FBI Leaks Photo of Top Secret Docs To Social Media!

Dems fear Mob Rule isn’t working – they’re desperate to save their Democracy, even if it means starting a civil war.

So, the FBI Takes Unclassified Secret Documents Snaps photos and leaks them to Blue Anons to post on Twitter?  Yes they did this. What do they think they get to do under Garland and Biden’s blanket of Democracy? They will soon find out.

Trump Re-Truthed the photo that was making it’s rounds on social media of the Top Secret docs the FBI spread out on the floor.

seanmdav: “Trump’s presidential records were so sensitive and in need of protection that FBI agents seized them from storage, dumped them all over the floor, and took pictures of them so BlueAnons could post pics of them on Twitter.”

image 469

Smear jobs have started in lockstep with the Blue Anon Swamp media from articles to MSNBC pushing the secret documents as some sort of proof which fails in court to be proof of what was or was not declassified.

President Trump said on Truth Social, “Terrible the way the FBI, during the Raid of Mar-a-Lago, threw documents haphazardly all over the floor (perhaps pretending it was me that did it!), and then started taking pictures of them for the public to see. Thought they wanted them kept Secret? Lucky I Declassified!”

So this is the best they got, to take and push a narrative that is a lie and act like a crime was committed. The only crime that was committed was the one the FBI pulled when they raided Mar-a-Lago for whoever directed them to do it. This is just beginning and it does not look good for the FBI.

In case you were wondering what is a Blue Anon…

It’s not a fish, and it’s not a bird…it is more like a swamp creature that comes out to feed when its’ overlords summon it from the pits to create chaos in the streets and or to spread real stinky news propaganda. The kind where the CNN reporter is almost horizontal holding onto a light pole because the wind is blowing so hard, when suddenly a little old lady walks past the live shoot on the other side of the street drops her magazine and picks it up with ease and looks over at the camera curiously, then continues walking. That’s a Blue Anon.

image 472

So what was the point of doing this? To arouse anger? To get people more ticked off and most of all to set up a staged scene so the liars in the media can have a photo to wave and say all sorts of lies to go with it.

The bonus the treasonous coup are seeking is hopes that there will be a stirr so they can then bus in their Blue Anon Antifa’s all dressed up like Trump Patriots and have their Soros paid thugs storm something so they can blame Trump supporters and make mass arrests? That appears to be their agenda as Biden has said MAGA voters are a threat to his democracy.

image 473

So, the FBI can’t comment due to an ongoing investigation, but they can play around with Melania’s clothes and take photos of Top Secret Documents and give them to their thugs to post on social media? Yes they did this.

But wait…there’s more. A Blue Anon (whose name I clipped off/redacted for privacy) tweeted that this was common procedure for FBI raids. Comparing a cartel drug bust photo, with an illegal FBI raid on a former president’s home and top secret government documents. What part of stupid are these twitter heads?

image 474

What I want to know is why did they take his framed TIME MAGAZINE COVERS? Good grief, that is personal property.

image 475

These guys are looking a bit worried…they don’t seem to be playing their roles very well. Watch and see the whole lot is going to start to slide.

image 476

So now the FBI is claiming or the news is spreading script that they are getting threats so they put a fence around the building. Yea…like that’ll keep them safe. Good grief…this is all seed planting to create mind messages that Trump supporters are going to hit the FBI with their red MAGA hats and Trump signs. This is all a set up. Watch, beware and know the drill.

image 477

Isn’t the FBI supposed to keep the public safe? Maybe some, but this Biden bunch? Nope.

American Citizens Targeted by White House…. Again!

The government is trying to start a war with over half of the citizens at least 81 million registered Trump voters and their families…so it is way over half. And they are trying hard to get them to get out in the streets like their ANTIFA thugs.

Here they are again…shouting “threat to our democracy”!


Just one day after Joe Biden threatened military action against Trump supporters here comes Karine Jean-Pierre reading her script calling Trump voters a threat to their tyranny and plans to rule the world…I mean democracy.


The word Democracy does not appear anywhere in America’s founding documents. The founding fathers knew that democracy in any form was fatally flawed, and led to oppression, unrest, societal failure, violence and death.

Democracy was founded on ‘MOB RULE’ making it just like socialism, communism, and every other tyrannical form of government.

Article QV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.

So we have some treasonous characters running things right now and they have been for a very long time.

President Trump re-truthed a group of Truths from Investigative Reporter Paul Sperry….

image 478
image 471
image 479


Meanwhile…I’ve seen this a lot and love to take video and snape photos when I can…but this was recently posted. Now that it is so much closer, maybe Musk can land on that puppy. Smile. Enjoy…


As the storm sets in and the clouds gather… don’t look down, look up…there will be a refreshing and encouragement… stay focused God is leading His people and has not turned away! Gold is always tried and tested in the fire! Be the Gold!

Enjoy Karen Wheaton as she shares some words with you on the front porch.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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