The first day of CPAC was filled with great American Speakers and aimed at a failed Biden Administration that is more than dead on arrival…stolen elections and puppets do not make for a real administration. But, I don’t believe the people are going to suck up four years of thieves. Tick tock….what will tomorrow and the next few weeks bring? People are waiting anxiously to hear!

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem speaks at CPAC and torches Fauci during riveting speech!   She received a standing ovation for telling it like it is stating – COVID didn’t wreck the economy – governors wrecked the economy! Standing up for all businesses she said there was no difference between essential and nonessential businesses and that all businesses were ESSENTIAL!  Noem  dug at Fauci stating, “Dr. Fauci is wrong a lot!” She stressed the lifeline of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence and how that must come first at all times calling out those who seek to erase the nations history!      

 Pompeo slams Biden Administration on all levels in speech.
Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle slam Biden, and  Kamala Harris in fiery speeches! Don Jr. calls out Liz Cheny  as “Lincoln Project Liz” naming her the leader of that failed project.  
Ted Cruz praises Trump, mocks masks, and jabs AOC.
Opening of CPAC, Ron DeSantis – first Speaker gets the crowd fired up.
The Five with guest Judge Jeanine give their input on the first day of CPAC 2021.
good morning brace yourselves for high winds

President Trump will speak on Sunday February 28, 2021. America is waiting to hear from the President and anxious to learn what direction he will be taking the nation!


president trump speaks out

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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