Imagine if the puppet masters decided to add some new congress members to adhere more to Biden’s world view. I imagine that at best, it would look similar to this.

Although these videos are old….they are classic and fit perfectly into the dumbed down political climate we are presently watching coming out of the Biden Administration.

That old bat Pelosi will never leave….she will haunt congress forever!

Meanwhile….in Biden’s real administration- During a Senate Small Business Committee hearing, Sen. Rand Paul questioned Dilawar Syed, President Biden’s nominee for Deputy Administrator of the Small Business Administration, over PPP loans he received. Already in hot water with no tea bag present.

Stay Strong!



Crimea in the news again, and no one seems to understand why or what could possibly be going on. It is easier to explain what is happening now if you first get filled in on the back story. The one no one wants you to know and the one Biden’s handlers are trying to avoid at all costs. How many know that Biden has been charged by Ukraine of a Class A Felony? See article: Joe Biden Wanted in Ukraine on Class A Felony Bribery Charges (

In another article written Jan 2020, it lays out the timelines, facts of Giuliani and his investigations and the fear all of this must have placed on the deep state. You can follow it all the way up to the famous …IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH. It will also open your eyes to the recent TAKE DOWN GIULIANI FBI RAID. Titled Timeline, Trump, Giuliani, Biden, and Ukrainegate: Timeline: Trump, Giuliani, Biden, and Ukrainegate (

After you know what they are saying…then look at what was actually taking place. Giuliani was naming names, gathering hard evidence, and putting an ax to the base of the cabal’s tree of secrecy in their land of spin. How many Americans knew the Obama/Biden Administration was doing all of this in 2013 thru 2016? How many even yet understand what they did in Libya? Iraq? Afghanistan? Remember when Obama bombed the hospital in Afghanistan which was in a peace zone? Fake news does not like to inform with the truth, instead they love to gaslight. Pelosi calls it the smear wrap up, remember? For those who don’t like to read….watch this video “Crimea The Way Back Home”.

How many will see Ukraine’s woes were an outside job to create a revolution to topple the Ukrainian Government? Why not? The playbook shows the plan, it worked for Arab Spring! How many know that Obama, Biden, McCain, and even Lindsey Graham, along with ambassadors and other key government players were involved in this toppling?

Why Democrats are sure Adam Schiff is the perfect person to take on Trump

They were all so bold, believing the Cabal could not be toppled, for it sat as a queen and no one could touch her and they, those slimey little puppets were attached to their strings. Many of the key players involved with bringing down the Ukrainian Government are the same ones that Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff used in their basement trials when they were trying to impeach President Trump.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-63.png

Snipers fired shots at the civilians fired from the Ukraine Hotel. This was not from the citizens. The revolution was a masacre by those toppling the Ukrainian Government. Not the people in a revolution! It was a blood bath. Similar to the ANTIFA and Matters Soros groups. It was a blood bath. This appears to be in the plans for America…they always follow their playbook when they topple nations. Thank God for President Trump and all those who have taken a stand to guard this land and its’ people. Patriots were being goaded to hit the streets to set them up for this very same live theater, but, thank the Lord and God keeping them patient, calm and steady, watching and ready and not reacting to their evil in the way they are goading.

This is a graphic video and you need to click on it to watch it on YouTube. When I watch this, I see what the Biden Cabal did there and they are trying their hardest to bring Patriots in the streets to do the very same thing here! Keep calm, fear not…and don’t walk into their bait. Trump has taken great measures to keep us safe and avoid this type of revolution in our streets. KNOW IT!

The European Union Oligarchs were in league with the toppling, Obama was not alone. These are the same ones that want to rule the world, many names we never heard of before. The same ones that are in Lockstep and are using COVID-19 as their bio warfare weapon to topple all nations. Their plans are the same for all nations. The end result is to push revolutions, cripple all cities, mass killing of the people and destroy sovereignty of all nations. Bringing them all into a new world order run by the same evil souless bast>>ds that toppled Ukraine and other nations.

Pray for justice for the innocent that were killed by the progressive democratic marxists who assisted in the toppling of Ukraine for the oligarchs new world disorder. Pray that God bring justice to address the evil web of Burisma as a shell company for the cabal. Joe – where is Hunter?



