RESET Will Fail But …

…before it does, it will destroy many who want it!

It’s in the Bible. Read it and find out all about this mess. The same mess many have been warning others about for the last two years. It’s not new, and it’s been going on for a very long time. We just found out the new name during COVID. It used to be called the New World Order, but they said that phrase now had a bad connotation connected to it so they changed the name to RESET. And that my friends is how they do everything in their book of deceit.

WORLD Klaus Schwab is the ECONOMIC Founder & Chairman of the World Economic Forum F R U M Author

This is the future the beast kingdom has designed for you. Courtesy of the shining fallen serpent ones and all of those who choose the world over the Kingdom of God.

Watch and see how everything up goes down and what is down goes up. The left turns right and the right turns left. Listen to the shepherds shouting words of their own design and watch as the masses follow them believing all they say. The world is shaking and many are shouting for someone to stop the ride, they want off…it’s scarier than the modern day prophets advertised.

Sorry folks there are no refunds and the ride will continue to proceed forward. Just not in the way you were told by coin collectors.

But, fear not… for the Lord has prepared a path. It is narrow, but it is a clear path and well lit. So how be it that few there be that find it? Because few there be that seek it for it calls on people to pick up your cross and follow the Lord. It leads you out from her my people. Few there be that want to come out and fewer there be who believe any of such nonsense… for they are ready to go back to their lives and do the same as they were doing before. They don’t need the 2030 mRNA mind control; the propaganda has worked quite well all on its’ own.

But then again, whoever defines reality gets to win!says Maajid Nawaz….listen to the way it is.

As Nawaz says, “When there is no such thing as truth, you can’t define reality. And when you can’t define reality, the only thing that matters is power.”

You define reality by molding peoples minds…a nice Jedi trick and one that has been used since the garden of Eden. As Joe Rogan says, “Those people whose minds are being molded are fiercely defending the rights of those people to mold them.”

The way to enslave is through mind control…it is much easier than physical force. We are all subject to the spells… what makes the difference in coming away from it with your truth in tact or succumbing to artful and well crafted lies? Let’s face it, we have all believed someone telling us a lie at one time or another. We know the difference between exaggerations, sarcasm and a lie. I am not pointing at witty sarcasm and or exaggerations here, I am talking about someone who intentionally says a thing that is not true in order to deceive you into believing it is. Some just never seem to learn and fall for it over and over again. Others learn for a while, then after time passes fall for another lie. Why is this? Perhaps being caught off guard or having a naturally trusting nature. In reality it is lack of discernment and most often due to ignoring your gut feeling when it speaks to you.

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Klaus loves to start young and give them power, money and fame. Mold them into his own creation.

I told a friend… we can’t go on witch hunts damning everything we hear…but we are to discern between what is true and what is false. To discern if a thing is good or is bad, dangerous or safe. These we learn and mostly remember without having to put our hand inside the meat grinder to see if it is true that it will grind our fingers like it does the meat. Common sense is what does that. So even common sense can help you in your day to day life as it does most all of us. Discernment is a knowing beyond common sense. It is knowing danger is ahead or something isn’t right.


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The more we pray for discernment through the Holy Spirit the more we are able to develop it and see things quickly way before the bad thing even presents itself. It is that inner knowing that this person is bad or good. That inner knowing that this is trouble…avoid it. Or this is good, go and find out more. It is that inner shout that says – this is not of God. The same that says, this is of the Lord….Hallelujah.

So in these days of deception and propaganda at every turn… pray unceasing and call upon the power of the Holy Spirit to guide you in the way of the Lord in all that you do. Read and ponder the word of God and ask for meaning.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God – pray unceasing – use discernment in all things. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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