President Trump has been laughed at for loving the Red White and Blue, and especially for his proud public displays for caressing the American Flag out of love for those who fought and died for freedom. His love for God and country is solid and he has never shied away from making a point to express his love for both. On the day he was inaugurated he told us all what he intended to do.

At CPAC and before, we have witnessed law abiding, freedom loving governors testify their positions to stand by the Constitution and Bill of Rights for their states. We watched them proudly speaking out at CPAC to rally the cause. Meanwhile, the progressive Dems are seething at the display for love of God and country and are determined to destroy what is left so their masters in the Cabal DC Corporation can usher in their evil re-education mandates and arrest the people who love freedom and liberty for all.

The vax pushers are all taking a firm jab at firing back at the freedom lovers and giving it their best shot on fake news smear rounds shouting how Trump and his supporters are all wrong! Fauci or whoever it is, went on the news shouting he is frightened that people cheered that the vax goal was not achieved. I say he should be frightened that people know he has a toxic jab filled with graphene and he has funded lab made virus’s to use against humanity. His past history is being exposed and it appears to look like it has been filled with Nuremberg crime type activity.

Our first clue was on live TV for the world to see. Yet, that didn’t stop the push for the jab, even when later it was announced that she died.

The truth is out and these jab shots are now exposed to be what the whistle blowers and front line doctors have been saying they were all along. There is no turning back to a blind eye after you or a family member have been maimed or kiled by the jab and no turning back when you seek medical help and are told to go home and calm down, it’s all in your head and nothing more than anxiety. That is when even the most believing in lockstep with all of it has big wide eyes that cannot be closed. That is the moment they are no longer on board and realize they have been thrown into the ocean for the sharks with no one coming to the rescue.

call it what it is war on trump and america

It is now smack in our faces that the Biden (Obama) administration, the media, the Pelosi (Hillary) henchmen democrats, and the entire establishment elite are out to kill America and the freedoms we hold dear.  They hide nothing right now as they lie and spew their hate in speeches and anti-American testimonials.

Take your jab and shut up is the shout from the Biden administration. So what if you are crippled for the rest of your life, or die, that’s all part of the process of enslaving a society so why are you surprised…just shut up and take the jab for your country and the new world disorder.

Fauci, or his double, maybe C.G.I.? Anyway since this is a show and he is an actor, the actor for Fauci is now saying he was frightened by the recent CPAC talk on the jab. I say, I bet he is for we are all aware of his evil involvement in it and the fake news wrap up smear isn’t working on this one at all anymore. Not when people are dying, being paralyzed, crippled, and magnetized. Not when they walked in to get the jab and were removed on a gurney to go to a hospital convulsing where they will be told they have anxiety, go home and just calm down.

Then they scratch their heads and wonder why Trump poll numbers are up.  They have no idea how horrid they look, nor do they have any idea how apostate their words are and how we know exactly what they are doing and what their end goals are.

The progressive Dems always say one thing and do another. They can’t have it both ways but they always do it and hope you don’t ever see it. These are the ones who shout out to love all radical Islamic refugees in one breath, then they shout out to kill all Iraq Syria Islamic State (ISIS) in the next.  They have reached the pinnacle where they are now at war with everything in the middle east and the world, even a lab created virus funded by their own approval with tax dollars…war mongers who have shouted to go to war and kill them all while at the same time condemned President Trump for taking out the master mind behind an attack on the US Embassy! 

And now that war includes everyone and the weapon is bio nano particles…jab them all is the goal here. Cripple them to control them and next we go for their minds. And in the middle of jabbing and locking down they shout to war with Russia, Russia, Russia. But worst of all…white man bad, and orange man badder.

They can’t have it all ways.  There either is a war against terror which is now in big city streets or there is war against those who love God and obey the laws. Which one is it that the Biden wants to put in re-education camps. It is not who he has boldly called the peaceful kill, steal, destroy and burn everything in sight rioters funded by the Democratic party. Heck no. They get a “Police stand down” card and a get out of jail free pass . They meaning the progressive Democrat funded ANTIFA and all that matters. They top that off with human and child trafficking at their welcome to America open borders where you will be promised free stuff just get on the white bus so we can distribute you.

George Floyd protests: Trump blames 'antifa' for violence - The San Diego  Union-Tribune

When we the people dare to stop any of the lawlessness we are told to shut up.  We are called islamaphobes. white supremists and haters. Even people of color are thrown into the same categories if they see things unconstitutional. These progressive Cabal puppets run guns at home and abroad while they try to take yours. They have built an empire designed to train and finance lawlessness, partake in every manner of evil destruction, including stealing the election through open voter fraud and putting a demented mind controlled Joe in the White House, and threaten any and all who dare to question any of it.
Does anyone yet NOT SEE that we are at war and that war is domestic?  That war is not just at the Capitol/Whitehouse, it is in the Pentagon and fueled by establishment elite donor dollars.

Our email inboxes are filled with Republican party donate now, donate last chance, donate, donate, give me money so I can fight for you in congress. The same congress that these have been in for the last half of the century….and for some – the last decade or two. I thought they got paid a salary to serve? I must have missed something here? Both parties are filled with wickedness and dead men’s bones. The swamp is full of bad, bad people that need to be removed. The last thing you need to do is donate to these lifers so they can help the Marxists bite off your hands faster.

Donald Trump has declared it a terrorist organisation but what is Antifa  anyway? - ABC News

America if you cannot see the dismantling of your rights, and the setting up of a radical Marxist home invasion… never will. Why would the establishment elite allow this?  The answer is easy. It’s to bring about world war III (which they have successfully done) and from the ashes usher in their one world order.  The uprising is paid for and funded by your tax payer hidden dollars and big donations from the establishment western world and Cabal internationals.

trump 12784435_1058106024241361_1629458791_n

One man is standing against this evil.  Donald J. Trump. Many have come to fight by his side for justice and truth. Those that stand with him are being condemned, losing their jobs, positions, name called, lied about, and threatened. Some have been suicided or found in dumpsters, some had terrible accidents and heart attacks, and some have simply had false charges made against them.  Trump defenders are being threatened and blasphemed in the same manner.  All who defend  the people and stand by what is right  with common sense are being blasted by those who want to overrun America and turn her over to the United Nations new world tyranny. The constitution is in the paper shredder and the usurpers finger is on the start button.


This is the last stand for America.  War is here.  We are in the middle of it and it is getting nasty.  Those who have declared it are in our faces and they are not hiding it at all. President Trump is now openly playing his cards. His censor card will be a dominoe affect that brings down a myriad of strongholds. It has been pushed and now leaning forward….

image 77

God bless Trump and keep him protected and strong.  These are perilous times and I pray that the good people in power will impeach those who have betrayed this nation.

Keep on pressing and fear not…stand firm and never surrender! Remember the best is yet to come!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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