REMEMBER TRUMP WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO WIN. HAD HILLARY TAKEN OVER… it appears the puppets were headed for major war for their puppet masters. Biden’s reward was kick backs of all Hunter’s stash and more kick backs from future China deals. You bet if we can figure out this much, Giuliani had a vault of gold!


So you see, the Cabal hates Putin. Why? He wants sovereignty of nations and hates the Central Banks. He kicked out the banksters, and also Hillary’s propaganda pushers. So, it does not take much imagination to see where this was going to lead under Hillary. First Ukraine, then Crimea, then Russia cackle, cackle…. with a mix of we came, we saw, and they died. But dang… Trump won, Dominion didn’t do the job, the mess was obvious, Biden bragged at the CFR- Council Foreign Relations, and cracked up Hunter left his lap top at the “IT” cleaners. And now, it appears they had to clean it up and so they stole the election and….wouldn’t ya know…we are watching a mindless zombie groping around trying to find the White House. It appears this is either a dummy, a double, or they pumped his brain with some of the Vax stuff and he can’t remember much of anything unless they zap him via the cloud. Therefore, he’ll never be able to make a list for any type of plea bargain other than, “Dr. Jill is my wife. I have hairy legs. Long hairs.”

It all sounds like a novel, and it would be a good one for someone to write… but, know this… if it had been written ten years ago…no one would buy it because it would sound too unbelievable to print.

Who knew? Honestly folks, who knew this happened? Who knew this was going on while we were campaigning for President Trump? And Hillary was not campaigning. Why bother…she had hammer and scorecard and already stolen the spot from Bernie. Meanwhile, I’m sure she was watching the transactions going on in Ukraine and her other Solar panel dealings. She had a lot on her plate. No time to be bothered with campaigning when she had Dominion over all.

The fake news never mentioned a peep about Ukraine…other than Obama was sending help due to their own election issues. It sounded like a diplomatic trip…meanwhile it was a revolution started with a little help from puppets of the Cabal…did I say little? So, why not follow up the election loss with RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA? It took the focus off Obama, Biden, Hillary, Pelosi, Pencil Neck, Humpty Dumpty and all the kings men.

Pray for justice for the innocent that were killed in the US progressive democratic marxists who assisted in the toppling of Ukraine for the oligarchs new world disorder.

Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, on Wednesday, after protesters set fire to a camp in a last-ditch effort to resist converging riot police.

Below is the headline and some excerpts from an Article the news did print from 2014. It seems to list cherry picked facts and places them in a way to sway the focus onto the Oligarchs and off of the Obama, Biden Administration.

The ‘quiet billionaires’ shaping Ukraine’s future

“It’s almost as if [Ukrainian] oligarchs are part of the process in which people rise to power,” she said. Behind the scenes, major business leaders—sometimes called “oligarchs” in the parlance of the region—are playing a role in the struggle. Some are discreetly backing the opposition that wants closer ties to Europe and the West, while some support President Viktor Yanukovych and strong ties to Russia. Still others seem to be playing both sides.

The story lists a select group of Ukraine power players, such as Rinat Akhmetov, with an estimated net worth of more than $15 billion, Akhmetov was once “joined at the hip with Yanukovych,” according to Karatnycky. Goodrich pointed out, however, that Akhmetov had a relationship with both former President Viktor Yushchenko and was funding both sides during recent elections. They list Billionaires, Henadiy Boholyubov and Ihor Kolomoyskyi; Victor Pinchuk: An avid art collector; Vadim Novinsky; Petro Poroshenko; Dmytro Firtash and Sergey Kurchenko: Often referred to as a media mogul and Ukraine’s “gas king,” this 28-year-old controls much of the country’s print media, and he has a large stake in its gas market. Karatnycky said that Kurchenko is believed to be holding money for Yanukovych and his family.

Read the full article here: Ukraine fighting: Oligarchs work behind the scenes (




67,853 Heavenly light Stock Photos, Images | Download Heavenly light  Pictures on Depositphotos®

God has emotions. He is angered, He is jealous, He loves, he is patient, He is saddened by man’s sinful ways, He is all knowing and knows our hearts. He is merciful, He bestowes blessings, He is all powerful. He watches all things and is omni present. He made us in his image…a little lower than the angels. He never made us an ape…what would be the point? Those that say this are insulting God…for they are saying the Ape was in his image. God made every living creature and he identified them in groups even giving bugs a category called creeping things.

