Unknown Cause of Death Perplexes CDC and WHO?

Doctors and Medical professionals are in a quandry trying to figure out what is causing all of the unknown deaths world wide. And now many believe that being young and exercising is no longer good for your health, as this unknown cause of death seems to be affecting so many young, viral, fit athletes and males in top shape who once piloted commercial airlines and bomber jets in battle. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is on the rise also known as unknown cause.

This may sound like satire to anyone reading it, and a mean attempt to mock people who are dying…but this is not the case. This is what the news and medical field is reporting to YOU. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE MOCKING DEATHS AND SOUNDING LIKE SATIRE SO FACT CHECK THIS STRAIGHT!

Awaken With JP is merely drawing attention to the insane lies the media, CDC, WHO, and dishonest doctors are telling us all.

It is time to wake up and call out the liars and take back your body. They can shove their death plans up their socks!

And in our death…the evil dark ones who are saving their democracy are mocking those who have died in their death!

There is nothing sacred to any of these evil demons!

This shows how far in the pit these mind control scientists have sunk. Once again experimenting with people who have no idea the harmful effects this type of cyber mind trick will do to them mentally while some tech NSA is watching their every reaction and monitoring it like the Truman Show. Oh you don’t think they aren’t? Think again. It is the viewer they want to monitor. Your loved one has passed on and now their new technology has conjured up the dead for you in an artificial cyber machine. Of course they want to know how far they can push you and what your reactions are when they do and say certain things. This is a big, sick and demented experiment.

Read: Use of AI to ‘resurrect’ the dead expected to gain prominence | ITWeb

I feel bad for all who are looking at this CGI created artificial intelligence as though they have found some sort of completeness being comforted by a machine. It is beyond disturbing.

Those who are participating in this have no idea they are now undoubtedly being monitored 24/7 with an all seeing A.I. camera eye. What has been created is a mental torture chamber for those who are grieving and never coming to any closure. What happens when the A.I. tells someone something they don’t want to hear? Hell has a special place for all these ghost makers and mental torture chambers they think are cool. And no…it isn’t the same as face timing someone. You are actually talking to a machine, there is no one you know on the other end.

There are no limits to what spyware can be added to this. Those who participate have allowed this into their mind to mess with their real memories. This is all an introduction to transhumanism. Those who jump on this bandwagon are being conditioned for the rest of their surprise Klaus Schwab program in his digital world of bots. You are being conditioned for A.I. service people and roaming A.I. policing and A.I. nurses, doctors, teachers, check out clerks. You are being introduced to the new world the Khazarian globalists are creating.

Picture it…you are attending an A.I. funeral. The Computer Generated Image is speaking. Everyone around you is acting like this is normal and you find yourself unable to sit and play along. You get up to leave and someone asks you why you are leaving…you say…’Because this isn’t him or her, and you don’t want robotic answers. You don’t want to play this game.’ Now, the A.I. watchers are picking all of your reactions up. They label you as a problem. A resister. They key in some numbers and have your entire background. You are now on their watch list.

Now you can call that far fetched… but that is where it is all headed. Just giving you a heads up so you can look at the total picture. None of this artificial “RESSURECTION” chats from the dead stuff is of God. It is the opposite of God and a total mocking of the Lord and a high tech way of trying to play God. The Holy Spirit is not an A.I. machine, and I will stay with the wisdom and direction of the Father…not the A.I. That being said, how do you feel about this?


Come on now… what is this strange viral thing? They don’t have an answer as to what caused it… but they gave it a name…tomato flu. Good grief! But they did make a guess and went as far as to say this is an after affect of the Wuhan virus pandemic. We know there was no real pandemic, and we know the vax is toxic…so? There are many types of vaccines being put into our children that have side effects and these demons who want to save their democracy are doing this in lockstep.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say…it is one of the vaxes they have been pushing on children in India! There is a long history of bad things happening to children in India with vaccines.

Food is a weapon of war… most all of the shortages we see now are man made!

Meanwhile they are pushing youth to drink more in Japan…and we aren’t talking water here…they want them to drink alcohol….lots of it. What is wrong with this crazy world?

Pray for our President Trump and know this. Whatever happens from this day forth… God is with you and fear not. For there is nothing new under the sun… wickedness is as bad as it was in the days of Noah, and Sodom and Gomorrah. Even the conjuring up of the dead has been done… it is all part of Baal worship and sorcery. It is written that King Saul went to the witch of Endor to have her conjure up Samuel. She conjured up something, probably an evil spirit pretending to be Samuel…so some say…and maybe God let Samuel go to Saul to tell him his days were now numbered for that sin. Always remember we are in the world and not of the world. Pray unceasing… and keep your eyes on the Lord. The Holy Spirit will guide you and comfort you always!

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We need to keep our eyes open and see what they are doing so we don’t fear and don’t fall prey to their big ideas…their thousand points of light things. God is with us all the way and has given us the Holy Spirit to teach, guide, direct, discern and give us wisdom…the Lord dwells in us and us in Him. We got this! NEVER FORGET THAT!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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