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If Trump was not Trump, we would not be voting for him.  If Trump were not Bombastic when attacked, and if he did not deliver one heck of a counter punch….supporters would not be supporting him.  It is that rough, raw guy that has a heart of gold for America that the people love.  They love to hear him stand up for America and know this is long over due.

They love to hear the big bear shouts that the media is a mess, for the people have been knowing this for a long, long time.  The people love to hear Trump crumple up the words of Obama and Hillary for the people have had enough of their lies being shoved down their throats.

The people love their guy Trump because he will do what he says.  They know that no one would come out and say the truth as he has most outrageously stated it and ever think of returning to his business as usual for it would be impossible to do.  Why?  Because Trump is exposing the establishment agenda and they now consider him their enemy number one.  Trump has and is teaching the general public how it all works, from the backing of the political puppets to the pundits, press, and foreign policy. He is exposing the tyrannical plans of Climate Change and Agenda 21.  Trump is true, he is a beacon shining on America and a light so bright it blinds the enemy and that is what anti-Trump people hate.

There is no clear way of combating against honest words except to make up more lies.  There is no way of stopping a wave of honest people going forward but with force.  Yet, at this moment of time….there still is a constitution and the words on its’ pages still trump the liars agenda.  It is time to stand up now with Trump or forever let liars rule over the land.  Are you ready to take your country back?  If you are ….follow the Trump lines and listen.  Listen good and then you will know that Trump supporters are the ones  telling you the real facts and the solid truth.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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