Genesis 1: 26-27

26And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. 27So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 

God named all things in a category first and then let Adam name the variations of them and appointed him to care for and rule over them.

The fallen angels/watchers  he called fallen for they were no longer obedient. The prince of darkness he made ruler over them since he lured them to choose his ways over God’s ways and even thought to usurp God’s throne.

Fallen Angels: Truth or Fiction From the Bible?

That war rages on…we are watching the followers of darkness setting out to usurp God’s Kingdom on Earth, the one God had originally and always set in motion and darkness entered in and attempted to destroy. It has always been the desire and intent for the Prince of Darkness to kill, steal and destroy God’s Holy Creation, made just a little lower than the angels.  There are many theories of who and what we were before we were born for God knew us all before he sent us. I will leave that for each to ponder, for as I said, there are many ideas.

The war is not going to start it has been ongoing since the garden, and before that in the heavens.  Those who are waiting for a 7 year tribulation time frame are not seeing with their eyes, nor hearing with their ears. History is full of bloody battles, genocides, enslavement, and all manner of horror and tortures done to mankind. Nothing is new under the sun.

That being said, as we look to the United States of America we see battle after battle, since it’s beginnings. From driving indigenous peoples off their land for we wanted it for our nation, and did not consider it was their nation.

image 46
image 47

We were taught America was so blessed and had always been safe on the home front not having any war to deal with. Whoever wrote that forgot many wars on the American soil. From the many tribal wars that raged on and on and on, to the Mexican American war, the war of 1812, the trail of tears and more tribal wars (so many they can’t all be named), wild west rancher wars and shoot outs, on to the civil war, and into to the race wars of the freed indigenous slaves brought here via East India slave markets, right up to WW I, take a breath and WWII, (all mixed with the cabal antics from the day we stepped foot on the soil, armed with the Papal Bull Dum Diversas giving permission for early explorers and settlers to kill, steal and destroy.  Of which the United States still has on their books as The Doctrine of Discovery.

image 44

Take a breath and the  Korean war raged on, followed by the 60’s Viet Nam, Israeli wars, and the death of JFK, Dr. Martin Luther king, and Robert Kennedy. All the while Marxism was growing since the 1830’s and by 1844, as JFK said, it was now the birth of all the isms….. which brought us Saul Alinsky, Hillary, the Weather Underground, Black Panthers, Kabooms all leading up to the biggest false flag 911, Patriot Act, war on terror, Obama and Arab Spring….leading into US meddling in Russian Elections, and UKRAINE ON FIRE! Obama, Biden, McCain and Lindsey Graham all involved. But alas, Hillary lost and we got President Trump who knew their agenda and it wasn’t his……and the four years of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, all the while the guilty ones had lined their pockets and Biden was a big King Pin for China and the Knights of Malta kept on lining up their protégés to fire all their cannons at Trump and every deplorable. Impeach, Impeach….LOCKSTEP, RESET….COVID PLANDEMIC, STOLEN ELECTION…AND HERE WE ARE…STILL STANDING!

Talk about peace, peace and there is no peace!

What part of this entire thing…. Are we not seeing? Are we that blind to our past? Just because we weren’t taught it or because we were too busy being gaslighted and enjoying the high life?

I ask you… what part of any of this which is only what was on the surface and not underground in the tunnels and halls of hell ritual child sacrifices….or any of the Jekyll Island Bankster fraud – oh there is volumes and volumes of the deep dark secret stuff.

image 50

President Trump knows World and American History – he knew EVERYTHING coming into the office. He has been prepared for such a time as this.

image 48

Papal Bull Dum Diversas – June 18, 1452

On June 18, 1452, Pope Nicholas V issued the papal bull Dum Diversas. This decree authorised Alfonso V of Portugal to deem inferior and to kill or enslave any “Saracens (Muslims) and pagans and any other unbelievers of Christianity and take their possessions.  The decree facilitated the Portuguese slave trade from West Africa and made it legal to invade other nations who differed from their own.

