If I Could Sing a Song For Trump…I’d Want To Sing Like Lauren Daigel!


A special tribute to Lauren Daigle whose music of praise and worship has inspired and lifted up so many hearts throughout the world. Especially at a time of uncertainty and tragedy. God bless this woman and may she continue to do a great work.

Lauren Daigle: Christmas Under the Stars (2020) - IMDb

It’s time for a refresher on the joy of the Lord and the Joy of being alive for such a time as this!

Super fantastic six year old has her moment on stage with Lauren Daigle!

The beautiful voice of an 8 year old is so precious. Lauren made her day and this child made hers! Glad they shared this with us all. “I believe…I believe….” out of the mouth of babes. Amen.

Lauren performs a special song requested by her father.

Lauren said she doesn’t perform this one live, but since her dad was in the audience and he had personally requested it… she called the band at 2am and told them to “learn it” for the show the next day. =) She killed it! What an awesome show. I can’t wait for Lauren to come back to Red Rocks.

Down to earth, everyday small talk. Want a bagle? Lauren tells some personal stories. Enjoy her open free voice session.

Lauren tells her story from childhood and how she began singing. She shares her journey that got her where she is today!

Lauren tells the story behind the song, Dry Bones. It is very moving. A must listen.

And now for a bit more fun.

if i could sing a song for trumpi d want to sing like lauren daigel

Caption this. Who is he talking to and what is he saying?


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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