President Trump Led The Twitter Blacklist –

The next Twitter Tweet dump is here and they have nicknamed this one… “The Trump Files”.

President Trump has caught them all and it will take the military to step in because the corruption is so high leveled it is off the charts!

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Trump called it what it is… and he’s right they have formed some sort of self serving police state and they are totally out of control!

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Trump said the FBI and Justice Department are in collusion…

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It is now official news that President Trump was “Black listed” and the folks that did it were high level. In my last few blogs we established that the world wide web of deceit, lies, and censorship is wrapped around everything foreign and domestic…and in domestic I’m talking everything you whisper in the government invasion of your home and all of your personal data, texts, phone calls, and now we learn even what is in your urine if you use a public toilet!! Just learned they are putting chips in the toilets. Even animals have more privacy now than UN-civilization! And the UN stands for the United Nations which is a hub for this global disorder and the KM Oligarch NAZI disinformation mind control programmers and fact checkers.

But it doesn’t stop or start there… it is a hub that has infiltrated all nations, and all communication platforms and devices.

 James Comey’s former Chief Counsel at the FBI, James Baker was fired from Twitter last week by Elon Musk.  

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The Twitter take down will lead to many more platforms for they are all connected by the same nefarious bunch! Not looking good for FBI and CIA and all the spy agencies, think tanks, and UN et al.

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Twitter Files Part 3 Released: How Trump Was Removed From Twitter-

Part One of the “Trump files”: October 2020-January 6.

Part two of the “Trump files” will be released on Saturday and will detail the chaos inside Twitter on January 7th (one day before Trump was banned).

Part three of the “Trump files” will be released on Sunday and will reveal the internal communications from the key date of January 8, Matt Taibbi said.

The new Twitter files will show “the erosion of standards within the company in months before J6, decisions by high-ranking executives to violate their own policies, and more, against the backdrop of ongoing, documented interaction with federal agencies.”

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5. Whatever your opinion on the decision to remove Trump that day, the internal communications at Twitter between January 6th-January 8th have clear historical import. Even Twitter’s employees understood in the moment it was a landmark moment in the annals of speech.

6. As soon as they finished banning Trump, Twitter execs started processing new power. They prepared to ban future presidents and White Houses – perhaps even Joe Biden. The “new administration,” says one exec, “will not be suspended by Twitter unless absolutely necessary.”

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7. Twitter executives removed Trump in part over what one executive called the “context surrounding”: actions by Trump and supporters “over the course of the election and frankly last 4+ years.” In the end, they looked at a broad picture. But that approach can cut both ways.

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9. Before J6, Twitter was a unique mix of automated, rules-based enforcement, and more subjective moderation by senior executives. As

@BariWeiss reported, the firm had a vast array of tools for manipulating visibility, most all of which were thrown at Trump (and others) pre-J6.

10. As the election approached, senior executives – perhaps under pressure from federal agencies, with whom they met more as time progressed – increasingly struggled with rules, and began to speak of “vios” as pretexts to do what they’d likely have done anyway.

11. After J6, internal Slacks show Twitter executives getting a kick out of intensified relationships with federal agencies. Here’s Trust and Safety head Yoel Roth, lamenting a lack of “generic enough” calendar descriptions to concealing his “very interesting” meeting partners.

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14. On October 8th, 2020, executives opened a channel called “us2020_xfn_enforcement.” Through J6, this would be home for discussions about election-related removals, especially ones that involved “high-profile” accounts (often called “VITs” or “Very Important Tweeters”).

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16. The latter group were a high-speed Supreme Court of moderation, issuing content rulings on the fly, often in minutes and based on guesses, gut calls, even Google searches, even in cases involving the President.

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17. During this time, executives were also clearly liaising with federal enforcement and intelligence agencies about moderation of election-related content. While we’re still at the start of reviewing the #TwitterFiles, we’re finding out more about these interactions every day.

18. Policy Director Nick Pickles is asked if they should say Twitter detects “misinfo” through “ML, human review, and **partnerships with outside experts?*” The employee asks, “I know that’s been a slippery process… not sure if you want our public explanation to hang on that.”

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19. Pickles quickly asks if they could “just say “partnerships.” After a pause, he says, “e.g. not sure we’d describe the FBI/DHS as experts.”