The same pope issued another bull “The Romanus Pontifex” on January 5, 1455 to the King of Portugal (Alfonso V) as a follow-up to the Dum Diversas, that now extended to all the Catholic nations of Europe, giving them dominion over discovered lands during the Age of Discovery. Along with sanctifying the seizure of non-Christian lands, and to take their property, including their land, their resources and anything they possessed including their lives if they resisted enslavement. This decree justified enslavement of native, non-Christian peoples in Africa and the New World.

                        Papal Bull Dum Diversas

We weighing all and singular the premises with due meditation, and noting that since we had formerly by other letters of ours granted among other things free and ample faculty to the aforesaid King Alfonso — to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed, and the kingdoms, dukedoms, principalities, dominions, possessions, and all movable and immovable goods whatsoever held and possessed by them and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to apply and appropriate to himself and his successors the kingdoms, dukedoms, counties, principalities, dominions, possessions, and goods, and to convert them to his and their use and profit — by having secured the said faculty, the said King Alfonso, or, by his authority, the aforesaid infante, justly and lawfully has acquired and possessed, and doth possess, these islands, lands, harbors, and seas, and they do of right belong and pertain to the said King Alfonso and his”.

When European nations began taking advantage of the Papal Bull, there needed to be some means of protection against discovery rights, so in 1493 Alexander VI issued the bull Inter Caetera stating one Christian nation did not have the right to establish dominion over lands previously dominated by another Christian nation. This lead to  establishing the Law of Nations.

Together, the Dum Diversas, the Romanus Pontifex and the Inter Caetera came to serve as the basis and justification for the Doctrine of Discovery, the global slave-trade of the 15th and 16th centuries, the theft of the land of all indigenous peoples in the Americas and the Age of Imperialism.

Sadly, few are aware that this indeed was the course of the conquest of the new world.  The more appropriate name for such Papal Bull would be “The Legalized Massacre of  Humanity” or “Legalized Theft and Genocide”.

So as we wait for Trump to be a Trumpet again, and we open books of truth and throw away the false history…. What should we be doing to prepare ye the way for the Lord? God’s people have fought to bring about the Kingdom and the power to do so is within us. Stand up for what is right, together we will break through the darkness and usher in a new Kingdom of Glory! The one our founding fathers visioned. The one he intended us to build with all the people together… an equality for all, loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Remember, God has emotions. He is angered, he is jealous, he loves, he is patient, he is saddened by man’s sinful ways. He is all knowing and knows our hearts. The earth and all that is in it belongs to God. Every soul and every heart that beats belongs to Him. He has had enough… it appears all the signs are showing loud and clear that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Dianne Marshall


Every once in a while there is one little few seconds of video that says it all. This is one of those little videos. Think fast and know, God is always watching!

Stay Strong, watch your back…and never assume all is well in the days of spiritual warfare. What looks like a simple task may well be the moment you have to think fast on your feet!



While CNN fake news shouts that the Arizona Republicans are conducting a quote, “Baffling and Completely Secretive recount of the 2020 Election”….it is on line 24-7 for all to watch! Oh, if only the secretive cabal fed and led fake news would be honest and tell you how to watch it!

Well SIDNEY POWELL has done just that! EVERYONE can WATCH IT LIVE! If you are waiting for the action and tired of watching the paint dry on fake news… watch here now! Arizona Vote Audit Live Stream (


Sidney stated that the Republican Party (RNC) is doing Nothing to help! They are sitting on the sidelines figuring out campaign strategies to get your last dime. The dime General Flynn told you not to give them! The Party no longer represents the patriot Republicans who are fighting against the storm of Dems, RINOs and Puppet Masters! The cabal is big and vast.

There is one way to make sure your donations are used the right way…that is…avoid the old guard and support the new guard that has formed! If you trust Sidney Powell and the patriots who are fighting for the right kind of representation, and have already laid out millions of their own dollars to do so, then you can trust the “Restore the Republic PAC” that she and they support!

The battles have just begun, but rest assured that the enemy is exhausted, they have thrown all they have at the people and have run out of anything new. Their playbook is on parade and all the patriots have watched, and read enough to know their every move and even make winning bets on their next maneuvers. Ole Joe can’t even stay awake or speak straight, let alone fight smart. Even the dems are having “Cheaters Remorse”.

