When I first heard the prophecy of Amanda Grace on the “The Fall Of The Golden Calves” I didn’t finish listening to it. Instead, I actually drifted off from it and instead of finish listening to the end, I left the video to search for other information. Last night before bed I had an urge to listen to it again, for something soothing in light of a day of chaos. I listened to its entirety and it hit the target.

This morning upon awakening, the first thing I thought of was the Golden Calves and Moses. It hit me that I needed to write of this today. Then, I thought this was Amanda’s vision and I must let people hear it for themselves for it is definately now coming to pass. I believe she got the vision to write it on Sunday night and struggled with it for over four hours in the middle of the night before she wrote it. She said it was a strong spiritual warfare. I now see why. For her vision was presenting itself in the events that are unfolding and yet to come.

Listen to Amanda Grace’s vision of “The Fall of The Golden Calves” and discern for yourself.

IN LISTENING TO IT MYSELF, I liken the recent events to be as when Moses who led the people out of Egypt went up into the mountains to be instructed by God on how to lead the people, of which he was given the ten commandments. Which were to be the laws of the people to live by.

While Moses was up in the mountains the people grew restless and talked amongst themselves that Moses was away to long and many grumbled among themselves that he had tarried to long. Many argued that he led them out of Egypt only to die in the wilderness. They rebelled against Moses and decided to make a golden calf and worship it as in the manner of Egypt. Aaron, who was devoted to Moses and his brother was caught up under the pressure of the people and took their gold and forged it into the golden calf. When it was finished the people celebrated and began to worship it.

Torah 101-Ki Tissa | Teaching the unchanging word of our Father Yah

God was watching and he was wrath with the people and told Moses of what they were doing while he was in his presence. He told Moses they were not worthy and would destroy them all but Moses pleaded with God not to destroy them lest the enemies would say God saved the people only to destroy them in the wilderness. God listened to Moses and allowed him to go and settle the matter of the people on his own.

When Moses returned to the people and saw what they had done with his own eyes he was so angered and threw the Commandments of God down and broke them for they were not deserving of them. He called out to the people and demanded an account of Aaron. The people gave their account and Moses said, all those who stand with God come up hither. The whole house of Levi came up and many others. Many swore they would not follow and rebelled. The sword was given to those who chose God and they slayed the people and those that were not slain the ground quaked and opened up and swallowed them up.

Now, President Trump is away and many are saying he tarries too long. Many are saying he has led us to this point only to leave us on our own. Meanwhile there are those who are building their own golden calves and celebrating their new gods (president elect and reset global politics) and planning to rid any and all who do not follow in their celebration. There are also those who have kept the faith in God’s promises and await for God to save America for those who believe and want to restore “In God We Trust” and a Godly nation based on Godly principles and God’s natural law of liberty and freedom for his people.

Garry Kasparov on Twitter: "The Golden Calf has grown into a sacred cow in  the Wall Street Bull. Trump's worship of this false idol comes at the cost  of helping people &

In this vision…I see the elected leader of the people working behind the scenes (up in the mountains) and I see the people celebrating, while there are those holding to faith and those succumbing under the confusion. I also see the President returning with the divine laws of God to restore America to its’ God Given Roots decided upon by the founding fathers. I see those who have made their golden calves going asunder by the mighty hand of God. For no other force could ever fight such a monster as that which has risen on a global scale and in our government.

Hang on Patriots…be not weary in waiting for the promises to come into fruition. For the next days will be filled with darkness and waiting. But all things shall work together for those who love the Lord. It is rumored that martial law will be called on a WORLD SCALE. During this time all communications will be down except for global emergency announcements. During this time, keep the faith and know that in God We Trust shall be restored.

Dianne Marshall

JUST IN – FCC has just issued an enforcement advisory reminding all Emergency Alert System participants of their “compliance obligations.”

They are reminding ALL of these outlets (media, phone companies, etc.) to COMPLY with EAS rules, meaning THEY CANNOT CENSOR OR BLOCK EBS MESSAGES.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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