WHO Hears What Horton Hears?

And WHO sees what Horton sees? 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0… is there a 4.0? WHO knows?

Lin Wood has been the purveyor of truth showing photos of things that just don’t look quite like they used to. Most all of these have a reversed aging process taking place that cause dark eyes and a lot of smooth rubbery looking skin. That seems to be a plague many suffer from in this plandemic and stolen election season that has continued on and on. We are also watching strange things like climate change disasters and trees burning inside out.  But, when and where and by WHO, did it all begin?

Lin Wood keeps posting photos and asking… what do you see? WHO is it?

He gets a lot of feedback from people who are seeing it. Was it the boosters or was it something else? Whatever it is… it seems to be affecting a certain segment of politicians, puppet stooges, world leaders, KM Oligarchs and other great merchants of the earth.

image 5 6

Lin Wood,

“Have the enemies of our republic and President Trump slowly but surely been revealing themselves to us or have slowly but surely been revealed to us by others??? When the enemies are fully revealed, then you can take them ALL out, obliterate them, and achieve a historic victory.”

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

www.FightBack. #FIX2020IN2024 law

Lin Wood, “Our REAL enemy in earth is Lucifer a/k/a satan a/k/a the devil. His primary tactic is to attack us in disguise so WATCH OUT!!! Always remember that God created Lucifer.

The Creator ALWAYS trumps and defeats the creation if the creation is His enemy. Make sure you are on the winning side in earth. Not the losing side. Choose to be part of God’s army, not part of Lucifer’s army. In so choosing, you will avoid the lake of fire which is the second and final death. Just sayin.”

image 5 7

Lin Wood, “Sometimes you have to beat the enemy at its own game. The enemy has used “actors” for years reading scripts against us. Should we use actors reading scripts against the enemy??? Boomerang. Just sayin.’”

Lin also posts things to make you see what’s coming. Do you see it?

image 5 9

Look at the dark eyes and check out the skin that looks like playdough. What’s going on here?

image 5 8

All in all, it is a very good “committee” show and the script writers have given the 1,2 and 3.0’s a voice that is ringing out like a bell to the people.  

Meanwhile, “we the people” are sharing more evidence to expose the corruption being spoken of in the congressional investigation.

image 5 10
Shared by our all American member Henry!

Just what will we do with this now?  Wasn’t it President Trump who at every turn shouted that hydroxychloroquine helped fight COVID? And didn’t Birx and Fauci have fun mocking Trump for his lack of knowledge? Putting him down at every chance and laughing at him while the fake news did their wrap up smears and pushed the pseudo science from “not a doctor” Fauci and the “not legal to give a vax in US” Gates who poured crippling syrups down the throats of children in Africa and India and any other places he could squeeze a syringe?

Connect the dots and ponder all of it. What do you see?

image 5 11

And just WHO all invested in these money making, depopulation schemes?  And what about the swab testing racketeering that taxpayers paid for? What about all of that? Do we even know how many of the Q-tips were tainted? Or how many swabs shoved up the nose and past the cheek did harm?

The greatest EVENT that will go down in history or shall we say “COVID lockdown past time”, was watching the double your pleasure and guessing who was who, and who is who, and where is WHO, and what is WHO…AND HOW FAR WILL THE “WHO” BE ALLOWED TO GO BEFORE THEY ARE IN THE WHO’S “WHO” HISTORY BOOKS FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY?!

image 5 12

We literally are in the land of “WHO”, and the Horton’s who hear the “WHO” are still being poked at like they are the only ones hearing the masses of humanity that are to the KM Oligarchs like little bugs that need to be exterminated. There simply are too many to live on their “flower”.

I guess this is the closest analogy the dark side can muster up to compare the wheat and the tares… they appear to be literal flower killers and weed growers. Originally, it is said that Dr. Seuss wrote his stories to help children learn to read and to make kids think. It is also said that “Horton Hears a Who” was written as a plea for tolerance in an intolerant time, with it’s main message “A person’s a person no matter how small”. It also has a bend for climate change? Gee I wonder how that got slid in?

Mr. Mayor – open up! It’s snowing in the summer!!!

Then there’s the other meandering messages, such as the message of intolerance, the “be-yourself” message, the “tyranny of the mob” message, and of course the “save our democracy” message that points out a puppet figurehead and the “Save our Democracy which is more like the progressives push for their mob rule strength in numbers and now a code word for communism. Which goes with the push to “make yourself heard” as they “herd” you  into their control systems which are also built into the Hollywood productions…as the story tells of the Mayor (it all begins on a local level folks, even in the children’s stories), WHO has so many girls and only one boy and so only allows so many seconds each can even talk to anyone. Total control in a “strong mayor, smart city flower”.  And yet in spite of all that, the elephant in the room, “Horton”, Hears a WHO and is loyal to help others hear what he hears no matter what!

image 5 13
What does this remind you of?

To me, it sounds more and more like another one of those “Simpson” reveals from a deep state think tank mind control project. Today Central Casting is playing out all the fairy tales and stories no one seemed to view as anything more than an innocent, creative story for children.  And so, that is how it all begins and how it grows and how you water a flower that will later be picked by a WHO. They tell you how it all shall be in their little Babylon the not so Great as they show you how big they all are and how little you WHO can’t be heard are to them in their big fat world of everything mammon being played out.

Gee, Horton has those kids using their imagination, and that just isn’t allowed in the world of “WHO”!!

When we watch the story unfold, many adults say… I don’t watch cartoons. I only watch current news. Then eye roll and turn into the tube and hear what the Mayors are telling them to do and they yell at the TV as they disagree with all the terrible things being said that simply are not to their best interest. The real cartoon script is being read to them daily and they are letting that trigger their fear.

Meanwhile the warning was always given… always from a script in a story, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

And the world needs a Horton… to help fight the dark side. Who is your Horton? Who is your Mayor?

Will the people of Whoville rejoice in the end… or will the darkside win? I believe the people will win. What do you believe? Or shall I say, what are you buying into? Well, my friends, that just may depend on what you have been watching and how you have been programmed to believe it is all a child’s story book tale.

So, as the Kangaroos and dark side plot and laugh at the people they view as “useless eaters – the size of micro ants” hidden in the flower that they fight so hard to destroy, it’s up to you to be a Horton and love your neighbor as yourself! Remember a person is a person, no matter how small and the dynamics taking place in the realm we cannot see will certainly cause a shaking so great, that all the people will feel it. So hold on and keep the faith. The shake down is here and the outcome is certain, the dark side is exposed and heading for a fall.

I can hear Lin and Trump shouting, “A person’s a person, no matter how small!” Can you?

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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