And That Old Dragon Whispers…

Give Me Liberty Or Give Them Death

In a book I authored in 2006, I presented the direction America was heading through the words of a pompous character named The Dragon, also known also as the devil, Lucifer, Satan, and the Serpent of old. The Dragon reminisces his story to his trusty demonic minion whose name is O’Hellian (who is obedient but not to smart, nor bright). The book is out of print at the moment, but the content is so timely that I wanted to place a few excerpts here for others to read.

Please enjoy the insights predicted back then when some of us were first awaking. It wasn’t necessarily prophetic at all, it was simply critical thinking and discernment of God’s word, and observations through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Something we all have who believe in the Lord.

    The scene is set in Manhattan on top of the ever-famous Empire State building.  The Dragon, also known as (Satan, Lucifer, the Serpent, and the old Devil), and his favorite minion, O’Hellian, are sitting atop its’ majestic spire overlooking the entire New York City skyline.  The view is awe inspiring. 

image 11

     Off in the distance, the lovely goddess of liberty stands proudly like the queen of heaven, ready to thrust her tablet against the breast of that great city, that great harlot riding the beast – Manhattan.

     With torch of fire in hand, she illuminates the waters that beat against her shores.  In silence she listens…as though she hears, ever so closely, the trumpet that soon will sound her fall.

     The dragon has called a special meeting with O’Hellian, to discuss and brag about his pride and joy, Babylon the Great. And to reveal his plans for that great city that rules over the nations – Manhattan. 

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

    The Dragon pauses and pierces his eyes into the bay.  “Look out there O’Hellian,” he smugs, “Tell me what ya see;”

     “The Goddess of Liberty?” guesses O’Hellian, as though unsure of what he is supposed to be seeing. 

     “Right,” laughs Dragon.  “My dang Roman Goddess of Liberty!  And Americans just love her.   Why the whole free world loves her.  She’s my symbol of Roman Democracy, my Queen of heaven.  One of the facets of my Roman Goddess Artemis.  She was first displayed on a coin with my roman guy Bassianus Antonius, better known as Caracalla.  And the founders of the United States put her on their coins too!  Why, she’s still on them!  They have her perched on top of their Capitol Building.  New York has her on its’ Flag.  Just try and tell me Americans don’t love my world. 

     In the days of their founding fathers the essays of Trenchard and Gordon “Cato’s Letters”, were published in London and made their way to the colonies.  These essays condemned tyranny and corruption in government while advancing the principles of liberty.

     I whispered for them to whole heartily entrench their thoughts in the classic Roman history of Cato the younger, (who was the great grandson of the roman statesman Cato the elder).  He was an enemy of Julius Caesar and the champion of liberty and republican principles.  His son in law, Brutus helped assassinate Julius Caesar.  Ha! Another example of people uniting for good and ending up with corruption. 

     With a few whispers I had the founding fathers model their whole beginnings from the works of Trenchard and Gordon’s book “Cato’s Letters”.

     True liberty, ha!  Cato the younger followed Pompeii’s democracy.  Nothing wrong with allowing the wealthy nobles to own slaves and leave no jobs for the Roman citizens.  They were starving, and Julius Caesar seized the opportunity to take over Pompeii’s Rome under the guise of Liberating them! One of my best -led revolutions.  One that led to tyranny of dictatorship.  Julius rebelled against Pompeii’s Rome with a promise to stop the noble’s monopoly on work by ending their slavery!  Liberty for all!  Something that would repeat itself many times in this new United States.  The same bone of contention replanted in the new colonies.  Rome had once again been revived!  Pompeii’s democracy.”

Chapter Twelve – One Nation Under God?

     “Little did the founding fathers conceive that the very nature of lust for a better way, a better day, would turn about the reins of the clamoring chariots of Rome and the ushering in of Caesar’s truth, justice and liberty for all, complete with the Roman Goddess Queen of Heaven (Liberty) along with the ultimate symbol of democracy the Roman Eagle!

     These symbols adorn their great seal, their Capitol, their coins and Liberty lights their harbor.  Rome’s own blind justice, her own civil war, to be reincarnated in the battle between the north and the south, Pompeii verses Julius!  One nation under God.  But which god?  Rome had so many.  How many have entered in through the harbor of Liberty?  

image 14

One need to look no further than the nation’s capital building itself to see the art that would send the founding fathers reeling in their graves if they ever saw it.  In the rotunda of the capital building, we find the great work of art by my servant Constantino Brumidi, titled “the apotheosis of George Washington”, which means “the raising to the ranks of a god!”  It’s George clear as day, a life size heavenly vision.  Guided by two aspects of the Queen of Heaven herself lifting him – Liberty to his left, and Fame sounding a trumpet and holding a palm in a symbol of victory to his right.  And thirteen female aspects standing in a circle around him representing the colonies.  A work of art – Ha!