SIDNEY POWELL SAYS TO–Download the App TELEGRAM and follow Arizona Conservatives Take Action, @SidneyPowell, and The Professor’s Record (this is Dr. David Clements and he has been working hard on election integrity). You will get up to the minute information and ways you can help.

—Watch it live here:

Trump floats ex-campaign lawyer Sidney Powell as special counsel


Dear Patriots,

It has been a new world every day in Arizona.

Despite every conceivable roadblock, legal motion and hearings,
THE most historic and unprecedented audit of American ballots is still happening, at least at this moment. And it is on track to be completed by the deadline.

The Left is throwing the kitchen sink at this audit. 
Our fellow Patriots in Arizona from their Senate, to the Grassroots, have remained strong and unwavering in the face of all the usual threats, name calling and legal tricks. The Drive By Media is fit to be tied and doing their best to fool the American people into thinking that the audit is just a bunch of nuts doing something crazy. 

The Republican Party (RNC) is doing NOTHING to help. They are mute and sitting on the side lines as strong Republican State Senators, the Republican Grassrooters, the auditors, and honest attorneys and judges are fighting like champs. 

What are all of these people so afraid of? What do THEY think the audit will find? Why would all of them not want to prove that the election was clean and without fraud and that Joe Biden won fair and square? Why are they fighting so hard to take away our right to look at the results? 

By the way, many of those fighting are NOT Republicans or Trump supporters. They are PATRIOTS fighting for fraud-free elections!

21 Million ballots are being reviewed, scanned and studied, representing 65% of all the votes in whole state of Arizona. The audit is totally public. It is being filmed with nine cameras, 24/7. You can watch this happening live here:

We encourage you to follow the audit closely. It is extraordinary and historic and will have massive impact on our country and our future.

Fellow Patriots, please SHARE your knowledge and forward this to all the people in your orbits. Remember, there are more who love freedom than of those who seek to dominate and control us. The majority of people voted for freedom on November 3, 2020.

Sidney Powell

It is now like the war of the zombies…and easy to tell the good from the bad ones.




Meghan McCain Trolls Trump For 'Dropping Arizona' With Hilarious Meme Of  Her Dad: 'Too Humorous - GRAHAMDUCKER

Daniel Lee explains the questions of President Trump and the COVID vaccines. He walks you through the facts in a clear, concise manner with true current history that offers a much needed brain jolt to remember. We must stay focused and not meander down gaslight alley.

Lin Wood gets very radical when it comes to rituals that involve eating children…and so should the rest of the world. Adrenochrome is real and those who drink it for a multitude of reasons is a fact. Lin Wood is bold enought to address it. IT MUST END!

“And We Know”, continues to get the message out and give us all updates!

Well, well, Lin Wood knows something and soon we all will! Sounds like Little Lyndsay Graham….is in some hot water.


Have you ever recalled a sci-fi thriller, where a group of survivors come together and hull up in some isolated makeshift survival unit, and someone just can’t take it anymore and jumps up and grabs a weapon and shouts how crazy this is we have to ration our food and water. And another person is hungry too and gets up and shouts-Yes! Then they overtake the rationer, beat him all most to death, grab the rations and eat like starving animals until it’s all gone, while the meek look on in horror? And when they’re done they are even more hungry. Well….that’s what happens when fear takes over and God is absent from the soul. (We’ve seen the live videos). People resort to raw animal tendencies. In these surreal days, it is important to walk and talk with the Lord at all times. Let’s keep the faith, count our blessings, pray for discernment, and give praise that God is at the helm.




The most important words other than the Word of God, that we should be sharing…are the congressional words of deception and all the evil our elected servants have done to this nation and we the people in it! President Trump has followed these old elite boys for a long time. He knows all about their towers and all the ideas they have held to turn America into Britains lap dog, and how they have since its’ inception. That is why he said, he is giving the Republic back to WE THE PEOPLE. He can’t stand watching these elite…how many times did you hear Trump say, “THEY CALL THEMSELVES ELITE….THEY’RE NOT THE ELITE, YOU ARE THE ELITE!”

READ and you will know why Herbert Walker Bush said, “‘If the American People ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the street and lynch us’ – H.W. Bush June 1992 to Sarah McClendon (White House Press Corps)”

George H. W. Bush quote: If the people were to ever find out what we...