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20. This post about the Hunter Biden laptop situation shows that Roth not only met weekly with the FBI and DHS, but with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI):

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The FBI’s second report concerned this tweet by @JohnBasham:

image 177

25. The FBI-flagged tweet then got circulated in the enforcement Slack. Twitter cited Politifact to say the first story was “proven to be false,” then noted the second was already deemed “no vio on numerous occasions.”

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27. Examining the entire election enforcement Slack, we didn’t see one reference to moderation requests from the Trump campaign, the Trump White House, or Republicans generally. We looked. They may exist: we were told they do. However, they were absent here.

36. “VERY WELL DONE ON SPEED” Trump was being “visibility filtered” as late as a week before the election. Here, senior execs didn’t appear to have a particular violation, but still worked fast to make sure a fairly anodyne Trump tweet couldn’t be “replied to, shared, or liked”:

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On Thursday journalist Bari Weiss released new “Twitter Files” revealing secret blacklists of conservatives.

Twitter shadowbanned and blacklisted conservatives according to internal documents.

Twitter files released last week revealed why the social media platform censored the Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020.

Read: BREAKING: Twitter Files Part 3 Released: How Trump Was Removed From Twitter (

Atlantic Council – The Disinformation Networking….

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The Atlantic Council functions as the semi-official think tank of NATO in Washington. The think tank cultivates relationships with well-established policymakers who take a hard line against Russia and support the treaty organization’s perpetual expansion. Biden has been one of the think tank’s biggest and most influential allies. 

Among the many things they do, they sponsor DISINFORMATION Week and disinformation campaigns! Read: #DisinfoWeek – Atlantic Council

Election Fraud Think Tank and Script Writers….

And then there is the Atlantic Council… another gem of spy control and modern all seeing eyes. They have their hands in everything. In an article from November, the Atlantic Council had everything all figured out about Brazil and they were fast on the draw with their lies, and propaganda. (Link: Lula is back in Brazil. Here’s what’s coming. – Atlantic Council) While the streets in Brazil were filled as far as the eye could see with protests against the election fraud and Lula being selected for them by fraud, the Atlantic Council was busy putting out their gaslights and spitting out fact checking deceits. The article below sure didn’t age well for the disinformation campaigners. As today in Brazil the Military is arresting the Supreme Court Judge who wickedly ruled against the truth of the elections and the will of the people. They are all about saving their nation from a skewed form of NAZI democracy.

From the Atlantic Council Website on Politics & Diplomacy

“Healthy democratic societies are governed through the holding of elections, passage of policies through government institutions, and equal application of the law to all citizens. These activities influence not only the internal decisions of these societies, but also inform the ways countries interact with their regional and global neighbors, whether through direct bilateral ties or encompassed in larger international organizations.”

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Left turn?

  • Lula joins a growing set of left-leaning leaders across the continent, including Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico, Gabriel Boric in Chile, Gustavo Petro in Colombia, and Alberto Fernández in Argentina. But Jason says that “characterizing Lula’s election as part of a shift to the left in the region oversimplifies the state of regional politics.”
  • Instead, the voters’ verdict is about the need for leaders who can deliver. “People want leaders who they think will govern with a deeper interest in making the average person’s life better, especially as inflation and high food and energy prices take hold,” Jason adds. The “clear frustration in Brazilian society with the status quo”—reflected in the fact that Bolsonaro has now become the first president since Brazil transitioned to democracy to not win re-election— mirrors results “in democracies around the world.”

Read full story here: Lula is back in Brazil. Here’s what’s coming. – Atlantic Council

As you can see just in the few excerpts above, the disinformation is a lie. The fact that they have their news sources reading the same scripts… most people are not aware of the state of revolt taking place in Brazil. It is being disinformationed out as another J-6 by an angry handful of voters and a disgruntled president- if they even say anything about it at all. In reality, they know their election was stolen and they are not going to allow it.

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From their website: “In Washington, DC, on May 26, 2022 – The Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue and Atlantic Council announce the launch of the nonpartisan Global Tech Security Commission to safeguard freedom from technological authoritarianism. The Commission is co-chaired by Keith Krach, chairman and co-founder of the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue and former US Under Secretary of State; and Kersti Kaljulaid, former president of Estonia. It will develop a global tech security strategy designed to rally and unify like-minded countries, leverage the innovation and resources of the private sector, and build a global network to develop, protect, and adopt trusted technologies.

