Know The Enemy…It’s Not Always Who You Think!

Nor is it how you think!

There is a reason the CIA agents must study the book of Revelation and the prophets. It is because the books are accurate and it portrays the past, present and future. But not for Godly purposes, far from it. They do so to understand how to deceive those who believe in God and to do the bidding of their masters who control the CIA, which is not the Republic of the People of the USA. Far from it. But rather, those whose goal is to rule the world with an iron fist. Whose leader is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, far from it. But, whose leader has come to steal, kill and destroy. All in the name of doing what is good for the world. Their global world. The world governed by the great merchants of the earth whose bidding they do. These great merchants of the earth are written in the book and their goal is to overcome the one true God and reign over all creation for the one they follow who is Lucifer and all of the fallen ones of darkness. Of which they have been striving to do since the serpent, dragon, devil, Satan, entered the garden to deceive Adam and Eve.

The book of Revelation is a roadmap for all who believe upon the Lord and have received the Holy Spirit. Read the book with the Lord in your heart and your eyes shall see and your ears shall hear. Let no man interpret for you… let the Holy Spirit discern all things for you for God has a message for each of his children. For each child of God has a purpose most unique, set aside from any other. Yet all together make up the body of Christ. For their are many parts and each part has a purpose working together for the whole of which Christ is the head and God is the creator of all. He is our Father. For there is no purpose to big or to little in the body of Christ… each must work diligently where they are planted, with the time they are given and in so doing, they help those who the Lord sends them to help in His name. And in turn the Lord sends others to assist and to aid all whom He sends out.

God created the heavens and the earth and Lucifer has desired to enter the heavens and reign over it and he never shall.

We are all going through a giant MK Ultra Mind Control experiment. All of the crazy insane things we are watching in this show are designed to feed our minds mis and disinformation and propaganda to drive the people mad. Without a solid grounding in the Holy Spirit, one is easy prey to believe the lies and fear which leads to anger which leads to being triggered into acting in desperate ways doing desperate and lawless things. It creates a “me against you” mindset and causes the mindset to riot and steal, kill, destroy. It also causes a self destructive and self sabotage mindset, as well as allows the one mind controlling to control the person’s mind by sounds, words, and other triggers. It is demonic methods and demonic possession. Spiritual warfare on steroids. All of this is designed to create more fear and control the masses.

The video below is an interesting documentary, however, it must be noted that the C.I.A. doesn’t tell its real secrets. So discern this and read between the lines. Disinformation is everywhere, however… this has lots of clues to the truth.

Remember, they never tell you the truth. Disinformation is everywhere, however… this has lots of clues to where the rabbit holes are that lead to the truth.
image 32

Recreation… God is not amused, nor will he allow it to continue.

And then, just when you think you have heard everything… there comes someone saying, “Hey look at this… the earth isn’t a spinning ball…”

That’s the way it happened to me about 9 or 10 years ago. Now, at first I thought it was a joke or an illuminati plot to do something ridiculous, or a bunch of nut cases, the type who dream up absurd things and push them. But, then I saw that some pastors were showing this peculiar thing and quoting Bible scripture to support the way the earth was made and so… then I remembered the book of Enoch speaks of how God formed the earth, and I got out the Book and read the part when the angel took Enoch into the heavens and showed him the entire earth from up above…. without having to take him to multiple different angles so Enoch could see the top, bottom and sides….. and recalled how God had called it his foot stool and not his bouncing ball. So I began to dig in and read for myself, again.

image 31

Now I had been intrigued when I read the part where Uriel took Enoch to the far northwest and saw what was described as the northern lights, and the volcanic islands off of Alaska, and a few more things…. and into an opening and took him into the earth. Now that got my attention as there was some chatter about the polar opening at the time and the stories of Admiral Byrd, and a few others. And that opening at the North Pole was still visible on google earth at the time, so it raised my curiosity. They only covered it when this “hollow earth thingy started”, and took off as a new discovered truth. It was around the same time they took all the FEMA camp tags down too. So none of that exists now, because they covered them up. Right?

Back to the spinning ball….

So, of course I was intrigued and did more research and prayed to be led to the truth, after all I hate being called all the names that go along with saying earth is not a spinning ball. It is so much easier to just go along with what is being told to memorize as truth.

So, at this point, each can believe what they choose. It’s always been that way. Now, this series is amazing as the video starts out a lot like my own journey to the center of the earth, to the moon and back, then the third rock from the sun and of course the mysteries of Antarctica. And I found it intriguing for the same reasons I found the scientists who said there are no giants on the earth and never were…

image 43

Even though the Smithsonian Institute can no longer hide the evidence, like it has for centuries. But, that’s another story.

You may be asking…what does this have to do with knowing the enemy or understanding scripture? It has everything to do with it. What this all does is verify scripture and proves that God’s prophets told the truth and it has been the fallen watcher ones who deceived. Today, we have their minions to deal with whom many and now even Trump refer to as the “lizard people”. But, that’s another story. You see, there is just so much to learn about our history and as long as we keep helping them cover it all up in our slumber… they get to continue to call the shots.

The day we all wake up and hit our critical mass number to turn the tide… that will be the day the liars dread. For on that day there will be no where for them to hide and no one will believe their lies any more.

Consider the video below as a lark, and laugh if you choose. We all did the same thing at first. Smile.

Buckle up and sit tight… because Houston…we have a big problem….

How many questions do you have when you observe nature?

image 44

What on earth happened to critical thinking? If the earth was spinning at 1,000 miles per hour, how does a commercial airplane that travels at 547–575 mph ever get anywhere unless they were flying in the direction the earth was spinning?

Interesting information… what is the answer? Close your eyes and ears or open them wide.

So why did they lie? Part five gets into the reason! You may be surprised, and maybe you already guessed it. This is what it says also in the Book of Enoch. Gee, who knew that was accurate?

A visit to Solomon and his secrets…. no longer hidden. It is all Biblical and written precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little there a little… the false prophet of Baal and the black cube have been around for a very long time.

There is nothing new under the sun…

But shuss… you aren’t supposed to know any of this. It’s all a secret.

What else do you not see? Do you want to know so you will not be deceived? Or do you want to just believe the lies and act surprised?

See the rest of the videos 9, 10, and 13 on Rumble….

Part 9 ;

Part 10 ;

Part 13

Look and see…

If you have watched these videos… even if you are sound asleep and oblivious to what is and has been going on, it should at least arouse some curiosity???

Truth … if you will have it…

Wrapping it up on a high fake news note… remember the ones who report the bla, bla, bla scripts to us are not that smart, and never very well organized.

Alas, there is nothing new under the sun. Lies are lies and truth is golden.




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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