But today, all the fact checkers are busy telling us there is no proof that he ever said it. Even though…he did. But, whether he did or not, the proof in what has been done to WE THE PEOPLE can be found in the CONGRESSIONAL LIBRARY! A place fact checkers fear to tread and are NOT ALLOWED TO GO.

It has been well known among Congress Persons that the Pilgrims have been a secret society out to turn America into not only an incorporated vassal of a new world order, but to dissolve the Republic all together.  The events plaguing us today… are not new. It is as an open sore, a boil, that has come to a head and now must either be lanced or its’ poison will destroy and kill the entire body of WE THE PEOPLE. 

In 1940 the entire debacle of new world order was discussed and debated and is on record for any to read and see with their own eyes.  This was before we entered WWII and before there was a deceptive United Nations, funded by the Pilgrims –THE ONES THAT MADE UP THE SECRET SOCIETY.

image 41

Did you catch the topic? Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife—

Opening Remarks:


Mr. THORKELSON. Mr. Speaker, in order that the American people may have a clearer understanding of those who over a period of years have been undermining this Republic, in order to return it to the British Empire, I have inserted in the RECORD a number of articles to prove this point. These articles are entitled “Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife.”

This is part I, and in this I include a hope expressed by Mr. Andrew Carnegie, in his book entitled “Triumphant Democracy.” In this he expresses himself in this manner: “Let men say what they will, I say that as surely as the sun in the heavens once shone upon Britain and America united, so surely is it one morning to rise, to shine upon, to greet again the reunited states—the British-American Union.” The Gospel of Wealth (The Wisdom of Men Book 3) eBook:  Carnegie, Andrew: Kindle Store

This statement is clear, and the organizations which Mr. Carnegie endowed have spent millions in order to bring this about.

This thing has been made possible by scholarships, exchange professors, subsidies of churches, subsidies of educational institutions; all of them working for the purpose of eliminating Americanism as was taught once in our schools and to gradually exchange this for an English version of our history.

These organizations were organized to bring about a British union, a union in which the United States would again become a part of the British Empire.

However, this has been upset to some extent by the attempt of the internationalists to establish their own government as an International or world union. And there is, therefore, a conflict between the two, for England wants a British union, with America as a colony, and the international money changers want a Jewish controlled union, in order to establish their own world government. It is, therefore, best for us to stay out of both of these, in order to save what is left of this Republic as it was given to us in 1787, by a people who knew more about international intrigue and the real problems that confronted the world, than we know today.

These early founders not only understood the problems, but in drafting the Constitution they provided an instrument for us to follow, so that we could remain secure from foreign double-dealing and intrigue.

Had we adhered to the Constitution as it was given to us, we would have been secure and safe today. Therefore, it is our duty, in the interest of our people and in the interest of this Republic of the United States, to ponder seriously and to give fullest consideration to solving the problem which now confronts the world.

In doing so, I am rather inclined to believe that the real American people will decide without hesitation, to return to those fundamental principles that were set forth in the Constitution of the United States. Let no one tell you that this instrument is not as valuable today as it was in 1787, for the fact is that it is much more valuable today—so much so that complete disintegration of this Republic cannot be avoided should we fail to return our Government to the principles set forth therein.

Pilgrims Societ members J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie
J.P. Morgan (left) and Andrew Carnegie (right): two high-profile Pilgrims Society members

I shall now quote an article by Andrew Carnegie, which he wrote at the request of the London Express, and which appeared in that paper October 14, 1904, entitled “Drifting Together.”

In the opening statementsHON. J. THORKELSON OF MONTANA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, on Monday, August 19, 1940 announced the Speaker and here are  some excerpts of his opening remarks:

Mr. THORKELSON. Mr. Speaker, we are now dominated and plagued by various pressure groups that care little or nothing about the United States as long as they can involve us in the present European war. Some of these groups are well known, others remain obscure, but nevertheless very powerful and effective in their insidious attempt to convince the people of this Nation that war is impending. These groups are composed of members who are generally classed as the “intelligentsia.” I shall not question their intelligence, but if one is to judge them by what they have said and done, their intelligence is not being directed for the greater interest of the United States. Aiding these groups, I believe often innocently, are those whom we may take the liberty of calling their tools and servants. We have reached a stage where these anglophiles advance the thought that in order to qualify as a good American, one must be pro-English and willing to fight and die for England. These England-first groups and hands[1]across-the-sea organization are made up of many Canadian and Anglo-American societies which are located in our larger cities. One of these, and the one to which I shall now refer, is the Pilgrims.

