Uncle Sam’s Bankman Arrested – Brazil On Fire and FBI Can’t Hide!

Sam Bankman Fried is now sitting in a jail cell. How many songs will he sing? We know without a doubt there is evidence that shows without a doubt that FTX has been money laundering. What we also know without a doubt are some of the big names involved like Zelensky … and we know when all the names are listed, it will be a very long list.

The FTX reveal is just beginning…

Bankman will undoubtedly be facing election fraud charges as well as a host of other things. When you launder tax payer money back to politicians in DC after it is approved to send to Zelensky in Ukraine, and he doesn’t seem to need it so he sends it to FTX so they can send it to political campaigns…that is election interference with a lot of side charges. When you look at all the election tampering in many directions from social media to money laundering involving creative theft of tax payer money disguised as foreign aid …what kind of fraud is that called? We’ll find out soon. Assetts are generally seized… foreign and domestic. Will we own Ukraine’s assets when its over, or just its NAZI oligarchs assets?

The Royal Bahamas Police Force said in a statement that officers with the financial crimes unit took 30 year old Sam Bankman-Fried into custody at his home in the Bahama’s capital city, Nassau. He was arrested in connection with financial offenses in the U.S. and is expected to appear in court Tuesday. Read: Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in the Bahamas (msn.com)

Meanwhile today – Bankman’s defense is trying to make this an “Old School” embezzlement case? Good grief!

This is definitely NOT OLD SCHOOL – this is high tech, Silicon Valley, Stanford born and bred, FBI protected, and white collar High Crimes complete with Election fraud and black market money exchanges!

🔴 SBF Arrest, FTX Congressional Meeting & Markets Rip Higher LIVE! (rumble.com)

They are definitely trying to run damage control in congress! The question is… Will they succeed?

Meanwhile, did Twitter tamper with Brazilian elections too?

Brazilian political strategist Rodrigo Neves was a guest on Fox’s Tucker Carson and stated that Twitter tampered with the Brazilian elections. He said, “They editorialized the Trending Topics, which normally show whatever content is viral. Organic trends with over half a million mentions were completely absent. Meanwhile, fresh hashtags out of Lula’s headquarters would get on trending topics in a few minutes.”

He also said that when Elon Musk announced his takeover of Twitter, Twitter Brazil “entered panic mode when a lot of right-wing accounts were removed from shadowban. Bolsonaro wound up getting 100.000 new followers within a few hours.”

On Saturday, Elon Musk suggested that Twitter possibly interfered in Brazil’s election, “I’ve seen a lot of concerning tweets about the recent Brazil election,” Musk also wrote. “If those tweets are accurate, it’s possible that Twitter personnel gave preference to left wing candidates.”

image 193

Bolsanaro has not conceded. He won the election and the people know it!

As we watch what is taking place in Brazil with the stolen election of Bolsanaro, we see a pattern has been set. It is now obvious that there is an international effort to topple nations through voter fraud. The international effort involves placing your own puppet and toppling the other and have the disinformation spreaders, continue to spread propaganda and gaslight. The KM Oligarch world wide lie spreaders continue to spit out their fake news and push out the wrap up smear that Bolsanaro lost, and he is outgoing. Meanwhile the truth is Bolsanaro has the vote of the people and won by a landslide against the KM Oligarch candidate Lula Da Silva and the people are rebelling to the brink of civil war.

Brazil is in the streets with huge support for their President Bolsanaro, while world wide fake news is either silent on the matter or writing the story to be a small handful of disgruntled sore losers upset because they lost the election.

That was a lie!

The video below is an example of how this pattern is set to go using the US Capitol preplanned by dems and FBI riot as a tag line in making it look like Brazil is doing the same thing. Whereas the same thing is taking place in Brazil…what that same thing is exactly is NOT BEING TOLD. The presidential election was rigged, stolen and the people are not accepting the voter fraud. Brazil has taken to the streets to defend their president whose election was stolen.

This is the exact scenario that the KM Oligarchs had planned for the USA but we didn’t do it so they created a coup to bring about the J-6 situation hoping it would escalate and cause a civil war.

We now see how Twitter and other social media was used in election fraud schemes with BOTH ELECTIONS. We also see how social media was controlled by the FBI and the disinformation campaigns are controlled by nations and by the United Nations, NATO, the European Union, and this is an international effort to place puppet presidents who obey the globalists who place them in their seats. This is international nation toppling via election fraud.

The FBI has its hands in the middle of all of this… as Twitter is revealing more and more each day. The facts are coming out to show FBI has been a very nefarious force against the people and have been heavily involved in dark money trading with crypto currency and disinformation campaigns during election fraud and against truth.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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