Some days it’s like “What?” And others it be like… “I can’t… I just can’t!”

It be like, “Live from New York – It’s Saturday Night and it’s a ___!” You can fill in the blank.

“Mayor Adams says illegal aliens could be used to fill New York City’s lifeguard shortage because they are “excellent swimmers.”  I can’t I just can’t!

Then we have this…. Oh my head hurts. I can’t … I just can’t!

Each can make up their own “I can” or “I can’t”. To me, it’s more like… when you’re gone… you are gone and when there’s no coming back and enough people know it… you remove the double.  Out of sight… out of mind and people quit talking and move on? Is that the game here?

Yes, we heard him loud and clear and “We can’t…

“What’s willful blindness?”  So, she knows these people and “we don’t”… oh I can’t… I just can’t. I thought I could but I just can’t!!!

And then there is this. I can’t, I just can’t do C.G.I. and or men in disguise, no matter how convincing they try to make it look. Oh my head hurts!

This just doesn’t look right, doesn’t sound right and just has my gut feeling shouting… “I just can’t”. How about you? Why are the podsters all getting out new social media posts yesterday and today apologizing for past rudeness and trying to explain their true selves? I think we have that all understood. Or at least most who critically think have that all figured out. But expect more of this… they have learned from watching Hamberger Halper take a dive and watching the decline of many.

And then there is this. I couldn’t then… and I can’t now. I just can’t!

I can see the real Flynn with the real Cohen. Can you see it now?

image 12 20240524 200016

So, we have the man who has a 33-year history of doing the bidding of the deep state who also said, “Trump has left us”, with one of the star witnesses of the Trump indictments… who both look a bit or a lot different?” I mean…  I can’t… I just can’t.

image 12 20240524 195844

This is another… you guessed it “I can’t… I just can’t.”

Lin Wood is asking if you can name some names… can you?

image 114

And then we have this… why Flynn, why? However, I can see why this… can you?

image 12 20240524 202626

Then there is this… common sense thing. Or was it just a road show thing?

Or was it a Sun Tsu thing? “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”

And Didn’t Trump say he loves to get even? Yes he did.

image 12 20240524 200833

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. So, they try to change the “it”.

This- as hard as it is to believe…  “I can”!

image 110

Cape Coral preparing for a “Wind Fire” like Lahaina?  Oh I just can’t… I can’t.

So… what is all this about?  While we are debating the bald guy versus who’s the good guys… the wind fire is being revved up?  Why would they desire to destroy the entire or select buildings in Lee County?  What are they really destroying? Remember they always try to knock out as many birds as possible with one “stone”, or as many stones as they can throw.

From W.R. Schock, QBD @iontecs_pemf on X – “Clearly they’re using SBX-1s to crank up the tornadoes, what they use to force extreme oxygen into their DEW crucible fires that melt steel, glass and vaporize the concrete pads under the homes. Its incineration.

image 111

“The SBX-1 is a mobile H.A.A.R.P. unit that charges up the skies above the area they want to start the tornado, then using powerful magnetic fields they steer them to the intended ground zero while DEWs overhead light the fires. Now the tornado vacuums in massive levels of oxygen to supercharge the fire to vaporize the targets. The tornado can move that fire across land to continue the Tara Cleansing.”

Spare the “I can or I can’t”…. expose the entire show – the script is rotten and central casting has failed in their mission to mind control the masses.

image 113

Pull away from the propaganda and don’t say, “I can’t – I just can’t”…. YOU CAN DO IT!

image 12 20240524 204453

It’s time for everyone to discern all things before the Lord and stop the, “he said it so it is so” and “she said it so it is not so” and “he and she are both saying it so it must be so….”. Just saying, “Oh I can’t… I just can’t!“, Is a phrase used by those who don’t want to look at the truth, and also used by those who are fed up with listening to the “lies and propaganda”!

For what it’s worth… there is no room in this war to hold onto a mind washed loyalty to a world stage player just because you have blindly followed the mind washers and believed the propaganda and double talk.

image 112

This is spiritual warfare and the philosophy of the serpent in the garden. The only way to find the truth is to ask the Lord and take all things to the Holy Spirit and be not deceived for the devil telling you his logic and shoving his whispers into your intellect! Follow the Holy Spirit gut feeling and rely on the Lord thy God.  Most of these people who are saying thus saith the Lord don’t even know what the Bible truly says!  That is proven by hearing all of their false interpretations and because most people don’t know what the scriptures are truly saying…because they have not read the Word of God for themselves and asked the Holy Spirit to show them what things mean, they have believed false shepherds…  and in so doing, they have believed the lies.  Take all things before the Lord.

keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


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By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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