Mark Taylor, Ousts Church Cabal!

It Is a Trap’: Far-Right Freaks Out About Rallies It’s Organized…

Mark Taylor is not one to call out a thing just to gain attention. He calls out a thing to warn others of deception and he knows first hand how that deception works as he has had it played on him and removed himself from the grasps of what he calls the Church Cabal.

There are only two sources to gain power…that of good and that of evil. Discernment is needed in this battle for God’s people. Often, what is told as a warning is not at all what Christians want to hear, nor is it welcomed. But, God’s Word is filled with prophets who were punished for speaking things that Kings and priests did not desire to hear. Read the Bible!

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Watch video in link at bottom of article: Spiritual Warfare: Mark Taylor Accuses His Fellow ‘Prophets’ and Charismatic Leaders of ‘Operating in Witchcraft’ | Right Wing Watch

In the above article Mark Taylor says what the church cabal calls outrageous but, he’s not concerned with saying things that deceivers want to hear. He is concerned with being a watchman for the Lord.

From the above linked article titled:

Spiritual Warfare: Mark Taylor Accuses His Fellow ‘Prophets’ and Charismatic Leaders of ‘Operating in Witchcraft’

By Kyle Mantyla | November 17, 2021 2:43 pm


“On Tuesday, Taylor appeared on “The McFiles” program, where he complained that he is being “blacklisted” by “the church cabal” and accused prominent activists in the charismatic prophetic community of “operating in witchcraft,” just like Adolf Hitler.

“Taylor was particularly aghast over a recent conference at which Trump-loving evangelical activist Lance Wallnau prophesied over right-wing conspiracy theorist Anna Khait.

“When someone’s operating in witchcraft, the same spell mesmerizing spirit that was on Adolf Hitler, it was on [Barack] Obama, and it’s on some of these charismatic leaders as well,” Taylor said. “It’s a mesmerizing witchcraft spirit. It is a spell that is cast upon the people to mesmerize them, ‘Oh my, look what an anointed man or woman of God they are. Look at the talent that this man or woman has.’ It’s not about talent. It’s about an anointing from God himself.”

“Read the signs,” Taylor griped. “Let me give you a prime example: They just promoted someone … and Lance Wallnau and Chuck Pierce promoted her on stage. It was Anna Khait. Now, I’m not slamming Anna. I’m just simply stating what has happened here. They promoted her. Out of Lance Wallnau’s own mouth, he said, ‘We don’t normally do this with someone who’s been saved for only three years.’ … Why? They see her as a money-maker. Why but out of Lance’s own mouth would he say we don’t normally do this for someone who has been saved for three years and then he begins to prophesy over her? It’s because they see her as a money-maker. I’ve been saying for a long time that they’re gonna try to turn her into another Paula White.”

“Taylor accused leaders in the prophetic community of running “a Christian business” and claimed that they had demanded that all the prophecies he receives from God had to first be submitted to them for approval. Taylor says he refused to comply with this order and is now being “blacklisted” by people like Steve Shultz, who regularly promotes various “prophets” via his Elijah List website and YouTube channel.

“This is the church cabal in action, folks,” Taylor said. “I don’t know how many prophetic words I have [given] that are words of correction. The elite, the church cabal do not want to hear it. That’s what got me in trouble with the church cabal, if you will, and why they blacklisted me on every single channel that I was on. Every single show that I’ve been on, I have been blacklisted because they didn’t want the correction. What did Steve Shultz just do to me? A month and a half ago, he went public attacking [Taylor’s 501c3 prophecy] because he was tired of hearing people calling in and questioning him. … It’s about time people start calling these people and holding them accountable.”

“He attacked me,” Taylor alleged. “The first thing they do when you give them a word of correction is they label you as a false prophet, and then they label the word as the false prophecy because they don’t want to hear it. It’s that arrogance that God is tired of it.”

