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Who will believe what their eyes have seen? Who will discern all they have heard? Who will follow blindly? Why are many refusing to see and hear? Who can we blame? Why do we need to blame someone else? What satisfaction can be gained by making other peoples opinions bad and our own okay? Are opinions the same as facts?

When does a lie become the truth? Can it ever be made a truth?

The questions of “why” are everywhere. The type of “WHY” questions are the VARIANT.



Tending to change or alter; exhibiting variety or diversity; varying:variant shades of color.not agreeing or conforming; differing, especially from something of the same general kind.not definitive, as a version of part of a text; differentalternative:a variant reading.not universally accepted.


A person or thing that varies.a different spelling, pronunciation, or form of the same word:“Vehemency” is a variant of “vehemence.”

VARIANT IN BIOLOGY: BiologyIn microbiology and virology, the term variant or “genetic variant” is used to describe a subtype of a microorganism that is genetically distinct from a main strain, but not sufficiently different to be termed a distinct strain. A similar distinction is made in botany between different cultivated varieties of a species of plant, termed cultivars.

Can HUMANITY WAKE UP and become the greatest VARIANT in this global world war?

Wake up and start to THINK FOR YOURSELF! If you have forgotten how that process works, pray about it now, and pray hard! Ask for discernment and wisdom to know the truth. For the truth shall set you free!

When the masses of Humanity wake up the cabal games are over! The goal is to wake up and be the variant to expose the evil global takeover plans that can only be achieved if humanity sleeps and believes their lies! Wake up the alarm is ringing out and those who don’t wake up will die in their sleep! That is the writing on the wall.

TODAY – GOP Medical Witnesses TESTIFY that COVID-19 is Exactly What You’d Expect If You’d Gone Through Gain-Of-Function! Lab acquired infection!

At today’s GOP House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Select Coronavirus Crisis hearing, GOP-called witnesses Dr. Steven Quay and Dr. Richard Muller said that within the COVID-19 virus were indications that it was created through gain-of-function research. Made in a lab!

McCarthy calls out the Democrats to change their party name!

Since the Dems are seeking to erase all their Democratic History and want no part of the Democratic Party as it was then, but ironically they seek and want to make a new bigger, better rascist party for today. Who can see, hear and critically think about this today? Why is it only patriots who can see, hear and critically think about what is taking place? I believe others have the ability to do the same, but for some reason…they don’t try…or are they on the same side of the ambitions of the cabal puppets? NOW THAT WOULD ANSWER A LOT OF THE “WHY?” QUESTIONS, NOW WOULDN’T IT?

It is time to figure out the WHY questions and understand WHY some are against freedom, the constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It is time to realize many really want to enter into communism. There are still some who are lost sheep wandering around confused, but at this stage of the show, most have decided which side they are choosing. Very few are riding a fence.

With that being said, the mission is to hold the line, and strengthen those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and build strong warriors for the Kingdom of God. Iron and clay do not mix and these are the days of a great separation of the iron and the clay, and the sheep from the goats. It is spiritual warfare and it is here at home and world wide!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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