     Surrounding George and my goddesses, I have the apotheosis of my greatest achievement of all – Democracy – being raised to the ranks of a god!  Six groups of my god’s and goddesses – each working closely with the people of this nation!   Starting with my tribute to War is my goddess Armored Freedom with sword and shield, her cape flying, protected by her helmet she tramples Tyranny and Kingly Power (war tramples all).  Along her side is my eagle carrying arrows and a thunderbolt.  You see O’Hellian, these are my symbols for me, and they don’t even see it.  Ha! 

     Next my salute to Science and the goddess of wisdom, and the arts of civilization, Minerva.  protected with her helmet and spear she points to an electric generator that creates power stored in batteries, next to a printing press.  Benjamin Franklin, Samuel F.B. Morse, and Robert Fulton watch on.  To her left, a teacher demonstrates the use of dividers.  Ahh – the people mingled with my iron. 

image 13

     And then there is my god of the sea -Neptune, complete with his trident and crowned with seaweed. Brumidi has him riding a shell chariot drawn by sea horses.  While Venus my goddess of love, who was born from the sea, helps lay the transatlantic cable which was the birth of my power of the air to man.  An iron-clad ship with smokestacks bellows in the background, while the people adore the sight of these gods. 

     Next, a tribute to my god of commerce Mercury.  Half-naked, with his winged cap and sandals and caduceus he hands a bag of gold to Robert Morris, financier of the revolutionary war.  On the left, men move a box on a dolly, on the right, men are tallying the goods, recording the profits of wealth.

     Hail to Vulcan my god of the forge.  There he stands, big and brawn at his anvil with his foot on a cannon, and plenty of cannon balls nearby.  He is surrounded with people helping the effort.

     And last but not least a tribute to my goddess of agriculture – Ceres.  Brumidi has her crowned with a wreath of wheat and holding a cornucopia while seated on a McCormick reaper.  Young goddess of America is in a liberty cap holding the reins of the horses, while my goddess Flora gathers flowers.

image 16

     It’s a shame about Brumidi though, O’Hellian.  Before he could complete the paintings, he fell off the scaffle and died three months later.  Later I found Filippo Costaggini and whispered for him to finish it.  It took him nine years but in 1889 it was done.

     Over the last two centuries millions of people have traveled to tour the capital building and view this work of art.  Few, if any, have ever questioned the artist’s intent.  Americans stare up at its beauty in awe. Never questioning its message.  My gift to America, the apotheosis of her Roman gods, from the prince of Rome whose deadly wound was healed!

     And now, through the uniting of all the nations, a revived world empire, disguised as masterfully as any Caesar could have done.  A New World Order.

     My greatest empire of all is growing.  A great beast combining all of the great empires since Nimrod in Assyria, the Pharaohs of Egypt, Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, the Kings of Persia, Alexander’s Greece, Pompeii and Caesar’s Rome, and all the Kings of Great Britain combined into one.  The completion of the succession of all my great empires and the unveiling of my Beast.  Resting snuggly in that great State of New York.  Headquartered amidst the Manhattan skyline. 

image 18

     My one world monetary system, my world health organization, my world food, world civil rights and liberties, world police – one world everything! 

     And the beauty of this beast is that it can’t decide on anything, nor can it stop wars!  It actually allows more chaos, more discord, more mass starvation, more anti Christianity, more anti-Semitism, more terrorism, and more elitism. 

     It is the home of my ultimate Prince preparing the way for world war III!  Armageddon and the ultimate wiping out of Israel in the middle east and the grafted in Israel of the west, not to mention the remnant of stragglers throughout the world. 

      Dragon laughs and sings, “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere New York, New York, Neeewwwww Yorrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk!”

Chapter Thirteen – True Liberty

 “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!” 2nd Corinthians 3:17 NKJB

     “You see O’Hellian”, the Dragon arises, as he raises his arm and extends his hand out, palm up directed at the harbor, “as long as folks look to my lady in the harbor as their hope for liberty, I got’em!  And as long as they look to my coins with her on them, I got’em.”  The dragon sits back down and continues, “the problem with folks these days is that they need visuals.  They need to see the thing to believe it.  And ya can’t see true liberty.  It’s something ya have to have faith in it.  The Guy on the Throne gives it out to folks who believe.  It’s another one of those faith things and I work hard to get rid of those faith things.

