Spiritual Warfare In Play!

How does spiritual warfare work? What is it like?

Someone asked to show how Spiritual Warfare works. I decided to tell it in a story. As stories are often more visual and make it easier to visualize and remember. This story takes place in Alaska at a FEMA Camp that resisters were told would be a safe place. These resisters are followers of the way of Christ and they have the Holy Spirit protecting them. So as they are heading toward a place where the cabal has sent them for evil….the Lord God works in mysterious ways and has sent angels to guard over and to protect them. We are now at the FEMA camp….

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The Deep State Operatives have rounded up and sent a great number of the jab resisters to Alaska by ship to a FEMA camp they called,  Camp Wilderness. The people were told they were taken to safety where they and their children would not be jabbed.  They were all unloaded and taken by train to a FEMA Camp. Now what they did not know was white hats had taken over the camp and had indeed made it a place of refuge.

As they were being unloaded from the train, those who were let off first stood watching the dazzling dance of the tongues of fire in the northern lights. What they could not see was all of the guardian angels and archangels that had filled the grounds around the people. Arch Angels Gabriel and Raphael were looking over at the Dragon (the devil), who was approaching his prey, one of the Alaskan Guard.

The Dragon, spoke sternly into the Guard’s ear, “You want to open fire on all these nut cases that are watching the northern lights. Go ahead; shoot’em! You can, you know, they’re just gonna die anyway! Do it!”

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The guard, trembled, his heart beat faster as he contemplated what to do. He broke into a sweat. The devil whispered, “They all have COVID, you are going to die if you don’t kill them.” The guard began to have a hard time breathing; fear had seized him. He pulled out a gun and frantically waved it in the air. “Get back on the train, all of you; do it before I kill you all! I mean it!” he screamed.

The people looked at him and began to pray for him, many did so outloud so he could hear and some in silence. The guard cried out, “God, why am I doing this?” Help me. Please kill me before I kill them, please!” He took the gun and pointed it to his own head.

A native Alaskan resister named Atka saw him and yelled out, “Stop!”

The man, still holding the gun to his head, paused, and looked at Atka. Atka shouted, “The evil spirits are trying to steal your gift. Be strong!” Atka immediately stretched out his right arm. He closed his eyes and shouted, “I command you in the name of the Great Son of the Father of all things, let go of this man!”

At the sound of those words, the man convulsed and let out a painful scream. What could not be seen was a horrid sight.  The wretched, evil demons that were imbedded into the man’s back screamed and hissed as they unlocked their teeth from his flesh and fell withering to the ground. There they lay in a pile, hissing and crawling as they bit, tearing and devouring at one another like maggots on a dead carcass.

The dragon roared, clenching his fists and raising his arms up in the air as he shouted out the words, “Atka-tankal-kabba-ahaz!” In saying these words, a vile stream of murky, dark green purulent evil spewed out and entered Atka’s body. Atka screamed out as he fell to his knees from pain, “Help, in the name of the Great Son Jesus; help him for me!”

Instantly Raphael was in front of Atka and spread his wings into a massive array, shielding him. He opened his mouth, taking into it all of the putrefactive stream of vile evil that the Dragon was spewing. Simultaneously, Gabriel embraced Atka, strengthening him and raising him back to his feet.

Atka shouted, “I command you, Satan, go from the man in the name of the Great Son, Jesus! Go far from this place!”

At those words, Raphael, who had taken into his mouth all of the evil vile, pulled back his head then thrust it forth, hurling the evil stream back at the Dragon. The Dragon screamed as the venomous stream burned at his leopard torn wings, tattering them even further. At that, he disappeared.

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The man, now on his knees with the gun lying in front of him, wept with his hands covering his face.

Atka ran over and placed his hands on the man’s shoulders. He bowed his head, silently praying for a moment. He then raised his head and looked up at the bows of colors and praised in his native tongue.

The man cried out, “Have mercy on me! I am so wretched. How do I change?”

Atka kept praying in his native tongue as the man wept and pleaded for mercy. Atka finished his prayer and looked at the man. The man looked at Atka in tears and pleaded, “Show me the way to your God of the bows of colors.”

Atka looked upon the man with deep compassion as he said, “There is a gift that my God has given to all man. It is a gift that will heal his soul and guide him to all eternity. You do not have to beg for it; just be willing to receive it. When man is too proud, he does not need it; when man is too angry, he does not want it; when man seeks things of the world, he cannot see it; when man feels alone, he does not believe there is a gift. When the proud, angry man finds himself alone in the world, his heart begins to harden  or to break. When it hardens, he remains lost, lonely, angry, and proud. When it breaks, it opens up; man looks at the pieces. His eyes see that it has been broken, and he cries for it to be healed. He looks for one who will bring him a new heart.

 It is at this time that man is ready to receive the gift of the Great Son of the most high God. It is the gift of a new heart. Inside the new heart is a special protector, a Holy Spirit, sent from the most high God, the Father of the Great Son. The Great Son  will show him how to use it. Together they learn, and the heart grows bigger the more it is filled with new truths.

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“This gift cannot be forced upon the proud, the angry, the lonely, or the world. It must always be received, or it is not a gift.”

The man wrestled with the Lord in his prayers, pleading, then as though he had given up a long battle, he went limp and looked up at Atka; his tears diminished as he said, “It’s not hurting now. It doesn’t feel broken. It’s strange, hard to describe. Like a strange loving energy is surging through my body. Thank you, thank you.”

Atka answered, “Welcome home. But thank the Great Son Jesus who gave you the gift of this new heart and your new life. The one who is with you now. Come. There is much to do. These people need to be helped to a safe place.”

“Tell me what you need of me.” Answered the man. Atka smiled and said, “Come, there is much work to be done.” THE END.

Spiritual warfare is real. Angels and demons fight all around us in a realm we cannot see. It is very real and God is with his people always and sends legions of Angels to protect his people in times of trouble. The Lord is in you and you in Him. He did not leave us alone. We have much power when we call on the Holy Spirit to protect us and show us what to do. The only way we lose…is when we do not call upon the Holy Spirit to shield and protect us in the name of Jesus. Let us always remember to call on our super power…the power the Lord told us that if we have faith as the size of a mustard seed, we can say to this mountain move and it shall move. The same God that slayed the Giant for David is the same God that gave us the power to slay our giants in Jesus name.

Call on God and God will slay the giant…all he needs is for you to believe it, call on Him, and pull out a sling and a stone. What I call pressing forward and standing. God will do the rest!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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