The Power of the Light of God –

A Lamp Burning Brightly That Never Goes Out! The Holy Spirit is the power and hope of all who follow the way of the Lord.

Darkness is what the children of Satan dwell in. It is their witching hour. The moon is the lesser light and the sun is the brightest light. God has shown us this mystery from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun and the lesser light giving a flicker. We behold this mystery in our every day. Those who have eyes to see will see it, for they see the great light of day and through that light all things are made visible.

To see all the greatest things, you must seek. For if you only seek where you are standing, you will not discover all of the many wonders made visible in the light. Seek and you shall find many wonders.  The greater things are made visible and are seen. The same as God’s children see God in all creation and all that is visible, seek in the light and you shall find all the wonders. It is the greatest treasure hunt!  You will soon find desire to seek more, and more, and more. And in your seeking you will find many treasures and pearls of great price.

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The night comes and the lesser light appears… that witching hour of those who work in the shadows of darkness. Achieving only the lesser things as God has said… the fallen watchers taught man the lesser things for they knew not the things of the light.

The light of God reveals the hidden things… it reveals what is lurking in the shadows. Even in the darkness of night, God provided the lesser light of the moon so we could see and find our way. It is God’s promise that he is there even at the darkest hour.

The dawn is promised and does not fail. The sun rises on both the Godly and the ungodly. For God gave all freewill to choose who they shall serve. Choose God and you have the beauty of all creation and all the heavenly host.


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Choose to follow the dark one Satan and you have death and darkness. Satan is not the light of the world. He moves in darkness in a realm we cannot see…. Before the great flood, the children of Satan and the fallen angels were cursed by God to be evil spirits and roam the earth in the realm that can’t be seen for they were part heavenly and part earthly and no place was found for them in heaven nor in earth. They did great wickedness to men and sought to kill, steal and destroy. These evil spirits tempt and stir up destruction through those who they can enter into. If they cannot enter into the flesh, they attack the flesh from the outside. Evil (demonic) spirits set out to kill, steal and destroy to weaken the flesh so it can enter in through the mind and possess the flesh to do its bidding.

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 Stay in the light of God’s Son Jesus who is the light of the world and the darkness cannot enter into your flesh to steal your soul. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world… no one comes to the Father except through me. And no one enters into the Kingdom of God except through the Son, for the Lord said the Kingdom of God is not a place to say here it is or there it is… the Kingdom of God is within you. When we repent with all our heart and follow the way of the Lord, God sends us the Holy Spirit to dwell in us and we are made one with the Lord and The Father God and the Lord dwells in us and us in Him. And that is the mystery of the Kingdom of God within you. Amen.

Satan wants you to believe a lie that there is no God, no hope, no Jesus and temps us with all of his philosophies that are still coming forth out of his tree of forbidden knowledge. He is still attacking the minds of God’s children to steal their souls. He has not stopped.

Which bring us to a body part that few even talk about and few know they have. For they have been told all sorts of things about this strange body part by well meaning people who don’t understand it. It is often considered blasphemy to mention it. Because of this, it is misunderstood and few understand anything about it. And we aren’t talking about sexual organs… even though so many well-meaning Christians treat this body part like that is what it is. This particular body part is your lifeline that connects you with God and protects you. It is our inner light that shines outward.

Now I am not talking about the push where ancient so-called wisdom meets up with modern science and tries to find how to make a big bang and or connect with the science of the universe or reciting mantras and enchantments to stars. I am speaking of the fact that our bodies are both electric and magnetic and we have an energy field called the aura. That is a body part. Just like our heart, and flesh…but that body part works more like the mind. As in you can’t see it visually. You can see the brain, but not the mind because the mind is a process of thinking, feeling and choosing.

The energy field around us that our electric and magnetic bodies put out is a process of what we are thinking, feeling and choosing…just like the mind. That being said, the energy we are emitting is either positive and creating a strong force field of protection or it is emitting negative energy, broken down and open. Love and positive vibrations increase our aura’s, where hate and fear and negative vibrations tear it down and make us vulnerable to demonic evil spirt attacks.

