America Under Attack!

Tom Fitton says Biden Response to Afghanistan is worse for America than Pearl Harber or any event in America’s history!

This, (Biden administration) is the same gang involved with Benghazi and other corruptions – states Tom Fitton. Listen to his update on where they are at fighting the giant called lawlessness!

Fitton said Biden is showing more concern over Governors and mask mandate removals due to public outcry than they are about American lives at risk in Aghanistan and all the refugees coming into the country before American citizens.

So what’s the most important issue to address? What should be the priority? When We The People are being attacked from all sides, we should fight back at all sides! Those who can address the issues should be addressing them and there are issues ALL AMERICANS can be addressing.

If your school council and city council is forcing RESET mandates on you and your family, fight back locally by legally claiming your constitutional rights.

If your state is forcing RESET mandates on you and your family, fight back legally claiming your constitutional rights! Be active in expressing to your representatives and senators that you demand your rights be honored and tyrannical government needs to stop and those who won’t stop need to be removed from office. We The People have the power to remove tyrants from their elected seats. There are processes that can and must be taken.

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The Dominion Election Fraud needs addressed and all of the illegal actions taken by those assisting in it in all states and counties.

While some are shouting what is or is not most important to address first – this really depends on where the guns are pointed and at what place you stand when they are pointed. Right now guns are pointed at all things regarding our Freedom and liberties both domestic and foreign. We have a chain of puppets taking orders and doing the bidding of the evil men who hide in the shadows. These evil shadow dwellers are of a new world order mindset and formulate the RESET steps designed to create the chaos on USA soil and international contracts like the one signed in Afghanistan. These agreements allow cooperative nation toppling and regime change by those who have sold their souls to the fallen ones for a price.

So while we are all under fire at home, the maneuvers of war and murder abroad are war crimes that are coming from those sitting in their stolen voter fraud seats. General Flynn has said the audits to expose the fraud are the number one priority. Where it is a priority… there are many priorities that need addressed simultaneously in order to stand our ground while the war is being fought.

Strategically, America is all a deep state battle field and attacks have been sent out. Weapons used have been biowarfare, propaganda, and forced mandates that are not constitutional, and illegal. Lawlessness is one of the enemies most valuable weapons as this allows them to do any dang thing they desire.

The family unit is not a military trained unit. It is not a Judicial system. Yet, the family unit is the back bone of America and it is what all the other systems were put in place to protect. Today, this unit is being asked to be all things in order to protect themselves for all systems have been infiltrated by the enemy who is actively at war to kill, steal and destroy every AMERICAN AND EVERY AMERICANS WAY OF LIFE AND ALL OF ITS GOD GIVEN LIBERITIES AND FREEDOMS! The enemy has special focus to destroy CHRISTIANS AND ALL WHO BELIEVE IN THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB.

For those who believe a jab will make everything go away and get the world back on track, you are sleeping and have been placed under a spell. There is no other way to reason it.

The war is raging and the only way to go forward is with God at the front of every step taken. Those who believe in the Lord have the most powerful heavenly protection for the Lord is within you! The Holy Spirit is YOUR SUPER POWER and the WORD OF GOD IS YOUR SWORD! Put on the whole armor of God so you will be able to stand for we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with dark and wicked principalities and powers in high places. Pray unceasing that God send out his heavenly forces to fight the battles and do your part, however led and called, to stand up against the wickedness!


Is this lightning, or is it something far more sinister? 5G or a Direct Energy Weapon? Have you ever heard of such a thing?

The deputy mayor of the Georgian town of Ninotsminda, Alexander Mikeladze, said: “To be honest, this is the first such case. We have not heard that a thunderstorm could kill so many sheep. Of course, the mayor’s office will provide support. But first, the farmer himself must bring the opinion of experts in order to accurately determine the cause of the mass death.”

550 sheep were killed in the lightning strike

And remember, nothing is as it is being reported by the fake news propaganda arm.

Romania has won their jab protest!

Japan is now winning- their Jab is going by the wayside….

Australia has had enough… they are now at a point after 24,000 of their children being forced to jab…that they know they are now fighting for their lives!

Meanwhile, Australia’s lovingly Pro Jab and Jabbed, Minister develops Bells Palsey on live televised COVID-19 Press Conference. Karma is biting back….bewitched?

IMG 9080
Vaccinated Australian Minister Develops Bell’s Palsy on Live Televised COVID-19 Press Conference (

“Some people thought I was winking at the cameraman. Some thought I had a stroke,” Mr Dominello wrote on social media.

The minister said the calls prompted him to seek help, having previously experienced a “pain in my skull behind my right ear” and “pins and needles on the right side of my tongue”.

He was diagnosed later as having Bells Palsey and went on to pretend that it’s believed viral infections are the main cause of the paralysis and it had nothing to do with his jab, even though it is a reported side effect of it. Anyone with a drooping face is urged to seek urgent medical attention, as the symptom can also reflect more serious conditions, like a stroke. Well, I have a feeling God will take care of many of the liars without the masses having to raise a pitchfork very high. What he has imposed on the people of Australia will have severe side effects of its own. All who have pushed evil on God’s people will suffer if they don’t repent… it is written.

Keep on going and stay strong, remember to find joy in the midst of this chaos, laughter can reknew your spirit and it does help build your morale and improve your immune system!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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