Don’t you think Trump wants to tell us everything… I sure do. And he is pushing hard for the day when he can not only tell you everything, he will have a book that shows it all.

Secretary Pompeo and the Trump Administration had been busy building an international coalition of nations in an alliance for sovereignty of nations.

Fake news never touched on this topic. One would have thought all the Trump administration did was sit around and fend off attacks from deep state fake news Russia, Russia, Russia, Pelosi et al wrap up smears, and threats of ways to be impeached. Progressive Dems and RINOS attacked from all angles dumping buckets of accusations of an imaginary terrible past, present, and fear of the future if he continued to remain in office. Oh and hold MAGA rallies and lead riots on the capital lawn as he grabbed for the steering wheel to go back to where the action was, as told by false whistle blowers.

Well none of that is aging well. Our eyes now turn to the TRUTH!

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So here is what you missed while the fake news was feeding mis and dis information and gaslighting the public with lies and made up stories from lizard puppet masters.

The Trump Administration had been building a coalition of nation leaders in alliance with sovereignty of nations and nation building, while fighting Human and Child Trafficking, Drug Cartels, money laundering, gun running, dark markets, illegal biolabs, and a host of other illegal activities all while building Space Force!

It sure looks like something to do with World Liberty and the end of World Human Trafficking on the horizon? Is that why the swamp has been so unhinged for the last seven years and why they are screaming like banshees now?

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Did the news even mention when President @realDonaldTrump proclaimed January to be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month and called on each of us to do our part to #EndTrafficking. Read more about it here: https://go.usa.gov/xA8Dc.

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The people began to see it was a swamp, then they knew it was a swamp, then they demanded that horrible lawless swamp be drained. Yet, the more that was revealed the more people were wanting something done about it RIGHT NOW…RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. And because of legal processes and laws the process was slow and because the lawless ones continue to do lawless acts and many who were in charge of the law were also lawless, it became a horrid thing to watch.

Then came the lawless plandemic to top off the end of four years of waking up. Remember things like build a wall and child and human trafficking were some of the first issues to be addressed by the Trump Administration…this angered the cabal and so the war began. It wasn’t until after COVID and the 2020 election fraud that the majority of the people knew WE WERE AT WAR. So most who were blind to the swamp and all the evil being done in secret behind closed doors and even in the light of day were now seeing this election was lawless and a fraud. The people learned the lawlessness now expands to foreign nations and is a giant global web of destruction. Not just a USA voter fraud issue. Many now see all sovereign nations are at war and being abused by the same global order of grand lizard puppet masters and their appointed lizard puppets that have infiltrated every aspect of society.

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Baal is an ancient cult. Why do old rich men meet in the grove once a year? Why do they play like they are sacrificing a child on their alter to Molleck? Have they ended their yearly party in Northern Cali? They’ve been quiet lately. Asking for some friends.

We’ve just had lots of questions about Pizza, and other strange behaviors of those who are allegedly our (elected???) leaders and their advisors.

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Meanwhile, President Trump has forged peaceful relationships with the rest of the world. The only ones that don’t want to do business with him are those that want global one world government and that is not what the other people of the nations want, nor what freedom loving patriots of the U.S.A. desire. This is also why the globalists hate Trump and want him gone. Each day he continues is one more day that progress for peace and prosperity is allowed for all nations who want sovereignty, peace and harmony for their nations. The plandemic has laid the world in a mountain of pain and despair. There is a remedy for this and it appears it is about to be poured out over the wounds of America and the rest of the world. That is what I believe is taking place behind the scenes.

For those who may not be aware, Secretary of State Pompeo has been busy working with many countries…I believe all but two are on board to establish global peace and reformation. Fair trade and peace that allows the money spent on wars to be spent on the people of the nations. This has been an ongoing process.

Just prior to the J-6 rally with President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo put out a series of tweets thanking the alliances forged for sovereignty of nations for a better world of nation rights, trade and peace.