Ephesians Chapter 6 tells us what we are dealing with and how to put on our armor of God to deal with the principalities and powers in high dark places that we cannot see. Just like our shield of faith, helmet of salvation, that can’t be seen with the naked eye. So don’t think I am bringing some strange, twisted doctrine to you. It is even what the Lord meant when he said, “I am the light of the world” and what he meant when he said, “Let your light so shine before men that they see your good works.” Our light of good vibrations are frequencies that go out to others and the stronger it is the stronger it is felt. The same thing happens with negative energy. That goes out and is also felt by others.

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Jesus taught how to see with the eye, and how to love our neighbor as ourself and even love our enemies. He taught the same principles of how to put out good energy with our light of protection that is your body part that God built into us the same as our immune system and our respiratory system. We have six senses, five physical and one unseen. We have internal organs physical and an energy aura of protection unseen.

We can get all scientific over this and point out the things that can be felt and measured such as frequency, body heat, and heart rate… but that is not the message we are digging into here… however, for the sake of those who need to have that sort of thing… there is biological science behind it all. But, I will keep it simple. First of all Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) work on us because our bodies are magnetic. Second of all an Electrocardiogram (EKG) works to record the ELECTRICAL SIGNALS OF THE HEART, because our bodies are electric. 

Like it or not, we are now facing a very crucial point in the 5G and 6G AI world and just how far the deep state dare to go with it. We are up against Satanic cults who operate within the deep state. We have all seen the aftermath of a quote, “Wind Fire”, that looks like a nuke hit the area like in Lahaina, Maui, California, and now in Texas. What they are also doing is using HAARP at Universities to affect (or test) tapping into students with energy frequencies that alter their moods and one of the recent frequencies they are pushing out cause the mind to want to commit suicide.

So how do we protect ourselves from all this A.I., HAARP, and EMF aimed at us?

I believe we may have a built in ability to help us survive these sort of surprise attacks. Especially since we are sitting ducks and we don’t need a chip implanted in order to get a frequency shot at us. Remember our bodies are electric and magnetic. That being said, we will now explore the body part no one wants to talk about. Our aura which is our energy field… the one our electric and magnetic bodies pulse out – our frequency that others pick up – our vibrations. What energy are we sending out to others?  Is it negative or positive? Hate is negative, love is positive. How does that affect others and how does that affect us?

We have many people talking again about how when we talk to plants with love they thrive and when we talk at them with hate they wither. That is the power our thoughts and frequencies have that we send out.

The teachings of Jesus show us that what is in our heart is what we put out. A good tree bears good fruit, and a bad tree bears rotten fruit or none at all. The Lord said, you will know them by their fruit.

Before we go any further, I want to explain the discernment behind this deep dive into this area of energy fields and our aura, what I am calling the “body part” we don’t talk about.

5G, 6G, WiFi, Scalar Weaponry, Cell Phones, etc. all send out Electromagnetic Fields…

Like most all of you, I have for a long time been trying to figure out how to protect against all the toxic things that have been allowed to be considered safe and or denied that they are doing to our food, air, water, and electromagnetic fields, and geomodified weather that they do and say they are not. The toughest issue is how do we protect ourselves in these extremes? The question is, “What do we do with all the electromagnetic fields we walk in daily and have been since the first harnessing of the atmosphere… that have grown into a 6G military grade weapon of mass destruction?” My question to myself was, “Surely if the devil is throwing this at us… God gave us some way to counter it? Just like God made the immune system and our DNA, and all the action through the blood, and respiratory and lymphatic system… and our mind process and our sixth sense and third eye pineal gland?  What else did God give us that has been hidden from us? What have they perverted to the point that Christians shun it?” 

After brainstorming with a friend and talking to the Lord and asking and seeking… it came to me… “This little light of mine.” From the child’s song….and the verse, “I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

image 169

The scriptures of the light began flashing… God said let there be light. The Lord said I am the Light of the World.  We are made of Light. We are God’s light to the world. The ruler of this world is darkness, God is light. The mount of transfiguration came into focus. Adam lost his light body and without God there is nothing but death and darkness. Without God we are dead and stuck in darkness without God’s protection which is light, there is nothing.

