LAWFARE a Field Day For Evil Forces… Or is it going to be their downfall?

Are we watching a panic of state and local with the WEF and KM Oligarchs shouting – “It’s now up to you?” And who is the “YOU”?

I’m sure by now everyone has seen this strange looking portrait of King Charles. People have been doing the “mirror imaging” thing of it and finding many aspects that are very questionable? It is unsettling even without doing any side by side. And we are supposed to believe King Charles (if that is even him) is proud of it? Or something like that? What’s with the butterfly? Project Monarch or something else? Any ideas on that? Read: King Charles III divides fans after monarch releases first portrait: It ‘looks like he’s in hell’ | Fox News

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How many heads have been removed from the snake? Who is the snake? Who does the Bible say it is?

We are not fighting flesh here, we are fighting dark principalities and powers. It is all out spiritual warfare against dark forces and those who follow it and do its bidding. Ephesians Chapter 6. There is only one way to win the spiritual warfare battle we are in and that is with our Father God Almighty and His Son, Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior. All who believe have been given the Holy Spirit to guide, protect and comfort them, and to teach each one discernment and wisdom.

That being said, we are to watch all things and take all things before the Holy Spirit and God for discernment. As hard as it is to watch some of the horrid things taking place and all of the confusion… we need to stay aware of the enemy and the demonic forces behind all of the lies and deception so we are not deceived. Knowing the biggest deceivers are successful because they enter in by acting like they are your friend and are there to help you. That is simply how they infiltrate. (Not to be confused with people who make mistakes by poor decisions… we are talking about enemies who enter in to deceive.)

That being said, here are some highlights of the week … aside from the usual distractions and the war drums of the X chatterers and podsters calling for civil war whom seem to think they are that influential??? In case you haven’t heard, we now have quite a lot of “red hat” hot heads thinking they can override the white hats whenever they decide to do it …. or something like that? Have you heard the rumors? There have been quite a lot.

So the question is… whose side is this guy Ivan on? There are a lot of mixed reviews. I will let you discern whether this is a random interview or staged, and whether or not you believe what he and some others are snorting off about. There can be multiple possible scenarios… question all things with the Holy Spirit.

Just looking at the so called “influencers” who have popped up out of nowhere with a list of so-called credentials and are being touted in road shows and by organized podcasters who all read the same scripts.

Just so you know in an article titled, “General Smith Issues Stern Warning to White Hat Officers”, by Michael Baxter of Real Raw News seems to sound a lot like it fits with the dots connecting in the pod scripts. Although many say Real Raw News is not legit, they have been correct on the bottom line of their reports (although some of the colorful reporting seems exaggerated at times). This report appears to match the push Ivan and Flynn are pushing which is a “Red Hat” push to take down the state and local corruption and deputize around 50 to 80,000 to do it.

Here are some excerpts for you to ponder on….

(Note: I don’t like reporting junk… this is just an exercise to see what you discern about this one issue being pushed on social media outlets. There are many versions of it being pushed at the moment, and it appears to match up with Ivan’s ideas supported by General Flynn.)

Excerpts: “As reported yesterday, Gen. Smith got blindsided at Friday’s meeting when his aide—a Marine Corps captain who had attended countless White Hat council assemblies—revealed himself to be a Red Hat and an ally of Col. Kurtz, a revelation that must have demoralized the general. Why he exposed himself instead of staying covert is a mystery, but Gen. Smith postulated that Kurtz orchestrated the deception to rattle him and to prove that Red Hats had infiltrated the White Hat command structure.

“In his memo, Gen. Smith called Kurtz “recklessly dangerous” and said that officers obeying Kurtz’s commands were acting in contravention of Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which states, “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States.”

“President Trump has not sanctioned Red Hat operations against our Deep State adversaries, and neither have I. As you well know, President Trump ceded provisional authority to General David H. Berger when he left Washington, D.C., and when Gen. Berger retired, his responsibilities became my own. I have discharged those duties to the best of my ability. The man calling himself Colonel Kurtz, the fictional antagonist in the film Apocalypse Now, is a civilian. He resigned because he wanted to fight the Deep State his way instead of according to the commander-in-chief’s plan. Some of you might be frustrated, but you are dutybound to uphold the Constitution. Not follow some disgruntled Marine’s interpretation of it.”General Smith Issues Stern Warning to White Hat Officers | Real Raw News

Also read: “Col. Kurtz to Gen. Smith: Let’s Nuke D.C.” Col. Kurtz to Gen. Smith: Let’s Nuke D.C. | Real Raw News (The question is… who is Col. Kurtz?)

I am keeping the excerpts light as there are some strong accusations and suggestions. Excerpts: “With or without nukes, Kurtz said he would expend his last breath fighting the Deep State, and he claimed to have an enormous arsenal and 50,000 men at his disposal. He said he had been biding his time patiently, recruiting foot soldiers willing to take the fight to the “next level,” even if it meant civilian casualties.

Gen. Smith asked him why 50,000 Armed Forces personnel would follow an ex-Marine of questionable integrity.

“Who says they’re all military? Many could be average citizens who have heard the call to arms. We’re among you, General Smith. Nothing you plan escapes my notice. We Red Hats are now at full strength. I didn’t expect you to see things rationally, but I still hoped, just maybe. I’m glad we’re face-to-face; I see in your eyes you and I share the same goal. Just let us do what must be done, and we won’t intrude on you,” Kurtz had said.

“Do what must be done? Like causing an earthquake that could’ve killed thousands all over a mythical particle accelerator in some underground cavern?” the general said.”

End of excerpts. When you read and listen to the video interview above, you will see there are some dots that appear to connect to many things and a lot of undermining script reading podcasters. I’m still processing these things as this was brought to my attention yesterday and I have ignored most of the “propaganda shills” and road show bla, bla, bla. But, when looking at this, along with what we now know for sure is true, it is obvious that something is up that can split off and go into many directions.

It’s good to be aware of what is brewing, even in the propaganda scripts, in order to stay prepared as this is now (as we’ve said before) dealing with state and local which is the long, slithering body of the snake. So even if they have lopped off the head… as some have stated… the body is yet writhing to survive and very active. They thought the Federal Court LAWFARE trials would set the precedence and enable them to continue unscathed in their state and local LAWFARE copycat patterns. We have been watching that house of cards build up and up. It is all about to fall down.

That being said…. President Trump at the Minnesota Lincoln-Reagan Annual Dinner! He addresses LAWFARE!

President Trump calls out the facts… what are they up to here?

Meanwhile Zelensky now blames the entire world for his poor acting performance which went south a long time ago.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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