Lyndsay Graham Fist Bumps Kamala? Quiet on his Special States Honors from Ukraine?

What is Lyndsay Graham up to? It is obvious he is unsure, but most definitely lukewarm in his loyalties to patriots. Could it be all those years with McCain going off to war toppling small nations? Or could it be his history in helping to arm and recruit mercenaries to fight on behalf of the USA…remember ISIS?

Whatever it is…he seems to be so eager to please the left that he can’t keep his poker face. Here he is on the senate floor November 17, 2020 in the midst of all that is going down, giving a fist bump to the “Kamala”, obviously his elect. It appears that she initiates the act and he readies his fist at least a good 6 feet away as he approaches. Graham looks so eager as he approaches and then tops it off with a pat on her back. If I were a psychologist, I would say this interaction can only be concluded as a mutual act of agreement on some action the two have come to understand together. But, I am not one and as a reasoning person, I see it as up to no good.

This reminded me of the long hug he got from Huma Abedine at the McCain funeral when he got a glare from General Kelly.

He just seems to have poor timing and when caught he squirms, thus giving the appearance he just got caught doing something naughty.

He has a long history of being documented with questionable things.

VIDEO] 2017: Lindsey Graham and John McCain Awarded 'State Honors' By  Corrupt Ukrainian Govt. Who Meddled In Our 2016 Election -

Why isn’t anyone talking about the trip he took in January 2017, just before President Trump took his oath of office, and FOR SOME ODD REASON, Graham was awarded special “state honors” by corrupt President Poroshenko. Did I mention he was on the Senate Armed Services Committee? Did you know that according to Oliver Stone in his Ukraine Documentary, “Ukraine on Fire”, McCain, and Biden were also part of a coup to bring down the Ukrainian Government?

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Only a fool would believe President Trump is not aware of all the things the public can find if they only bother to look and pay attention to real time events instead of fake news. I look at it all this way… if I am able to find all of this on my own…how much more does my President Trump know, especially with all of his Military experts and his access to secret intelligence.

It appears Trump is using this old hoot to hold the majority in the senate and nothing more.

It’s obvious we are way down the rabbit hole and Graham just may be one of those that Alice meets…. so don’t be surprised if when the swamp is drained there is no time for the hatter to finish his tea.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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