Our cells need light photons from the Sun to multiply and divide. Without the sun, we die. Even bacteria needs light emitting photons to multiply and divide…without light nothing can live. That is a scientific and biological fact. And one of the biggest reasons the dark side is blocking out the sun with chem trails and with all the sunscreens on everything. That is why they took incandescent light bulbs off the market and gave us their new bulbs that are toxic to our bodies. Incandescent light bulbs were based on the full spectrum of the sun which emits the closest thing to the sun of all man-made light sources. Lizard lights are sold in pet stores for their reptiles for without sun they die. They need extra sun and the grow lights for plants and lizards provide this. Where humans now get SMART lights which are toxic to our cells.

For example: Traditional LED lights produce light within a narrow band that doesn’t mimic the sun’s natural light. Full-spectrum LED lights, are designed to emulate the balanced light you receive from natural sunlight which incandescent lights produced full spectrum sunlight.

Traditional LED Lights:

These lights typically emit light within a narrow band of the visible light spectrum and do not fully mimic the natural light from the sun. We are told they are used due to their energy-saving properties and long lifespan. This is due to the fact they convert electrical energy directly into light, without the intermediate step of heat generation.

Whereas Full-Spectrum LED Lights:

These are designed to emulate balanced natural light similar to sunlight. They contain a phosphor coating that combines red and blue monochromatic LEDs. The phosphor coating converts light of a narrower wavelength (around 460 nm: blue) into a longer wavelength (around 600-700 nm: red).

Full-spectrum lights provide a more natural, flexible, and soothing illumination that closely resembles sunlight. Even with lesser wattage, they manage to produce 10 times brighter light compared to regular LEDs. So for lighting that replicates the sun’s natural spectrum, full-spectrum LED lights are the way to go!

So for those who are giving an eye roll and thinking… “It’s just a light bulb. Good grief, what difference does it make. Just go outside and get in the dang sun.” Well, we would if it wasn’t blocked by chem trails… and besides that, most LED’s are toxic!

Here is what the new traditional LED lights are doing to your health.

Before we begin, they explain the “Photobiomodulation Mechanisms” in a way so few will understand by talking way over your head… I will reduce it in layman’s terms for you… they make you sick. Now read on….

Traditional LED emit light within a narrow band of the visible spectrum. While they are energy-efficient, their impact on the body is not fully understood. Here are some insights:

LEDs are considered safe and economical for phototherapy. (The tricky word here is “considered” read and let me know if you think it is safe. I do not.)

The molecular mechanisms of LED-induced photobiomodulation involve photoacceptors (like cytochrome C oxidase), membrane ion channels, mitochondrial modulation, and the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Blue LED radiation has been studied in the context of colorectal cancer cells, showing decreased cell viability, lower proliferation, increased apoptosis, and DNA damage.

(So what is increased apoptosis? It means cell death!!!! So they increase cell death which leads to tissue death, which leads to organ death.)

The word Apoptosis is derived from the Ancient Greek word apóptōsis (meaning “falling off”), it is a fascinating phenomenon of programmed cell death. Apoptosis occurs in multicellular organisms and even some single-celled microorganisms like yeast. It involves a series of biochemical events that lead to distinctive cell changes and eventual cell death. These changes include: Blebbing: Formation of bulges on the cell surface. Cell shrinkage: Reduction in cell size. Nuclear fragmentation: Breakdown of the cell nucleus. Chromatin condensation: Compaction of genetic material. DNA fragmentation: Cleavage of DNA. mRNA decay: Degradation of messenger RNA.

The average adult human loses between 50 and 70 billion cells each day due to apoptosis. Now in the natural process this is how the body eliminates unwanted cells and renews itself with new cells and eliminates damaged cells. The body also has cells that eat up unwanted harmful cells within the body these are called phagocytes. They engulf and remove cell contents that can harm surrounding healthy cells. The body works in amazing ways, and as all living cells the body receives its energy from the light emitting photons from the sun. It is the body’s energy source.

