How Many Eyes Do We Have To See?

God gave us three. We need to rely on them now more than ever!

Going back in a bit of history that is definitely still deep in play this very day… we can look at the many eyes of those who seek to kill, steal, destroy, and conquer all humanity. Or at least make it so they don’t have to deal with that pesky little thing that hinders them called humanity. To many who walk among us, we are a nuisance, like little bugs. Perhaps that is why eating them is on the agenda. (Take that any way that it fits for you.)

And then there is one more eye…the biggest eye of all….


While the people rallied for Trump in 2015 as he stepped off the escalator, the public’s eye was on Trump… and some people’s eyes were burning as they hissed like snakes. Why was that?

Fake news came forth in lockstep to drown out any truth told by the man in the tower who came out to state he was running for office to make America Great Again…which was a statement that stuck with all who heard it and struck a nerve to all who were against it. Thus enter in the 5 eyes and how the Cabal called out their media wolves and dragons.  After all the work they did thus far to put America in a gutter position just waiting for their bowling ball to fire down the lane…they certainly didn’t want Trump inside their private hunger games. So their eyes got together to make sure he didn’t win … but he did win! Remember, Hillary was supposed to win, but, the Dominion machines weren’t rigged to counter the massive support Donald J. Trump received from Americans of all walks of life.

And so, when she lost…the serpents hissed and showed their deadly fangs and their evil eye sent out its’ soldiers who work for the corporate cabal in order to end Trump’s win and thus we got the lion’s share of the “Orange man bad”, and every effort made to put “We The People” back in their place … the same ones Hillary called DEPLORABLE and UNREDEEMABLE.  No one suspected the evil coup that was to follow for four more years and beyond.

They failed and another election had all eyes on Trump. Once again, truth was overshadowed by shouts of Media hype on Biden Harris and the upcoming election, where of course,” orange man bad” was the thrust. The only way they could win was to steal the election and they did.

Many people told the story after the election was stolen, but a person called WarNuse, wrote an article on October 27, 2020 telling the tale of all the eyes that were open wide and participating in a treasonous coup. You can read that take at the following link: 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes. ‘How The Valerie Jarrett Administration… | by WarNuse | Medium

Which bring us to the truth behind many eyes most aren’t talking about. There are 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes!

January 20, 2017, As The Incoming Duly Elected President Gently Rests His Hand On The Bible And Is Sworn In, The Outgoing President With The Assistance Of Two Former Presidents, CIA, FBI, DOJ, MSM, And The Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, Conspire To Take Him Down.

image 114

With all the talk of Obama being a brain behind the Trump coup…although he is insediously involved, it should be said… it was always “The Valerie Jarrett Administration” and Barry Soretoro was a puppet. He always was. Along with Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and the entire collection of co-conspirators at home and over the pond. It was a world effort. That is why it is so complicated and so hard to correct. That is why we are in this war of all wars… and why the propaganda machine is in overdrive.

image 115

‘The Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance.’ NSA, CSEC, GCHQ, GCSB & ASD

The Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance (FVEY) includes the following countries:  Canada, United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Australia. The alliance has roots that date back to world war II and the UKUSA Agreement. This agreement was made between the USA and Great Britain in 1946. The agreement stated that the two countries will gather and share intelligence with each other. Sounds good right? Watching out for one another? Edward Snowden confirmed this agreement and disclosed information that showed a shared collaboration between the US and the UK with other allied nations.

Then there is the ‘The Nine Eyes Intelligence Alliance.’

The 9 eye intelligence alliance includes the five eye countries plus France, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands. The Nine Eye’s have been referenced to and spoken about countlessly as though it were a good thing but these are actually spying over a mass population of the world…and that is just one of the reasons it is so dangerous.

But wait, there is more! There is ‘The Fourteen Eyes Intelligence Alliance.’

The Fourteen Eyes are made up of the Five/Nine Eyes, (The USA, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain and Germany. The official name for this group is SIGINT Seniors Europe (SSEUR).

All of these countries are notorious for passing laws that take away the citizens rights to privacy. For example the United Kingdom in 2016 made legal the Invesitgatory Powers Act of 2016 which made the information retained by ISPs and telecommuniction companies that contained records of browsing history, connection times, and text messages that is stored for two years, available to the UK government agencies WITHOUT ANY SEARCH WARRANTS.

The US government agencies have been involved with surveillance programs, such as NSA’s PRISM Program. In March 2017, ISPs were given the legal privilege to record user activity and sell the data to third parties. It was all to protect us…so they said but now…it is coming back to bite them and people are taking legal actions…or trying to, meanwhile it is all out of control and in our face. Read: US Court Orders Every ISP in the United States to Block Illegal Streaming Sites – World Justice News

The truth is almost all countries are using data retention laws to spy on its citizens. So the free world is just as bad as the so called communist countries.

image 118
Isn’t it funny that the 14 eye mapping is almost like the western world against the BRICS? What does that tell us?