“The Global Tech Security Commission unites an international network of multi-sector stakeholders and has the support of lawmakers and private-sector leaders. It comes at a time when the United States is working to unite its Transatlantic and Indo-Pacific allies and partners across a range of critical technology issues in the face of rising authoritarianism around the world.

“The key to securing freedom for the next generation is securing technology. Tomorrow’s tech must be trusted tech developed and protected by a Global Trust Network of like-minded countries, companies, and individuals who respect the rule of law, human rights, labor practices, national sovereignty, and the environment,” said Keith Krach. The former US Under Secretary of State and CEO of DocuSign and Ariba continued, “I am honored to be joined in this critical mission by Kersti Kaljulaid, a widely-respected transformational leader, and a distinguished group of multinational, multi-sector visionaries.”

“We will win,” Kaljulaid said at the Commission’s May 25 announcement event, “But for us to safely mine the technology pool created by the great minds of our private sector companies, we have to have standards, agreements.” She concluded, “Nobody must be able to blow up what we trust in technology, and for that indeed we need the Global Tech Security Commission.”


“About the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue”:

image 167

“The nonpartisan Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue is the world’s preeminent institution focused on Tech Statecraft, a new model of diplomacy that bridges the high-tech sector with the foreign policy and national security sectors to ensure trusted technology is used to advance freedom.​ The Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy is a 501(c)(3) that leverages Purdue’s strength in innovation, deep expertise in technology, and global prowess in educating transformational leaders. It focuses on rallying our allies, leveraging the innovation of the private sector, and amplifying democratic values based on trust. For more information, go to Follow the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue on TwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube.

They are all about International Democracy, High Tech, Politics, Corporations, Energy, Enviornment, Business,Trade, Finances…you name it they are orchestrating and writing the scripts for it. The disinformation campaign is so vast and wide… I don’t know how it could have been unwired… without a very complicated and strategic 5D chess move battle plan.

Democracy & Tech Initiative

“The DFRLab’s Democracy & Tech Initiative creates policy practices that align global stakeholders toward tech and governance that reinforces, rather than undermines, open societies. This initiative builds on the DFRLab’s leadership in the OSINT field, empowering global communities to promote transparency and accountability.”

The Atlantic Council Is Involved in Ukraine Hunter Biden Burisma Scandal!

This was all known before the 2020 election and suppressed also by the Disinformation Experts at Atlantic Council who is plugged in world wide! Remember they used Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and are connected to the top Universities and the G-20… they are plugged into the global giants!

We sure didn’t know the rabbit hole was so deep but we followed the Trump rabbit anyway… and then we found ourselves in a Wonderland and a show we had no idea was going to be showing us all of this! Trump was blacklisted and all of his supporters were blacklisted along with him.

Behind the curtain, the Atlantic Council had and I’m sure still has, their own money making deals with the corrupt Ukrainian gas company, the Burisma Group. They bring in what is perceived to be $250,000 a year, and I’m sure a lot more than that goes into special pockets. This deal making has also paid for their lavish conferences in Monaco and enriched Burisma’s oligarchic founder, Mykola Zlochevsky.

This alliance is in jeopardy along with the entire global house of cards. They never thought their corrupt plans to take over all the nations and cull the population down to a controllable size would fail. But, then again, they were never prepared for a strong remnant of dry bones coming together as a great and powerful army for the Lord. There is no power greater than the Power of God our Father and He has sent us the Power of the Holy Spirit to teach us, guide us, protect us, give us wisdom, truth and comfort us. We thank God for sending President Trump to stand in the gap and take on this huge, and I do mean huge challenge. And we know President Trump is thanking the Lord for sending him a great and powerful remnant who have awakened!

The more we learn, the more we see how big this task to take down the giants is. It truly will take all of us praying together to bring this Goliath down. It’s time to gather more stones of truth for our sling and pray unceasing as we march boldly with the belt of truth, our shield of faith, helmet of salvation, shield of faith, our feet shod with peace, and the sword of the Lord which is the Word of God!

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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