Back to Health Consequences:

Blue light, especially from LEDs, can suppress melatonin production. Melatonin regulates sleep patterns and overall health. Increased exposure to artificial blue light can worsen sleep habits, potentially leading to chronic health conditions.

Blue light radiation also affects visibility of stars in the night sky and alters animal behavior.

Retina Damage: Spanish research found that LED radiation can cause irreversible damage to the retina. French reports warned of phototoxic effects from blue light exposure, including an increased risk of age-related macular degeneration .

image 177

LED flicker can lead to headaches, visual fatigue, migraines, and even hormone disruption due to stress on the hypothalamus/pituitary glands.

In summary, manmade traditional LEDs are not healthy for any life forms. (Their own report said that.)

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are semiconductor devices that emit optical radiation when an electric current passes through them. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, which generate light by heating a filament, LEDs operate through a process called electroluminescence. Here are some key points about LED radiation:

Safety and Environmental Concerns – LEDs are Hazardous Toxic Waste!

Toxic Substances: A study found that LEDs contain lead, arsenic, and other potentially dangerous substances. Low-intensity red LEDs were particularly concerning, containing up to eight times the allowable lead levels. White LEDs have less lead but still harbor significant amounts of nickel, which can cause allergic reactions. Additionally, copper in some LEDs poses an environmental threat if it accumulates in water bodies.

Health Impacts: While LED lighting is more energy-efficient, the increased blue light radiation associated with it may have substantial biological impacts on humans and animals .

If an LED breaks at home, it’s advisable to: Wear gloves and a mask while sweeping up the debris. Dispose of the broken LED and the cleaning materials as hazardous waste. Crews handling broken LEDs in traffic lights or automotive settings should also take precautions. In summary, while LEDs offer many benefits, it’s essential to be aware of their potential hazards and handle them with care.

So now you know why I am looking at what we can do to shield ourselves from what they are doing to us.

So let’s look at what God gave us as a body part that protects us as an outside force. He gave us all an energy shield. (That’s my new word for aura). How can we make that protective force bigger and better than ever before?

This is an area I have just recently had the nudge to deep dive. However, none of this is new to me… I have experimented with grow lights for reptiles on myself for health even back in the 90’s and looked at all sorts of odd things in how the body works and cells in my day job. So, it isn’t like all of a sudden I want to know. It’s like… the “Danger Will Robinson, Warning, Warning…”  That sort of wanting to know more. So, hopefully we will learn this together and each share what they know and stories that they have experienced.

image 170

I do not pretend to understand this topic like a bio professional, I am only presenting information and letting us explore this together. I will share my thoughts and discernment, and keep in mind we are all discovering. There is no right or wrong in a person’s experience.. that is what they experienced. So… feel free to share your experiences.

There is a lot of good basic information on line that explain therapeutic ways of using “bio (body) field” for healing. Which is your bodies own energy sources. I am of the mindset that if the Lord told us with faith the size of a mustard seed we can say to this mountain move, and it shall move, then we can shield our bodies with that same faith if we know how to use it. Jesus walked on water and Peter did until he doubted… and then the Lord helped him back up and helped him get to the boat. I believe we were given a way to protect ourselves against the energy fields within our own energy. We just have to figure out how to turn that on. Seek and ye shall find.

I mean the boiling oil didn’t even burn John when they tried to boil him alive. How did that happen? Was it God strengthening his body part? His aura? In Daniel when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrust into the fiery furnace they didn’t even get one hair singed. The Angel of the Lord protected them in the fire… what if our aura can be activated by the Lord according to God’s command or the command of the Holy Spirit within us as a protective shield?

When I think about how many times I got in an accident that could have crippled me and some that should have killed me and walked away without a scratch… that was divine intervention… but was my aura involved in protecting me as I tumbled or whatever it was taking place? These are the questions I have.

So thus, my new quest to find out what else the aura body part can do.

