Around The World Chaos Reigns – FAKE COVID-19 Is Their Greatest Weapon!

Those who understood this was a weapon from the start are the ones who had followed all the past pushes from the first Corona to the Swine Flu that were all patented viruses. The CDC is in lockstep with the entire sustainable development for a new world order agenda 21 as stated on the United Nations Website. President Trump withdrew us from the World Health Organization fast once he saw their China ties. The rest of the pawns of the oligarch puppets will be exposed for their part in the anarchy against all nations, not just the United States of America. The great RESET will be for all humanity to be free of the evil attacks on national sovereignty!

Today, look and behold what is taking place accross the globe as we in America fight to expose the most hideous monsters behind our voter fraud and election interference committed by both foreign and domestic enemies of the state!

Today in London England!
Today in Paris France!
Yesterday Black Friday looters in Biden/Pelosi’s America!
Deep State mind controlled Biden chipped and ready to go….

The only hope left is America against the monstrous BEAST! Today outside of Michigan State Capitol!
ANTIFA and BLM are owned by Biden…she states.

Stand up America – we are at war. The war is different than any we have ever fought and if we stand down, we forever lose our freedom! American Eagle with Flag These Colors Don't Run 6" Decal:  Automotive

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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