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The Visitors Plaza outside the United Nations Headquarters now has a guardian fitting for the misguided representation it has taken over the years. We no longer have to wonder what this organization really stands for and what its’ agenda 21 goals really are. They really never have hidden anything, people just denied the truths they presented and acted as though there never was a thing called “New World Order” even though from its’ onset they announced it as a new world order. That is just what they used to do…deny, deny and yet present it all in bold print for the world to read and see.

So, now the statue is a gift from the Government of Oaxaca, Mexico @MexOnu. It is created by artists Jacobo and Maria Angeles. Described as a fusion of jaguar and eagle. But when you look closely you see it is riddled with more symbolism. UN Photo above/Manuel Elías

Asside from looking like a modern day gargoyle…it gives off an ominous “boo”….as in a “boo” in the dark meant to scare you. Are you afraid? This is about as out in the open as they can get. They have never tried to hide anything…they are only masters at denial.

So now they have a new mascott to go with many of their other odd ideas of art.

Remember their creepy display of school back packs…lined like grave markers…this was all a part of their enchantments… today the children are targeted for death jabs. Coincidence?

UNICEF savaşlarda ölen çocuklar için 3758 okul çantasıyla 'sembolik mezarlık' oluşturdu - Amerikali Turk

Everything they do is creepy and their true works are not in line with good for humanity. Just take a good look at WHO and their involvement with world mandates and toxic bioweapons. Not a good look, but the mascott statue is a good fit to show who they are.

Meanwhile, there is a stench in the air and it is lingering. Drums are murmuring in the distance like the earths heart beat before a storm. The hourglass has been turned over and the last grains of sand are sifting through….each grain is no longer slipping silently through…it is scratching, and making a very strange noise. We all hear it…it isn’t pleasant…

It’s the cry of the children and being human trafficked while the United Nations sits in silence.

The UN has sat back and kept mostly silent on this issue. At best it has acted concerned and said empty words with little results. Instead they push climate change and all the farce that it is…as though that is the end all. Take a look and ask yourself what big deal have you ever heard about child trafficking and child sacrificing and sex trafficking from the halls of the UN? Have they ever put out anything on their lawn to create awareness for it? Or were the book bags placed as a sign of things to come…the things we now see they are doing?

President Trump has called out the various nations at the UN for their nefarious dealings. He even called out China and their plans to interfere with our 2018 elections and the reasons why…he knows everything and he has everything on all of the guilty ones. He is fighting for all the areas these evil ones profit off of…he knows what the billion dollar money making cargo is and how all of it works.

We all know now how the government, both domestic and foreign, lip service and bribe system works. People were starting to demand some results and were calling them out for their pretended efforts. Then Bam…just like that we get a virus that is going to destroy the entire world population and everything else goes on hold. The world now fights a fake virus and tyrannical mandates make shift the focus from child trafficking onto basic survival.

Now there are some good people trying to do good in the various international government organizations, but their efforts are sabatoged by the infiltrators the same as we find in our own government and it’s orgs, such as the CIA, FBI and Child Protective Services. It is all a racket and every once in a while they stop something and rescue a group. When Trump took office he made ending human and child trafficking his priority. That is another reason the cabal hated him.

We watch as world mandates are pushed to jab all children with toxic heart attack jabs filled with mRNA and substances that put them in the category of bioweapons. The WHO is pushing this! How fitting from the same people who love their child and sex trade for pedophiles and nasty others who love to drink the blood of children also known as adrenochrome. And those who sacrifice and torture the children on the alters in their satanic rituals. Shall we also mention the billions made from harvesting their organs? Yes, they make billions on our children….and they take them through our own government overreaching over watching groups like Child Protective Services and at our borders illegally crossing…shipped out to never be seen again. It’s a billion dollar trade business. Children and humans are merely the commodity sold.

Let’s see if Bannon can get the tunnel footage released…. all of the D.C. Tunnel footage. America brace yourself for a shock or two…but if it takes a HORRIFIC SHOCK TO WAKE UP AND SEE …THEN THAT IS WHAT IT WILL TAKE!


Human trafficking: hundreds rescued in West Africa

Human trafficking: hundreds rescued in West Africa

24 April 2019 FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Human trafficking (interpol.int)

Forced labour and exploitation

Evidence in the region shows that victims of trafficking are recruited and trafficked using deception and coercion, and held in bondage in various labour intensive activities.

Many of the 157 rescued minors were moved around as ‘merchandise’ themselves across the border, and made to work in markets all day, peddling goods, fetching water, cooking, carrying heavy loads, or working as housemaids. Some were the victims of sexual exploitation. 

The children were aged between 11 and 16, with the youngest rescued at the land border between Benin and Nigeria. 

There police found a boy who had been forced to carry clandestinely between the two countries heavy goods such as bags of rice weighing up to 40 kg.

All the victims originated from Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria and Togo.

So as we look at all the hype about the statue on the UN grounds…forget the “Boo” monster…and look at the real monster inside running the organization! Call those evils out….the statue is moot. The real monsters are inside acting like they are on the side of saving the world. Look at them again. America needs to come out of that entire mess. I believe that day is coming soon.

Meanwhile call them out! Demand the end of child and human trafficking and organ harvesting among other horrible things they profit from.

Keep pressing forward…don’t stop now….press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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