Deep State’s Basic Nation Toppling 101…

We are watching the global cabal and their playbook in action! Those who paid attention to how the cabal topples nations in the past know the drill. Others new to the steps are now tuning in and learning the patterns.

The question is this: How many topplings have you seen since World War I and World War II that fit the same pattern? It’s basic nation toppling 101. We saw this with the Tsar’s of Russia when they took over the monarchy, killed the royal family and made it a communistic country. Read: How World War I Fueled the Russian Revolution – HISTORY

We saw it in Germany where the master plan was hatched and used over and over and over again. It’s very much Nazi!

(i.e. blow something up and blame it on someone else and put your person in place, then you are off and running.)

The Reichstag fire was an arson attack on the Reichstag building, home of the German parliament in Berlin, on Monday 27 February 1933, precisely four weeks later, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany. Read:Reichstag fire | Summary, Significance, Images, Video, Enabling Act, & Facts | Britannica

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From an article titled “The Tragic Success of Nazi Propaganda”, on the rise of the Nazi party:

Hitler and Goebbels and other senior architects of the Nazi regime were not stupid men; the harrowing truth was that they were smart men who understood too astutely the stupidity of the masses.

“What’s particularly fascinating (and philosophically revealing as it pertains to the Nazi mentality) is that both Hitler and Goebbels railed against intellectualism, believing the lofty pursuit of truth to be incompatible with what you might call “mass political projects”. They despised philosophers and the scholarly ranks for they were trying to discover truths, not hammer something artificial into existence. Best summed up, it was a clash between truth and power, between exploration and domination, between holding in one’s hand and crushing under one’s fist.” Read: The Tragic Success of Nazi Propaganda | by Lauren Reiff | Lessons from History | Medium

People were viewed in the same manner we are hearing today from Klaus Schwab of his World Economic Forum and his minion Harari. To them, humanity is merely in the way of their own global goals.

We are watching the entire Nazi power base shouting “Save our democracy” as a hammer to hit over the heads of those they deem stupid sheep. Their rhetoric is psychological warfare that boils down to the power of lies over truth.

The French theorist Gustave Le Bon pioneered the phrase “feminine masses” based on his research on the psychology of crowds. The phrase meant to be belittling for women at that time were not allowed public stature in the male dominated society. Le Bon, in his ego driven self importance believed people were less rational in herds as he called it. Therefore, they were more easily driven to an emotional frenzy that he associated with femaleness.

Those who want to dominate the masses and researched the psychology behind virtue discovered some interesting triggers behind the intuitive processes or that gut feeling. They did not want people to use their female intuitive discerning side that causes a person to be more reflective, critical, discerning, protective of children and even moral. This side of the human decision making process which is free will, always poses a real threat to dictatorships.

The real thrust behind the psychology or research into the mind of the individual was to herd the masses. At that time, those doing the research were generally antagonistic in their religious views or athiests all together. Therefore their ideas of what a person is thinking and how they come to decisions is hard for them to grasp. So they put new meanings behind the words and terms used in order to make the right subconscious weapon to cement an idea into the subjects mind in order to sway their mother board of thinking.

Labeling the masses as feminine developed out of the idea that a population is drawn to succumbing to a powerful, charismatic leader — therefore submissive. Which is the extreme male dominating viewpoint that women must submit to their husbands and men in general. Once again taking scriptures out of context to control those who have beliefs in God and follow the Bible as a way of living their lives. This one sided psychological programming leaves out the fact that a man is to love and treat his wife as he does himself, even as God loves him, and honor and cherish her.

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Which brings us to Propaganda. It was Hitler who said:

“The function of propaganda is . . . not to make an objective study of the truth, in so far as it favors the enemy, and then set it before the masses with academic fairness; its task is to serve our own right, always and unflinchingly.

We are in the throngs of propaganda and the fear factor is being thrown at us from all angles. Fear of what is coming upon us, fear of what is among us, fear of what they will do to us, fear of what will happen because of what they are doing now…fear, fear, fear!

Those pushing their psychological warfare have a goal of driving a person into madness so that they self destruct and become a danger to themselves and others. Thus, a self fufilling prophecy of their own skewed and one sided philosophical ideology on how the human mind works. It’s like pushing a person in front of a moving car to be hit and saying…I told you it was only a matter of time before he ran out in front of a car and got hit. And that is exactly what they do and are doing in our face!

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Oliver Stone, Producer of the Documentary Ukraine on Fire, stated the Ukraine Massacre has the CIA fingerprints all over it!

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They did that in Ukraine in 2014 in Maidan Square. The same deep state powers that be, interferred in the Ukraine elections and when peaceful protests weren’t being destructive, they came in with snipers and fired on the crowd killing innocent people and causing unrest. Murder is never well accepted, and what they did created an “Us against them” mentality and started the orange revolution in Ukraine. That war never really ended as they continued to mistreat and bomb the Ukrainians living in the Donbass region because they were Slav in heritage and those who toppled and took over Ukraine hated Russia. The sad thing is this was a well planned coup and it involved Obama, Biden, McCain and others in the Obama administration.

