If anyone with common sense looks at what is coming out of the White House Press, you have to either be scratching your head or laughing your arse off. Rolling of eyes and side eyes are commonly seen on all of the faces who are observing the entire fiasco with an ounce of maturity. That is what we all are supposed to be looking at. Meanwhile, what is happening in the world? Who is striking Iraq? Who is striking Syria? What is going on?

Suddenly all the laughter is at a halt! But many are still looking at the clowns in DC.
This can’t be real? Come’on Joe. Who do they think they are kidding?
I used to explain the damages of Hormone Therapy for menapause by using puberty as an example of how we don’t give our kids hormone replacement therapy for going through a natural change of our body’s functions. Now we have this to deal with… Big Pharma is now on steroids – literally!

1) #SyriaStrikes IRAN

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Iranian-backed Shia militant group “The Guardians of the Blood Brigade”

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claimed responsibility Erbil

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expected to be one of several cities Pope Francis visits in early March in a historic trip to Iraq 1st pope to travel to Iraq…

Who controls the three global corporations? Which Knights are angry right now? Will they after thousands of years walk away? Think again. They will not just walk away. There are two forces at war. Each knows that if they lose, they will not have another chance to win for a thousand years. Which side of the thousand year reign are you on?

Francis could use global stage to promote vaccines a “moral obligation” to put an end to the pandemic Vatican “any employees refusing a vaccine are subject to dismissal” Biden U.S. to launch massive effort to educate Americans about COVID-19 vaccines.


SO the question is, who is going to war and why? What happened in 1871 with the UNITED STATES, INC? What else happened in 1871?

Did Albert Pike Really Consult with Lucifer & Foretell Three World Wars 150 Years Ago?! - The Leak Project | Lyssna här |

Start there. Remember who is running the world show. Who tells the Pope what to do. Who is behind the tri-corporations that are now broke? Why would they be angry? What would they do if very angry? Would they continue their masonic plans? Who is Albert Pike? What did Pike predict? How many world wars did he have slated? Who were these wars to be fought against? Who was going to be confused during all this? What was the plan to destroy Christianity? How were they planning to usher in their new utopia? But, most of all…..WILL THEY SUCCEED OR WILL GOD INTERVENE?

Expose the evil and hold the line!

Pin by Free Spirit on nwo gov. | Albert pike, Islamic world, Third world


Mystery explosion hits Israeli cargo ship in Gulf hours after Biden’s strike on Iran-backed ‘Guardians of Blood’ militia – Click to read full report: Mystery explosion hits Israeli cargo ship in Gulf hours after Biden’s strike on Iran-backed ‘Guardians of Blood’ militia (

Expose their evil plans and hold fast to the Lord. Do not be disillussioned and have faith that the Lord shall prevail and their evil plans are thwarted! Remember, Babylon falls!

Stand strong and have faith in the Lord!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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