These Eyes all use Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) which is the information gathered by intercepting signals from different devices and Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) which is the information gathered by the analysis of images and data linked to a particular location…. and of course…Human Intelligence (HUMINT) which is the human 007 spy type gathering of information. And now we have high tech devices such as drones that cameras that have eyes on almost everything where humans are or might be.

‘The Five Eyes’ is key to understanding just how far these globalists are willing to go to take down Donald Trump. He has become the Putin of the Western world. Or they are trying hard to paint him in that light. They were already deep into their removal of Trump as said at the beginning of this article…from the day he came down the escalator.

So imagine their shivering when they heard the words….‘We Have The Server.’

The war has been on for many, many years… it is now toward its’ final push and that push is being felt by every nation. But…along with the push the people are feeling is a push back against the tyrannical oppressors…and they are squirming because they have let themselves be known…. the truth is there were too many people waking up all at once…so they just went in our faces and basically said…’YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING AND BE HAPPY’ TO OUR FACE! They told us we will all be chipped and become mindless and be programmed to achieve this blissful state. They believe we shall fear and cower knowing this…and they hope many will just take their own lives and jump off bridges while their own CEO’s jump out of windows. It is sheer evil that they do…and of course treason.

The entire world is under a spy glass… but few have eyes to see that the molten glass is under the watchful EYES OF HEAVEN! We are all under the molten looking glass and inside the snow globe… these globalists are not getting away with anything. God is watching everything!

Jubilees XXIII 19-22

19. And they will strive one with another, the young with the old, and the old with the young, the poor with the rich, and the lowly with the great, and the beggar with the prince, on account of the law and the covenant; for they have forgotten commandment, and covenant, and feasts, and months, and Sabbaths, and jubilees, and all judgments. 20. And they will stand (with bows and) swords and war to turn them back into the way; but they will not return until much blood hath been shed on the earth, one by another. 21. And those who have escaped will not return from their wickedness to the way of righteousness, but they will all exalt themselves to deceit and wealth, that they may each take all that is his neighbour’s, and they will name the great name, but not in truth and not in righteousness, and they will defile the holy of holies with their uncleanness and the corruption of their pollution. 22. And a great punishment will befall the deeds of this generation from the Lord, and He will give them over to the sword and to judgment and to captivity, and to be plundered and devoured.”

image 111

The world is at war and there is no denying that as a fact. What remains to be seen literally is what is going on behind the veil of secrecy. Little by little we are seeing a piece here and a piece there, here a little, there a little… the same as in the scriptures. The Word of God is clear in the scriptures when we open the books and read they come to life and we begin to see more clearly the things that are taking place and know that the end is near for the evil ones who desire to reign without God and without God’s children who are all over the big wide world that moves not and is as the footstool of God’s throne above.

image 113

They can turn us into a ball spinning a thousand miles an hour that burst forth after a big bang all they want. It does not change a thing that God has created. Not one thing. They can say they evolved from apes… they certainly behave as though they have…and they can say they’ve landed on Mars… we would all be glad if they decided to leave earth and the lot of them who say this can go and live there. We shall help them pack and attend the lift off. We shall smile and wave as they leave.

Meanwhile, in the Republic of the United States of America we have a constitution that all the laws written must go by and not breech its written guide. That is one of the main purposes of the Judicial Branch of the Government…the Supreme Court which is the highest branch of law in the nation. It supercedes any illegal or unconstitutional laws written in Congress, passed by the Senate and signed by the President. Any law that does not adhere to the constitution… is not legal. One of the main laws in the constitution has to do with those in governing positions, including military and all citizens. That law is:

Whoever, Owing Allegiance To The United States, Levies War Against Them Or Adheres To Their Enemies, Giving Them Aid And Comfort Within The United States Or Elsewhere, Is Guilty Of Treason And Shall Suffer Death.’

18 U.S.C. § 2381 – Treason

18 U.S.C. § 2381 – Treason authorizes Congress to set the penalties for treason but not to change the definition or create degrees of treason. The federal treason statute, 18 U.S.C. § 2381, mirrors the Constitution’s language and imposes minimum penalties of five years’ imprisonment and a $10,000 fine. Right now the snakes in the swamp are trying hard to find ways to use this on President Trump and every one who wants to “Make America Great Again”. They are trying every way in their RESET programming from staging their own minions to dress up with MAGA hats, patriotic hats, and sending out helter skelter to do evil and try the patience of law abiding citizens. This that these ones are doing to create such a scenario are guilting of committing the very treason they are trying to say the innocent ones are doing.