     True liberty is freedom from my world.  Freedom from my bondage, and as long as this is my world, it will always be democracy over liberty.  More government, less we the people.

     That gal in the harbor, she’s my goddess.  I call her liberty because that’s what we the people want to hear.  That’s what we the people want to see.  When they come to look at her they stare up in awe.  Folks think she stands for God, America, and apple pie.  But my liberty is blended in with my democracy.  My Roman democracy and my Roman goddess of liberty go hand in hand.  They are my symbols of bondage.  And as long as I can keep folks to busy to think, they’ll never figure it out. Ha!

     She’s their symbol.  The thing they can see.  They can’t see faith, and as long as the modern day Pharisees can’t explain it, they’ll never get it.  Why?  Because O’Hellian, I got her so ingrained in this generation’s head as truth, justice and the American way that no one wants to be called anti-American by exposing her.

     It’s faith they can believe in.  America’s cause to protect her.  Why?  Because they can see her.

Folks will die to protect my democracy, and fight to spread it throughout my world.  Why?  Because they can see it in all of my symbols.  My images.  The only ones that concern me are those that can see through her.  Those do gooders that are ready to die for the cause of true liberty.  Ready to play the martyr.

       Do you know what gives a martyr the strength to fight for a cause O’Hellian?  The strength to die for one?”

     O’Hellian decides to take a guess and cautiously answers, “Because they have a world leader they’re willing to die for?”

     “No!” roared the Dragon, “that’s what we do!  Martyrs take a stand for all the things that can’t be seen.  They take a stand for true liberty.  True liberty is dangerous stuff for us.  It has within it the strength of things not seen.  The strength of faith, the strength of hope, the strength of love, the strength of charity, the strength of duty, the strength of purpose, the strength of loyalty, the strength of conviction, the strength of courage, and the strength of true freedom from bondage.  The strength of legions of angels to come to their aid.  Powerful stuff.  These are not in my world.

image 19

     These things come into fruition when folks shod their feet with the Word of God.  And when they do that O’Hellian, Michael and his legions of angels make them even stronger.  It’s a scary thing for us because all it takes is one.  Just one of them do gooders willing to stand up and be tested as silver and tried like gold.  Just one little folk can inspire thousands upon thousands to join in the fight for things not seen.

     That’s why we have to keep them busy, and keep them seeing my stuff, my way!  Keep them seeing my world as the only world.  My kingdom is the only one folks can physically see right now and it’s our job to keep them believing this is all there is.  Believing that what you see is what you get.   Not the things unseen.  We got to keep them in line, going along.  Make them believe in my concept of eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!

     Most of today’s do gooders have gotten lukewarm.  They like being lukewarm, they think they’ve been blessed.  They think that being politically correct is what the Guy on the Throne wants them to be.  They don’t realize that politics is part of my world.  Politics meaning social conniving for personal gain.  I love my democracy.  And the modern-day Pharisees have their hands all wrapped around it.  All wrapped around my world. Ha!

     My great ideas, efforts, and whispers, added with time, has eaten away at the very core of the church and the beauty of America.  Little by little I got Americans to leave their Christian republic roots in exchange for a form of democracy.  My democracy.  My democracy can only work for partial good if the one leading it holds Christian values and morals.  But the way I got it all set up now, I got ways to keep them from getting much done against what I have put together.  What the Dragon hath put together let no do gooder put asunder, now that’s my motto!

image 22

     My democracy for all the unrighteous holds the lawmaking power.  And the righteous have to live by it.  It’s a beautiful system.  It forms my Babylon the great.  My laws that go against the Guy on the Throne.  I entered into this country through the wide path of the left, and then I crossed over to the narrow path on the right.  The path to freedom.  Freedom of religion.  I proclaimed democracy as my stronghold.  I whispered and laws were made to condone all manner of sin.  I whispered some more and laws were made to restrain righteous freedoms.  Righteous freedoms that were so very necessary to uphold Christian morals and values. Ha!  Now my democracy has a voice.  A voice that allows unrighteous and immoral values to be heard, and legally override the truth in the words of the republic constitution instilled by the prayers of the founding fathers and blessed by the Guy on the Throne.

image 10

     Ushering in the true decline of America’s morals and values.  Creating a diseased and sickly division among we the people that eats away at her core like a cancer.  But, O’Hellian, one thing concerns me.  True Christians are discovering their historic roots and the events that make the formation of the original republic necessary.  This country is holding itself together with a thin thread of republic Christian morals and values.  It is now on a fast falling moral decline.  That’s where I want it, and I got to snap that one last thin thread fast.  Ya know why O’Hellian?”

      O’Hellian shrugs his shoulders and pretends to think in an effort to hide his attention deficit moment.  He answers, “Why?” 