Read full article with the video here:  Spiritual Warfare: Mark Taylor Accuses His Fellow ‘Prophets’ and Charismatic Leaders of ‘Operating in Witchcraft’ | Right Wing Watch

Proud Boys, Seizing Trump's Call to Washington, Helped Lead Capitol Attack - WSJ


I am not sure how many sent out a warning not to attend January 6th rally as God spoke to their hearts in discernment. But before I heard of any doing so…I spoke out to ones I knew who was planning to attend, and warned them not to go for something was going to happen and not a good thing.  I said ANTIFA was going to be there.  They were going to infiltrate this…. it was a trap.  Now this discernment came to me around 3 or 4 days before the day they were planning to leave. I didn’t want to rain on their parade but I rained on it and of course I was told I was just concerned over nothing. So no matter what I said, it didn’t matter, they were going… I was told I was worrying over nothing and to stop being so negative.

It was not set up by President Trump. It was a trap for both President Trump and all attending. Signs were posted throughout DC, asking for people to join ANTIFA to infiltrate the rally were shown on Twitter and social media – these signs were to recruit people to help infiltrate the rally. So… this was a red flag. But, not the same discernment. This was simply part of everything we had been watching…so nothing new…move along. But, no one knew how deep this was nor how well organized it was by those who planned it.

The ones I warned were going with prominent people. So of course I didn’t know what I was talking about. Who was I to say such negative things.  But I continued to harp on the negative thing even up to the night before they were leaving. But, it went no where , so I ended it with “be very careful, etc.”.

Am I a prophet? No. Do I believe in God and have the Lord as my savior? Yes. Do I ask the Lord for discernment? Yes. Do all who receive Jesus have the power of the Holy Spirit to call upon? Yes. Who did the Lord say he would send to teach and comfort all who receive Him as their Savior and all who call upon Him in these wicked days to teach them? The Holy Spirit. Does he do this? Yes. Seek the Lord and you shall all find your answers. Let no man deceive you and resist the devil and he shall flee. Use the super power the Lord gave you and that is the Holy Spirit!

The point I am making here is that all who love the Lord have the power of the Holy Spirit to call upon for discernment….EVERY ONE OF YOU HAVE IT!!! IT IS TIME TO USE IT AND DISCERN ALL THINGS!

Fast forward….to this very day and some (not all) in the organized church leading the way. Once again, those who discern what is taking place are now the negative forces among those who are leading sheep to where?  Where are they leading the sheep?  To what end? After all they want what we want…don’t they?  They want President Trump to restore his election win and they want souls to be saved, and they want the plandemic exposed, they want no masks and no mandates and they want everything we want so what is the problem here with those making a mountain out of a molehill?  Again, those who warn are generally told to shut up and sit down. (And let me remind you, there are some churches out there pushing their congregations to take the jab.)

Mark Taylor has been calling churches to come out of her my people for years.

Mark Taylor: Churches Operating Under 501(c)(3) Status Are ‘In Covenant With Baal’

By Kyle Mantyla | July 24, 2017 3:55 pm

Read article here: Mark Taylor: Churches Operating Under 501(c)(3) Status Are ‘In Covenant With Baal’ | Right Wing Watch

Mark Taylor is consistent and has not waivered from his original stance. For refusing to join in to be promoted and blessed by the evangelical leaders, and follow along and do as they do, he has been punished by the same. There are those among them who hate what Mark Taylor has said, and have labled him a false prophet and continued on with their mega events.

Well there are only two spiritual forces. Good and evil. You be the judge. Who is bearing fruit in their works and in their warnings?

In March 2021, I wrote on this subject and the people were not ready to hear it. I told people then that coming out of Babylon the Great also meant coming out of the false doctrines controlled by the cabal. A key part of the global agenda is a one world religion and it is not the same message as our Lord sent people out to establish God’s Kingdom. The Lord said the Kingdom of God was within you and he would dwell in you and you in him and it did not include shouting mantras into the universe, nor channeling the dead to help you in your present. Not at all. Nor was it to pay money so your prayers will be answered. The Bible speaks out against such things.

The globalist goal is to disillusion the people so they become confused and do not trust the Bible, nor God, nor His Son Jesus. All the cabal has left is to create a mist of hopelessness that causes people to sink back into a deep sleep of despair. Their goal is to silence the voice of the people. It always has been throughout time. Silence them and throw new laws, new standards of acceptable practice, new punishments for independent thought, and add to that political correct speech so no one says a word. They’ve already skewed history, skewed Bible interpretations, they’ve especially skewed Bible historical events from God’s creation to his second coming.

But, as Lin Wood continues to say, “Every lie shall be revealed!”

Keep pressing into the Kingdom….press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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