The media has been silent on who and why and what is really going on in the middle east.  They promote an Arab spring scenario and are guilty of repeating White House propaganda.  They are short on reporting opposing views and hard facts.  We are supposed to believe so many lies.  Think back for yourself and recall as many as you can for there are so many it would be hard to list here. Trump has mentioned quite a few and the establishment loathes him for it.

We are supposed to believe that all the billions of dollars worth of equipment that landed in the hands of ISIS was just because the Iraqi soldiers that we supposedly trained to defend what was left of their nation blundered when our troops were called home?  And we are supposed to believe ISIS took over the oil fields because our troops went home too soon and the Iraqi soldiers were over run?  We are supposed to believe that there are good ISIS and bad ISIS and Obama knows the difference here?  We are supposed to believe that Obama is doing all he can to make sure that the bad ISIS is stopped?

But most of all, and very hard to swallow – we are supposed to believe that strong, able-bodied men who should be fighting to save their nations are refugees that should be taken in by all the nations?  Meanwhile our young able-bodied men should fight in their place?  Our soldiers should risk their lives for them?  We are to accept the fact that our young men are killed and come home maimed, and disgraced by a failed Veterans Administration led by McCain that does nothing for them so their men can come here as refugees?  WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Does anyone believe this Obama/Jarrett account of the middle east and THEIR REFUGEES any more than they believe their account on border control, the Iran deal, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obama Care, their stance of not arming our troops on military bases…and oh – just look at all the other scandals like the one with the IRS.

I’m just saying…there has been more going on than anything our liar press has been reporting, but every now and then they mess up and give out a nugget or two they weren’t supposed to.  But, when a true American like Trump speaks his mind which is closer to the truth than anything we hear on the news…..he is clobbered and the media defends the lies of the Obama administration.

Well, if so many Americans have figured out the lies and unraveled a lot of truths that the Obama regime call conspiracy, I wonder how much the media has figured out with all their news sources? (I may be giving them too much credit here.  They may not all know how to think.  They may only know how to read teleprompter  scripts.)

Putin with his secret intelligence and classified information has figured all of this out a long time ago.  He has been telling the UN and the Western world for some time now the true hard facts.  Just because he has been ignored by the western global governance establishment crowd does not mean the truth is not the truth.

Russia has said enough is enough, meanwhile our establishment media continues their marching orders and spew PUTIN IS THE ENEMY  PROPAGANDA.  Facts are facts and a real adult has entered the battle field.  He knows who has the oil, who gave it to them and why. He knows who armed ISIS and who these so called refugees are.  He knows the end game and is not going to allow this to continue any more.  He is going to stop it.

Meanwhile, Fiorina and Rubio are shouting establishment junk (propaganda of the dark side), while Trump is speaking hard truths.  Jebby is on the campaign trail loving the refugees with open arms and Carson doesn’t know what to do if America was hit by a hurricane, let alone ISIS.  Pundits are trying to discredit Trump but are finding it very difficult to do as more facts are revealed and the internet is buzzing with hard truths that back all he has said.

Yet, the puppet media continues to do the same thing over and over, after all it always worked before now didn’t it?

If you ever had a family member or friend in the military and if you truly believe in your heart you owe your freedom to these brave men and women who have put their lives in harms way to defend this nation, now is the time to do them a favor – wake up and speak out against the evils this administration is partakers of.  Do your part to expose the evil.

And while you are doing that, vote for a true leader that loves America and wants to make her great again – ELECT   DONALD   JOHN   TRUMP to the presidency and make him the next commander in chief!

Written by Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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