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Photo below: Mike Pompeo posed for a picture during the Arctic Council summit at the Lappi Areena in Rovaniemi, Finland May 7, 2019. Among the Foreign Ministers gathered were Sergey Lavrov, of Russia, Margot Wallstrom, of Sweden, and Finland’s Foreign Minister Timo Soini.

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Photo -Mandel Ngan/Pool via REUTERS

Pompeo tweeted on Jan. 3, 2021, “My counterparts in the democratic nations of the Arctic Council helped turn the corner – recognizing the threat posed if we let the authoritarians dominate and spoil this geography.”

In June 2020, we reopened our consulate in Nuuk, marking an important milestone in our relationship with Greenland and Denmark — thanks @USAmbDenmark & team Copenhagen.” In the tweet below from Jan. 3, 2021 he states, “@jeppekofod, you’ve done so much to strengthen U.S.-Kingdom of Denmark ties. Thanks for the close collaboration and friendship”.

image 143

Below, Sec. Pompeo tweeted a photo of himself and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Jeppe Kofod.

image 144
image 145

Photo above, Pompeo tweeted on Jan. 4, 2021, “The Trump Administration pushed for a #HemisphereOfFreedom. We didn’t side with dictators, like the last Administration.” In photo below, he tweeted, “Let’s talk Venezuela. The @StateDept team worked tirelessly to build a global coalition of more than 60 countries taking a stand against the illegitimate Maduro regime and supporting @JGuaido@AsambleaVE, and the Venezuelan people.

image 135

January 4, 2021 he tweeted, “Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua: The outliers in what is otherwise now a #HemisphereOfFreedom “

image 146

On January 4, 2021 Pompeo tweeted, “James Baker taught me that tinpot dictatorships look stable, until they’re not. Have to keep the pressure on Maduro. Appeasement will only embolden his criminal crew.

image 147

#SoMuchWinning. Our relationship with Brazil is at an all-time high. Together with the @jairbolsonaro Administration, we signed a new 3-part trade deal, designated Brazil a major non-NATO ally, and launched the U.S.-Brazil Environmental Framework Dialogue.

image 148

Jan. 4, 2021 “We have worked hard to improve ties with our Caribbean neighbors, who were basically ignored under prior R and D Administrations alike. China took advantage. We took action”.

image 149

And the accomplishments go on and on. President Trump has been laying the ground work for America and the World to live in a free, prosperous world community that is polar opposite of the communistic regime rule of Tyrants who want to own everything and depopulate the world while punishing those they don’t like.

Which brings us to January 6, 2021

President Trump met with patriots on the Capitol grounds giving encouragement and promise to those hundreds of thousands (millions) who came in support to stand for liberty and freedom for an honest and fair election for all Americans. That great event to exercise their first amendment rights was overshadowed by great evil forged by wicked people in high places who coordinated a Trojan Horse. The media has spun this into a giant web of lies in order to stop what Trump is doing. And that is “exposing their cheat, lies, deceit, their coup, and in short their treason”.

It always looks the darkest before the light, and it always looks like all is forsaken just before the grand finale in any good story. This one is Biblical and it does have a good ending. President Trump did not come this far in establishing relationships and deals with so many nations who desire to unite to restore world peace and to be a reformation for nations from the inside out for their sovereignty and inalienable rights for their people, to just stop now because of cheaters and liars.

He did not form alliances for prosperity with a league of nations who are eagerly on board to thrive with the tyrannical central bank cabal who want to buy the entire world leadership with their money vaccinating, depopulating stealing their mineral rights, and keeping them enslaved and in debt. They are about to find out the world is no longer for sale to the highest bidder. And America is not going to hell in a hand basket just because the three stoodges went to Washington by stealing the elections with a voter fraud machine operated in foreign countries. So while it may seem to you today, that it will never happen, I am here to tell you it already has been taking place.

But, know this also…the snake has many heads and it doesn’t want to just slither away. They will pull all the punches they can…so ignore the irritants and don’t fall into their anger traps. Stay calm and keep your eyes focused on the Lord.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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