts of Earth receive more solar energy than others. They want us to believe that we are spinning and moving around the sun and therefore we have seasons… when that makes no sense for Florida…and other tropical regions…especially since they are all spinning and we are supposed to be spinning on an axis that is tilted?  I found the definition of axis was defined as an imaginary line about which a body rotates: So is this the imagination of scientists? They say, “the Earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours”  That makes a day. It continues to do this and we have seasons…but those in Florida and south of the equator do not… this axis thing is all messed up.  How can they be in the time zones for the axis thingy but not have a change in season? Something is spinning alright but it’s not the earth.

I’ll stick with the way God told Enoch he did it and how it works.

Imagine the little dot called Florida…as the earth spins and spins… it somehow doesn’t get to have the same drastic changes as the rest of the area around it. There has to be a better explanation. This one just doesn’t work. Maybe it is closer to the equator, therefore the rules of that region apply?

These are the same people fighting to shove this down your throats are the ones pushing jabs, and transhumanism. They want to depopulate the earth by murdering 7 billion people and keeping around 500 million to til the ground and manufacture or something like that…. and make sure everyones mind is void of free will and instead, controlled in the google cloud.

He believes too many people will be bored so the answer is to fill them up with video games and drugs. There is something about this guys ears…they just don’t look right. Just saying.

Meanwhile, the liars are in the news speaking of their pseudo science and lies as though it all was truth.

The real truth will set the people free! 

image 102

Man cannot destroy the soul and they don’t know how to steal our minds other than lies, lies, and lies that bring about fear and then out of fear, depression and despair…. many people take their own lives.  That is their weapon…. Fear and lies to make you believe they can do many things that they cannot do. The truth is these weak, feeble clowns called world leaders are the dumb ones. Not you.  They are afraid of their own shadows….and they do what they are told or they know they will be removed….they are the ones who fear falling out of windows. Many of these fear having heart attacks and  accidents.

That is why anyone who looks at what they do in secret is fact checked and threatened.  They fear the truth will be made known and they can’t have that. For they don’t have the power they want those who can’t see believe they have. 

So these are their sick Hollywood hunger games.  It only works if you sit there and watch and act like it is all true and real. This is the biggest façade ever pulled on the world.

Meanwhile, the Queen of England has passed on….

And we are to believe that the new Prime Minister met with her just two days ago and she was chipper and fine.

image 103

This did not happen in real life. This was a C.G.I. computer generated photo. There may even be a video of it. They do these very well. That is no more Queen Elizabeth, nor the protocols being met whatsoever. So…I wasn’t going to even mention any of this, but the lies are getting to many to just stay quiet and not point some of them out.

It is like this…. Just saying.

How many will even admit that the Queen of England was removed a long while back? How many will admit that Joe was removed long ago?  How many will admit the same about Hillary? 

Nigel isn’t very optimistic about the direction Great Britain is going. He knows what he has is a big mess. What else does he know?

image 104

President Trump expressed his condolences. I’m sure there is a message within a message in the message.

image 105

And of course the Joe show is doing a lot of things with the Obama’s to detract from all the many things taking place. It’s not working out real well. But, it’s gotten a lot of memes. Many are saying Obama is the one running the show. Every time I hear that I cringe. He was a puppet in his 8 year term and he did what he was told. He was placed in his first political seat in Illinois from out of no where…and he made it to president from out of no where. He was a placed puppet. He is not a brain, he is a plant. Remember the globalists control and fund all the sides at war. They control them all. They can’t control Putin and they couldn’t control Trump. That was their biggest problem and it still is. Now they are after the MAGA people. The ones who love God, and the constitution, America and support Trump.

Obama is getting all the credit or blame for the mess of the Joey Administration, also called the Joe Show… he’s gone folks.  Who is really calling the shots behind the Joe puppet?  That is the question to ask. The Obama’s are also fake.

image 106

We know the military is in charge and the generals are fighting a global war. They aren’t real good at hand holding anyone…that is not their job. People need to choose…whether they will  exercise their legal rights or lay down and surrender them.  They aren’t going to interfere there they are fighting a war.  

Meanwhile… there are evil forces in play and some key players are gone…forever.  Many are still doing evil and wicked things.  We may never know all the truths…those with eyes to see will know.  It simply isn’t something everyone is going to embrace.  So we are in the middle of the threshing of the wheat and the tares…..  Babylon the Great is falling is falling. God has allowed a cloud of protection for his people and the power of the Holy Spirit to give wisdom and comfort… a grand passover. In that rejoice. 

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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