It is taking a bit longer to destroy the USA from within because of our constitution and this is making them angry and they are getting sloppy in their efforts. What is taking place is a wave of individuals who are opening up their Bibles and reading. There is a wave of Godliness returning and that is not at all what the wicked ones desired. The Bible is sure and God’s word is true.

image 108

The wicked ones days are numbered. We are in the end times of a long battle and each who has ever been born on this earth has had their share of days being tried in the fire. There has never been a generation of peace. There has always been wickedness and evil seeking to devour whoever it can…since the days of Adam. Yet, there has always been a promise to those who choose to follow the ways of God to have life everlasting. The very same Messiah that was promised to come to Adam and Eve to tear down the gates of hell that bound them, is the very same Messiah of those who follow the way of the Lord. That is the real battle raging. A spiritual warfare between God’s people and the children of lawlessness, the tares who are of the seed of Satan. The Lord told us this in his parable of the wheat and the tares.

Matthew 13:38

“The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;”

It is written that God shall have His Angel bind and chain Satan for a thousand years and God’s people shall live in peace after those evil days and all shall praise the Lord.

Revelations 20:1-3

“1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. 2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, 3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.”

Jubilees XXIII 26-32

“26. And in those days the children will begin to study the laws, And to seek the commandments, And to return to the path of righteousness. 27. And the days will begin to grow many and increase amongst those children of men, Till their days draw nigh to one thousand years, And to a greater number of years than (before) was the number of the days. 28. And there will be no old man Nor one who is not satisfied with his days, For all will be (as) children and youths. 29. And all their days they will complete and live in peace and in joy, And there will be no Satan nor any evil destroyer; For all their days will be days of blessing and healing.

“30. And at that time the Lord will heal His servants, And they will rise up and see great peace, And drive out their adversaries. And the righteous will see and be thankful, And rejoice with joy for ever and ever, And will see all their judgments and all their curses on their enemies. 31. And their bones will rest in the earth, And their spirits will have much joy, And they will know that it is the Lord who executeth judgment, And showeth mercy to hundreds and thousands and to all that love Him. 

“32. And do thou, Moses, write down these words; for thus are they written, and they record (them) on the heavenly tables for a testimony for the generations for ever.”

image 112

We are in the midst of the battle… no one knows how long this will continue… or if it will be as it was after WWII… where there is a reprieve and the evil goes deeper underground… hiding…and trying to outsmart God’s people once again. Most all believe these are the days spoken of to come… as also written in the book of Enoch for so many things have come to pass that were written therein. The book of Revelation tells us “Babylon The Great shall fall” and God’s people shall live in peace for a thousand years… during this time Satan is bound. I believe we are living in that part of time as spoken of in our scripture. Babylon the Great is falling… and the great merchants are about to weep and wail for no one buys their merchandise anymore.

These great merchants are the ones hidden behind the veil. Their gatekeepers are the names we know such as the name Rothschild. The real powers who own the resources are kept hidden. Yet, their names and families are among the most prestigious and at the very tippy top of the 1% club of money, wealth, and all the power and array of things it can buy. I have said for several decades the mark of the beast is money…gold…as scripture tells us… its number is 666 and that cross references to Solomon who as king received 666 talents of gold yearly as tribute (tax) from every nation upon the earth. No one was ever as wealthy or wise as Solomon… nor ever shall be…so our Bible tells us.

1 Kings 10:14

Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold,”

So as always very few see … most are still looking for a bar code to be branded in their head or in their hand, knowing not this is in reference to thoughts and deeds. Today, many are calling it the mRNA DNA coding. In spite of the clue given in and of itself was “Here is wisdom, let he who has understanding calculate (or add up) the number of the beast for it is the number of a man…. Revelation 13:18 “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

Hitler already branded the Jews with a mark at Auswitch. Slaves traded have all been branded with a mark as far back as with the Vikings. And by so called civilized western cultures….the Statute of Vagabonds (1547) under King Edward VI, vagabonds and Gypsies were ordered to be branded with a large V on the breast, and brawlers with F for “fraymaker”; slaves who ran away were branded with S on the cheek or forehead. This law was repealed in England in 1550. I’m sure also they had ways of identifying and branding slaves in BC times. It isn’t a new thing. People need to WAKE UP AND SEE!

image 109

The key to this is no one can buy or sell without it…. the name, mark, or number of the name…..has anyone looked at legal currency and legal methods of payments? The names on these the numbers on these, and the marks?  Cash, Fiat dollars, Checks, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Debit Cards, Charge Cards, Gift Cards, EBT, Coinstar, Bit Coin, Gold, Silver bars, rounds and coinage, and more….whatever they say is the currency…that is what you must use! If you don’t have it you can’t buy or sell without it! And all of it has a number or a mark on it telling you how much it is worth! It has always been this way. It isn’t new. Jesus said to give to Caesar that which is Caesars and to God that which is Gods. Amen.

image 110

And whatever country you are in… better get the currency they will accept if you want to purchase anything!

Open your eyes wide and use all three of them! The third eye is where the Holy Spirit and God speaks to us with directness…. use it to see through their lies and propaganda. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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