I googled “Understanding Biofield and Aura” and found, “Biofield therapies directly influence our subtle energy field, which comprises chakras, meridians, and the aura. The aura is the energy field surrounding our body, extending beyond the physical form.” Well, all that was dull and who doesn’t know about the new age and chakra centers and meditating to the universe? That was not what I was seeking nor talking about… well, not exactly. I wanted to find the real deal and not the “eastern philosophy” of it. I wanted some practical answers that apply to what I already have. Which is an aura, but mostly how to have it strengthened so I can push the toxic pulses away from me. I want to know how to do that. So, for now… until we find out how to do that, we are going to look at things we can do on our own and at home to shield ourselves from electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Why? Because EMFs from electronic devices, Wi-Fi, and other sources can disrupt our energy balance and MAKE US SICK. We are walking in this EMF goo daily whether outside or in our homes and we have been for decades. It’s not new… and the people who want to “save the planet” are bombarding us with all sorts of things that are toxic to us and every living thing on the earth. That means bugs, sea life, water, plants, critters and humans. As you read above the toxic things they’re doing to us with our light bulbs and most all know how they are blocking out the sun. That being said we need to protect ourselves from the damage all of this does to our body.

Physical Auric Protection: Without sounding “airy fairy”, we need to charge our aura first with our own mind through working on how to let go of any anger and love our neighbor as ourselves and love life. This is actually what the Lord told us to do many times throughout the scriptures. Be thankful and praise God for everything we have been given. Send our love out and see what we can do to help others. Work on that first. That being said…the Holy Spirit will help us to love others and to have understanding for those that are difficult. There are some toxic sociopathic people out there that can really be a challenge.

There are many natural crystals, minerals, rocks and metals like gold, copper and silver that absorb and or break up the EMF’s and protect our aura. You can wear them as pendants or hold them to create energy boundaries between you and disruptive energies. Place them by your router and throughout your home. Inside and outside.

image 172

The best way to use crystals and stones to block EMF radiation is to place them either near your body, to protect your body, or to place them next to the source of the EMF.

image 176

There are EMF-Blocking Patches you can apply to your cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

Mindful Practices: You can read all sorts of how to do meditation, grounding exercises, and energy-clearing techniques to help maintain a balanced aura, but I am not saying to run out and do that. I am saying to protect yourself from the electromagnetic fields with things you can do on your own as you live your life and to look at the body part God gave us and let’s figure out how to use that energy force to its fullest potential. Explore what works best for you. and find your own path to biofield protection against EMFs.

In my deep dive I found a lot of things and remembered why in the past, I was turned off with aura talk. Smile. When they started talking about the “auric membrane as a fascinating aspect of our auric field, which envelops our physical body like a glowing cocoon.” I was done. But just with their approach. I wasn’t done with my search. I was curious though about that membrane and so this is what I found.

“The auric membrane is an energetic layer within our aura. It acts as a protective boundary, shielding us from external influences, including electromagnetic fields (EMFs), negative energies, and psychic disturbances. When the auric membrane is strong, our aura maintains its shape and resilience, preventing dispersion.”

And so that was what I was looking for. The aura does have an energy layer that also protects us from EMF’s!!!

The Lord said to come follow me and do as I do. Our aura is our light in the world. We can be protected by strengthening our aura with love from the heart for God and for our neighbors as the Lord told us to do. We strengthen our aura by being one with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

Our aura is a body part. We all have an aura which is an energy field that surrounds our flesh. Our sensory and protective shield.

I also found, Understanding the Layers of the Auric Field“. I will cut through the poetic reference and give the layers. First layer is physical, the second layer is emotional and associated with emotions, gut feelings, mood shifts. The third layer is body and mental clarity and focus, fourth layer is astral body from physical experiences, astral travel, dreams, unprocessed images and imprints of self perception and world view.

They went on to say how to visualize your protective membrane to become thicker, more resilient and impenetrable.

The truth is… people have tried and practiced for years and never achieved that. Why? Because you can not imagine it to be. It either is or is not from the heart. In my belief, the Holy Spirit gives you the thickness, the resilience and makes it impenetrable from the fiery darts of the enemy. You can only take self will power so far, it is what is weak and it is what causes your aura to be broken through. It is the testing in our life experiences that strengthen us. As the Lord said, “Buy from me gold tested in the fire.” I will buy from Jesus and stay focused on Him. Divine intervention and presence is what allows your aura to be resilient and bend as a willow in the storm… flowing and protecting, not breaking. Balancing and not breaking. (To me it is our little piece of light body…imagine what a heavenly light body is like?)