     “Because the movement of do gooders has come to a head.  Do gooders, the ones with the true Holy Spirit are taking a stand.  This is waking up a lot of folks in the lukewarm level.  Folks are taking a stand.  They are becoming either hot or cold.  The hot ones are taking a stand for true liberty.  They are putting on their armor that the Guy on the Throne gave’em.  That armor ya can’t see.  They’re taking a stand to fight the things unseen.  That means us O’Hellian!  Their time is ripe for rebuking and warring against my things.  The things both physically and not physically seen.  It’s a new reality for them.  A new awakening. 

     They actually see this stuff that others can’t see, and they have a passion for their cause.  This is the stuff the martyrs had.  This is the stuff I always try to avoid.  My specialty is temptation with things they can see, touch and feel!  Things they can lust after and wish they had.  Things they desire.  Desire so bad they can taste it…  Desire so bad they do all kinds of lawless stuff to get it.  I take away their liberty unseen and give them my liberty they can see.  My goddess in the harbor, my goddess on their coins, their flags and their buildings.  My money, my stuff, and more money and more stuff.  Power, wealth, little folks to rule over.  Ya got to have my money, my mark to get stuff in my world.  Nobody can buy or sell without it.  That’s what I always say, and I say it loud and clear to every generation!  Hey, I’m fair. 

     Folks like what they can see.  They hold on to physical liberties.   Most can’t understand the liberty of thought. Nor the power behind the things unseen.  They only get it when they can see it.  Like when they physically get locked in jail.  Now they understand that.  They see they just lost their physical liberty loud and clear. Ha!  But, as long as they aren’t behind bars, then they don’t see me stealing their liberty.  Their true liberty.  They’re too busy doing stuff.  Buying stuff I advertise and stressing out by working around the clock to get it.  They believe in what they see.  If they saw it on TV on the liberal news it makes it true.  If they read it in the newspaper then it’s true.  If they see it in the flesh, then that makes it so. Ha!

image 17

     You see O’Hellian, true liberty is something I can never take away.  I can only make them doubt that it ever existed.  That’s why I rewrite textbooks and lure people away from true knowledge.  It’s like in the days of the founding fathers, every home had a Bible, and every home had a copy of the Foxe Book of Martyrs alongside it.  Today, you can ask folks on the street if they even know what that Foxe book is, and they will tell ya they never heard of it.  It’s lost in time.  It’s a dangerous piece of work for us.  It is full of the history and testimonials from the apostles to the early Christians who believed in the things unseen.  Full of the testimonials of folks that were martyred at the same time the colonies were being settled. Folks who denied my liberty in the flesh for the liberty unseen.  This liberty from the guy on the throne.  The liberty of thought.  That no matter how much trial or torture they had unseen strength from angels to stand firm, knowing they were going home when it was all over. 

image 20

     I hate that kind of courage, that type of conviction and passion.  I got rid of that book, and some do gooder updated it and brought it back into print.  They list the millions of martyrs that died in the last 100 years of my reign.  Dang it.  I try, but I just can’t touch true liberty.  I can water it down and I do.  Just like I do with the Guy on the Throne’s book, his Bible.  I’m not allowed to change scriptures in the book, but I’ve been successful at changing the folk’s ability to understand it.  Ha!

     I did this the same way I did the republic constitution.  I started out by allowing the usage of words to have descriptions instead of the usage of words having prescriptions.  The idea is that when words keep getting misused from its original intent or translation, it can take on a new meaning and then the system accepts that new meaning.  This suits the wants and needs of a new generation.  This eventually leads to the disappearance of vast volumes of knowledge and wisdom.  Ya see O’Hellian, the meanings of words determine how folks interpret something.  When the meaning of the work gets watered down, changed over and over, then folks see a whole different meaning.  Like one Bible quote originally said “Be of good courage” which the prescription for use meant to be brave and have fearlessness.  Well, over time I whispered and had someone translate it into “Be of good cheer”.  Which at the time could apply, like when an army was heading into battle, and people cheered’em on to be brave and win.  But, by today’s standards, everyone thinks it means to be happy and have some joy, joy, joy. Well, you tell me O’Hellian, it certainly can change the intent of the Word today, can’t it. Ha!  You see how it works O’Hellian, I’ve reprogrammed man’s thinking, what he memorizes.  That’s why man is forever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

They learn what I want them to learn.  The stuff I whisper.   My liberties.  Change what things mean in folks minds and ya change the message.  That’s how I work it O’Hellian.  Then ya add new thought directions and then ya got them good.  Ha!

End of excerpts.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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