Mark Taylor Speaks Out On Revival In America-

In a small town of 6,000 people, a two week-long “outpouring of prayer” on a college campus spurred tens of thousands to flood into Wilmore, Kentucky.  


What started with about a dozen students at Asbury University grew into a nonstop Praise and Worship for the Lord that not only attracted those seeking the Lord, it attracted opportunists from across America and around the world to swoop in like vultures to market a Godly inspired Holy Spirit movement. People coming from as far away as Finland and the Netherlands.

On that topic, Mark Taylor asked, “Why do people flock to such revivals from all over the world versus starting one where they are at?”

Mark Taylor, went on to answer that question with a word of warning to the devouring wolves who swooped in to take advantage of this heartfelt, outpouring movement for the Lord.

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“God has a reason why he starts something in a geographical location, as well as genres. In this case the genre is college students. They don’t need people from all over the world coming and destroying what God has started. I saw this happen in Lakeland with my own eyes. The opportunist and people from all over the world came in with marketing, business, chaos, and destroyed the very foundation of what God was trying to do in THAT region. Let God do his work! If you want revival, start one where you are at.

Mark asked early on, “Which False “Profits” and Pastors are going to swoop in and hijack this Revival and take control or credit for it?”

Early in the revival when it began to get attention, and other pastors moved in to partake in it and organize it with their presence… Mark spoke out on what he saw taking place…

“Revival and God is moving on our College campuses. Why are all the Elite False “Profits” and Pastors trying to PROSTITUTE this move of God?  The fact that the False Elite leaders are trying to move in, tells me that it’s a legit move of God. These colleges need to keep these elites out! THEY have been sent in by the enemy to DESTROY!”

“People are asking is the “Revivals” on some of our college campuses real?  Watch for the signs. All throughout history, past revivals ended in controversy because Wolves in Sheep’s clothing see an opportunity and infiltrated. Satan will always send his minions in to destroy it. These Wolves are opportunists. It’s all about the money, and to bring Glory to themselves, and put their name on it (Marketing). Look for other conferences to piggyback on this, saying, “Revival is happening here too”, to bring legitimacy to their movement. The fact that Wolves are trying to infiltrate is a good sign that God is actually moving there. These Wolves need to stay out and just let God do his work!”

“Keep track of what False “Profits” and Pastors show up to profit from this and you will see. These Deep State False Profits and Pastors have NO FEAR OF THE LORD!”

And sure enough… there came the Profits/Pastors, media et al…

Didn’t God just warn about this?” asked Taylor, “Now others are looking for a new venue to keep it going. Leave it to the False Profits/Pastors, media and selfish people, (people who shouldn’t be there) to ruin what God has started. These are typical Deep State Tactics. Satan sends his minions on a Kill, Steal, and Destroy mission so THEY can swoop in like the heroes and ultimately take control. Watch who provides a new venue and where the money comes from.

“Some of these people are trying to MANUFACTURE a revival (Kundalini) because the Churches/Ministries are hurting and they know they’re being exposed at an alarming rate. It’s about Money and CONTROL! It doesn’t surprise me because this college I believe is a 501c3. Which gives the enemy a legal right to come in and Kill Steal and Destroy by other 501c3s. It’s a LEGAL RIGHT SPIRITUALLY! There’s a lot more to the story Spiritually.”

Read: ‘Revival’ at Christian School Moves Off Campus After 2 Weeks of Continuous Prayer Overwhelms Ky. Town: Religious ‘Revival’ at Christian University Moves After 2 Weeks (

And they came just like Mark Taylor said…and now for the wolf led media wrap up smear. In an article yesterday, it’s the cash grabbing prosperity preachers swindling their way through the revival circuit (which is true they do that “vulture swoop” a lot, Mark knows and has preached this over and over.) and of course… wait for it… it’s Trump’s fault!

“The revival has had its fair share of skeptics, however, many of whom argue this is but another instance of embarrassing evangelical behavior. Two general critical trends have emerged, each of which has roots in long traditions of revivalist reproval. The first worries that revivals like Asbury’s lack moral seriousness. One need only think here of stereotypical image of cash-grabbing prosperity preachers swindling their way through the revival circuit, or the exacting evangelicals visiting the restaurant after worship who don’t tip. Or, perhaps even worse, there is the fear that such revivals are a cover or propellant for problematic politics, akin to the collective effervescence of a Trump rally. And to be sure, some MAGA-style public figures have hailed the happenings in Wilmore, seeing it as part of a larger political surge that bolsters the religious right.

A second concern is that revivals like Asbury’s are simply sites of emotional manipulation, that participants are being swept up in charismata that is artificial, designed to induce chill bumps-on-arms responses. If a revival is simply the powerful surge of collective emotion, or the product of stagecraft, is it really real?”

End of excerpts, read full article: What Asbury’s Christian Revival Says About America’s Need for Connection (

And now… there are rules to pray by…. Mark Taylor warned of this… here it comes! Read:Asbury University to end ‘revival’ service, list new guidelines and schedule | News |

Meanwhile, here is a nugget of truth that the compromised media doesn’t want you to know.

On another note… this information should not surprise you.

Covid Vaccines were created to harm you. They were never designed to cure anything.

That being said, it is time to call on the Lord to bring an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to you and all around you where ever you were planted. Grow your garden for the Lord! There is a reason he planted you where you are as His seed!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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