This article from January 3, 2021, layed out the groundwork for where we were and how we got there. Someone asked me to repost it, so here it is.

As we head to Washington D.C. on the 6th of January, 2021 it will be a showdown of untold events. Millions will descend upon the Capitol grounds in support of President Trump as the clock gets ready to strike and electoral votes are counted and announced amidst the biggest voter fraud in the history of the United States of America. Or so that is what many are expecting. Others are expecting a grand finale of arrests, some are anticipating the revealing of a new Vice President, some are expecting to hear that we have finally been given our sovereignty from Great Britain and are no longer in a corporate agreement, nor part of the common wealth. We now have the right to self-govern as a sovereign nation and are no longer under Admiralty Law of which our courts and government has been legally under. You will no longer be a ‘VESSEL” you will once again be a human being. We will return to Common/Natural/Civil law, and therefore under our constitution and bill of rights solely.

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But what happens with outter space? Those unknown skys? What will happen to that? While we are fighting for the right to live our lives free, the stakes the new world order are grabbing to keep have to do with EVERYTHING. The air we breathe, the earth, water, food, labor, ownership, travel in any and all directions possible…many things most people don’t even think let alone know are on the table. That information in and of itself will be a shocker to most all of the nation. So what are these things? Here are a few videos that explain it simply. (But it is a lot more complicated – consider this a basic “You are a vessel” to the global order 101.

US intelligence agencies were given 180 days to share what they know about UFOs, thanks to the Covid-19 relief and spending bill. The signing of the COVID-19 bill started a 180-day countdown for UFO disclosures. Read: COVID-19 bill started a 180-day countdown for UFO disclosures (nypost.com)

President Trump Signs Bill Giving CIA & FBI 6 Months to Reveal the Truth About UFOs – News Punch

What if a small group of world leaders….

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Then it would be time to drain the swamp!

Maurice Strong wrote the agenda for the new world order for the 21st Century. He presented the first steps to achieving RESET in Stockholm at the Conference on Human Environment of which he chaired in 1972. At the second Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 he laid out the plans for Global Warming and the New Agenda- Sustainable Development for the 21st Century. Read the PDF of Strong’s plans… Microsoft Word – Maurice Strong and the Roots of the Great Reset Agenda.docx (wordpress.com)  Maurice Strong died in 2016 but his New World Order and Global Warming Plans continue on. Maurice Strong, The ‘NWO Father’ Of Global Warming And Agenda 21 Is Dead – TheWatchTowers.org

Which brings us to the question – what if a small group of truth seekers were to conclude that the goals of the global cabal were detrimental to the very survival of humanity? Once a truth seeker sees past the veil and knows what is taking place should they be silent and keep it to themselves? Or should they warn the rest of humanity of the evil that is being planned, implemented and in progress? Up until recently those who sought to warn others were name called and laughed at.

Today, this group have many people asking them questions and one of them is – HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS? That answer is simple, yet difficult to answer. For the cabal has always left their plans out in the open the problem was when confronted, they lied and said they weren’t doing whatever it was you said they were doing. President Trump helped to change all that by flushing them out and causing them to show their hands to the point it is now in our faces.

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The people began to see it was a swamp, then they knew it was a swamp, then they demanded that horrible lawless swamp be drained. Yet, the more that was revealed the more people were wanting something done about it RIGHT NOW…RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. And because of legal processes and laws the process was slow and because the lawless ones continue to do lawless acts and many who were in charge of the law were also lawless, it became a horrid thing to watch. Then came the lawless plandemic to top off the end of four years of waking up. Things like child and human trafficking were some of the first issues to be addressed by the Trump Administration…this angered the cabal and so the war began.

It wasn’t until after COVID and the 2020 election fraud that the majority of the people knew WE ARE AT WAR. So most who were blind to the swamp and all the evil being done in secret behind closed doors and even in the light of day were now seeing this election was lawless and a fraud. The people learned the lawlessness now expands to foreign nations and is a giant global web of destruction. Not just a USA voter fraud issue. They now see all sovereign nations are on lock down and being abused by their global agreeing elected nation leaders.

Then the questions of who’s going to pay for all the trillions being spent in the lockdowns? What the heck is RESET when it comes to the value of the dollar? Will they chip us all or no money? Will they get away with their evil plans?

The world rests on whether or not America remains a shining light for good. If America folds, so folds the entire world. Which leads us to where we are today.

It is every man and woman’s duty to humanity to expose their evil acts and pray for God’s help to restore law and order. Unalienable rights have gone by the wayside as wicked men and women who want to rule the world selfishly for their own gain have taken the helm. President Trump and good men and women have come to the aid of the meek and are moving full steam ahead with battle strategies to end the lawlessness. So how this is done and when is a process. It’s not as simple as mowing the lawn to get rid of the weeds. It is a tricky thing to bring down the giants of corruption, but I have faith the giants will fall. All in due time and all according to God’s plan.

Meanwhile we are looking a clues to how the giant is coming down, and who the key players will be. There are many ideas, and for the sake of believing which ones are real and which ones are disinformation…keeping your eyes on digging for truth is always a steady method to stay focused and be prepared for what is coming.

Here are some of the clues…what they mean only time will tell. Maybe they simply mean what they appear to mean…and maybe they are a code for those with eyes to see.

image 336

Remember when President Trump first took office he made his world tour strategically stopping at key nations. He made new agreements with many nations and signed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia and was privi to visiting their Cyber Security programs. Trump Receives Royal Welcome in Saudi Arabia (nbcnews.com)

image 337

Trump formed new alliances in Cyber Security.

image 338

And a strong alliance against mutual enemies.

image 339
image 340


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President Trump signed the Israeli agreement moving the US Embassy to the new capitol of Israel, Jerusalem. And recently secured the third Historic Middle East Peace Deal with the Abraham Accord. Trump Secures Third Historic Middle East Peace Deal, This Time With Sudan (thefederalist.com)

President Trump went to see the Queen.

image 342
image 343
image 344

Is the USA now free of the Common Wealth of Great Britain? That is a question many are anxiously awaiting to find out.

image 345

The Crown was never quite the same after that visit.

image 346

…and neither was the House of Rothschilds.

image 347

Something happened that the Pope didn’t like, but the President did. Smile.

image 366

The wake up call…

image 348

Trump built a strong alliance with India

image 349

Will those who are part of drug and human trafficking be arrested? People are waiting to end this evil. Pizzagate is real.

image 350
image 351
image 352

Remember when Trump told people many times at his rally’s that his Uncle knew Tesla, and was called in to study his work and his Uncle told him everything?

image 353

Does Trump hold the key to Tesla’s free energy?

image 354
image 355

Trump is and always was fascinated with the study of history…

image 356
image 357
image 358
image 359

Baal is an ancient cult. Why do old rich men meet in the grove once a year? Why do they play like they are sacrificing a child on their alter to Molleck?

image 360
image 361
image 362
image 363
image 364

President Trump was out to drain the swamp!

image 365

Will McConnell go down in his swamp?

This is just a tiny amount of things that were in focus in 2020. The plandemic took the focus for the past year and through that came thunder, theft, lawlessness in the streets and burdens on the backs and yokes on the necks of all humanity.

Each day is filled with new clues. So many and yet… so many ideas as to what they mean. But codes are codes and misinformation is always out there. Decoding is not always easy and it is not for those without patience.

On the other hand, prayer is immediate, it is available even in a power outage, and it is free and the answers are always accurate. Fear not and if you don’t have a Bible, please get one.


Dianne Marshall

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I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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