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to post any of their poetic layers… but I have to share this one from their list of their Energy Practices called “Wings of Strength Exercise”.

They say, “Envision wings extending from your shoulder blades. These wings represent your auric membrane. Feel them growing stronger, shielding you from external energies.”

I have to stop here. To me, that wing growing out your shoulders idea is fallen angel garble. In the flesh we do not have wings and Adam never had them in his light body in the Garden of Eden.  Jesus didn’t need wings to ascend… and we don’t need to imagine growing wings to call upon the Holy Spirit to move our mountains or heal the sick. If we had to do that, Jesus would have said so. Repent and imagine growing wings wasn’t the message. Repent with all your heart, and follow the way of the Lord, and God will send you the Holy Spirit to dwell in you and teach you all things was the message.

image 173

The Holy Spirit dwells within us…ONLY EMPTY VESSELS HAVE TO GO THROUGH ENCHANTMENTS AND MANTRAS with fingers crossed?? THE HOLY SPIRIT JUST IS. We receive the divine protection from God through the Holy Spirit. When we radiate love from the heart because we sincerely do love God and our neighbor, we are strengthened and are shielded with love and protection from God.

They say that regular energy clearing techniques, meditation, and grounding help maintain a robust auric field. They say your auric membrane is your energetic armor. Strengthen it consciously, and it will serve as a powerful shield against external disturbances, allowing your true self to radiate confidently and vibrantly

They say, we reknew our energy and lift up on angel wings…. Where with the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, we reknew our energy in our love for God and our love for others. The Lord is our grounding. We don’t have to meditate for something out there that is not of God… the universe is vast… God is in us. We look within to be one with God. God is in all creation and all who receive the Lord are now a living stone that make up the Temple of God and are one with God, The Lord and the Holy Spirit now dwell in us.

As long as you are looking out there and going the way of the world…. You are not protected but are vulnerable to your own strength which is weak. God’s ways are not man’s ways. God is the one who gives you the transfiguration… not the space in the universe.

I see now where the key is…it is in our heart all along.

When you send love to someone, you increase your own vibrational frequency. That is why love instead of anger, fear or hate. Send love. Love strengthens you and negativity can’t get through the love barrier.

The goal is not to change the toxic person, but to change your own reactions to them. Look at them as God’s child, regardless of good or bad and approach with compassion and love and ask God to lift them from their wicked state. Or remove them from you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

We are watching this strong aura being a mirror on the darkness in all the trials and indictments the dark side is using to attack Trump. What do you see? We see it happening publicly to those like Lin Wood and so many people across the land. Many names we do not know and even in our own lives.

image 175

Now we know how to keep our light as a strong force. We must love God and stay focused the Lord’s command to sincerely from the heart love others, even those who are not very lovable.

Our aura acts as an invisible shield protecting us from negative and low vibrational energies. The stronger the aura, the better it can repel the negative influences.

Stand and feel the power of the Lord in you, feel the Holy Spirit in you. Talk to the Lord and talk to the Holy Spirit, talk to God. You don’t have to chant a mantra out into the universe. That is not what Jesus said to do at all. Jesus said to call on me… call on the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, I will not leave you as orphans… when I return to the Father I will have Him send you the Holy Spirit to be with you to teach you all things and to protect and comfort you.

Call on the Holy Spirit to teach you what you need to know, listen, follow faithfully and begin the beautiful journey. You are never alone and you do not have to ask the universe for strength, the universe can’t give that to you. God gives that to you. He put all creation in balance and plants and the earth can send their energy to flow through you and you can send your love to them and both you and the creation shall thrive. For God gave us dominion over the earth, and we are to care for the earth with love and duty as a good steward of the earth and always love one another even as God has loved us.

In this world we battle against principalities and powers in dark places in serious spiritual warfare, and our aura is a layer of protection. Those who have the Holy Spirit and obey God are Satan’s target. Stay the course and know God has given you access to his powerful heavenly force which is the Holy Spirit to help you stand.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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