We now have the Nazis in Ukraine empowered by the KM Oligarchs fighting a losing battle against Ukraine with the WEF, EU, UN, NATO, and Joey Avatar guiding it, funding it, pushing it, and pushing propaganda regarding it. The shouts to save our democracy are shouted at every opportunity for a sound byte. The truth is this is being used as an excuse for the EU and WEF to coherse the European Nations to destroy their own infrastructures and blame it on Russia.

Their end goal is to cripple society and usher them into their new surveillance world of transhumanism under their total control. They are working on all nations at the same time and this will only work as long as they have global hand picked leaders in power doing exactly as they are told to do. And when their puppet head isn’t elected, they use their machines and mail in ballots to rig the elections and take the power seat by stealing it. What follows a stolen election are all the people who were cheated protesting for recounts, and or justice to see how the votes were counted and how their vote didn’t count or whatever the thing is that points to foul play.

Protests get heated and they place their own agents inside the protest camp and all hell breaks loose as they storm government buildings and destroy property and fight with police which leads to a form of martial law and the military comes in and arrests are made. Thus sending innocent people who broke no laws to jail while the agents are released to continue their dirty deeds for the deep state cabal.

Their pattern is set and this is nothing new. We watched it during the Arab Spring, and we are still watching it now! We watched how they do this with every protest that they insert their ANTIFA and others who are paid agents to stir things up and insure things escalate out of control. Anyone who is weak in mind from their propaganda and gaslighting can easily be triggered by the extreme situation(s) and fall prey to joining in with the hired agents. Innocent people are both baited and dupped.

This is now coming to a big head and about to burst!


The deep state loves to operate by infiltration. So the protests are the prime opportunity for them to inject their own infiltrators to kill, steal and destroy. As we said, this is how they create color revolutions and cause violence that peaceful protestors would never do.

The negative rhetoric in the crowd psychology that masses gathering will lose their identities and become mindless, irrational, and destructive is nothing more than a representation of the fear of social elites that the 99 percent that make up the masses in society will not allow them (the 1%) to dictate what they can and cannot do.

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The truth is crowd events such as MAGA, and the historic movement of Ghandi, are patterned and meaningful as the people behave in terms of the norms presented that are meaningful and share values people have in common that are framed by the group. When a movement is for the good of all involved and will bring basic freedoms and respect for one another to the forefront, behavior is transformed and people begin to see themselves as a part of a larger cause for the good of all. Not destructive, but productive in respect to bringing about the good for the all. This is what martyrs are made of.

The only way the deep state KM Oligarchs can win against the masses is to divide the crowd by provocation. And they do this by sending in their own civilian army to infiltrate and cause unrest. The infiltrators start the burning, looting, and destruction agitating and getting the weaker ones to follow along in their mob mentality actions.

They do this all the time. Recently we watched this in Ukraine, we watched this in D.C. on January 6th, and we are watching it play out now in Brazil.

LeBron’s ideas on crowds is that when individuals lose their personal identity and are provoked by some form of loss, they become angry and destructive against what they have been told has caused that loss. The peaceful protest turns into a thing called mob mentality when it triggers something in their subconscience be it real or only believed to be real. Read: crowd encyclopedia 2010-rev (

An example of this is what he called “racial unconscious” from a distant past being brought forth psychologically as though it were happening in the now. Lies and propaganda that are learned and believed to be true, activate emotions causing the person to act out as though they were fighting for their very lives out of sheer primative survival instincts and rage. This happens from what is stored in a person’s memory. Even when there is no real threat except the idea that what is said is real and will happen if they don’t react in a violent way to stop it. Fear motivates a crowd one by one to act on emotion and impulse and not rational reasoning.

And that is exactly the same pattern used today. It is a cookie cutter template for nation toppling!

Military is protecting the citizens of Brazil against the Federal Police and the infiltraters that were bussed in.

The question is… when will the people figure out they are being lied to and set up to do exactly as they are being mind controlled and programmed to do? I am not sure what percentage have opened their eyes to see and their ears to hear the truth in how this war on their mind is being waged, but, it appears that more than half of the people already knew the game plan… and more are now seeing and hearing. The fact that a record number of voters over 80 million did not elect Joey Avatar, and the same for Bolsonaro in Brazil who won his re-election and the machines were rigged to hand the win to Lula. This is obvious when over ten million people camp out for over two months demanding the codes for the machines so an official can do a recount.

The point is that stolen elections and toppling nations to place appointed puppets is not new. It has a very long set history and propaganda is an ancient art. Nothing is new in corruption except the nature of the high tech weapons used.

Where to fully cover this topic which has many categories, it would take volumes of books. But, for now… this is a nutshell version of what the globalists are doing and how they are doing it. Once we come together and call them out for their lies, their games will be over. Consider 99% of humanity against 1% who want to control them? Actually even if we gave the globalists a 6% collective and humanity 94% … the outcome is written on the wall …. God’s people win!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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