Pilgrim Society Oversized Unissued Membership Certificate.

THE PILGRIMS When the Pilgrims was organized in 1902, to aid in developing Anglophiles in the United States, the Canadians, being British subjects, were not solicited at first as members of this charitable and exclusive propaganda service to sell America to the British Empire. Like converts, many of these members are more loyal to England than the British themselves. In their fanatical zeal to serve Albion, I am informed by a student, that one of them placed the English crown on the flagstaff of the Columbia University. If this is true, the Columbia alumni should “crown” him who gave orders for the mounting of it, and replace the crown with the eagle, so this noble emblem can rest in its rightful place.

Postcard of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, which also played host to exclusive Pilgrims Society dinners
The Waldorf-Astoria hotel shown here in 1902 – around the time it hosted exclusive Pilgrims Society dinners.

The Pilgrim membership may be found in our military organization, in the Government, and particularly among professors, ministers, and authors. In wielding the pen, the aid of these writers is more valuable, for can they not write, as did Carnegie: Give America to England as a hemostat for the bleeding wound of the British Empire, which the surgeons left oozing after their operation in 1776: the operation which amputated the United States from the British Empire, and set America free. These Pilgrims, being unfamiliar with the surgery of 1776, evidently do not realize that Canada joined to the United States will prove an equally efficient hemostat to stop this hemorrhage in the British Empire. The American Pilgrims no doubt fear this most sensible measure, because it might antagonize the noble and wealthy in the English Government and the Bank of England so much that they will pack up and leave for home. Such exodus might also prove inconvenient to our idle, wealthy, and charming ladies and their parents, when in their crusade to obtain a new or slightly used husband to hang on their family tree, they find it necessary to embark for Palestine to satisfy their family ambition. It is this and more that the Americans must fight to counteract the propaganda which is now disseminated throughout the country and in our daily press, in order to save America for the Americans. Full Congress Session Link: Microsoft Word – Drifting Together Parts I through IX.doc (

The entire congressional discussion included geneologies, facts, dates, etc. to prove the facts they were discussing and noted dates in Congressional history that these events took place and the dastardly plans these societies had and still have. It is a must read!

Another excerpt:

Mr. Speaker, it is interesting to read the speeches given by the American members of the Pilgrims, for they, like all converts, are more un-American and pro-English than the British themselves. The address of Joseph H. Choate is an example of Anglophile, pertinent at this time in view of the conditions that exist today. I shall now requote some of these statements in order to show how deceptive they can be.

Lineages of Members of the National Society of the Sons and Daughters of  the Pilgrims, 1929-1952. in Two Volumes. Volume II: Ns Sons and Daughters,  Of The Pilgrims, National Society Sons and

Mr. Choate states: We have no difficulty and never have had that I know of with the people of England. A statement that is perfectly true, because the people of England have little or nothing to say in the British Government. Our trouble has been with the British Government, which has never at any time been friendly toward the United States—but the gentleman did not make such statement. Furthermore, it is well to note the servile attitude of the speaker to the Crown of England, and his praise of the rulers, which again is perfectly all right, yet he has failed in his speech as others have in theirs, to say one good word for the Government of the United States.

He then goes on to say: The people of England and the people of the United States are always friendly to each other; another statement which no one can criticize, but to which I want to add that the people of all countries—the common people— have always been and are now friendly to each other. If war depended upon them there would be no war. The trouble lies with the rulers of the different governments. It is they who advocate war; war of destruction, not only of property and human life but of Christian civilization itself. So in view of this, let us remember that no country has been at war so much as England and no country has brought about more misfortune and suffering than the British Government.

This should be clear as we review the early history of our own colonies, of India, Ireland, and the 400,000,000 opium addicts in China, all of which may be charged to the greed of the British Government.

Mr. Choate, in making his statements, spoke for the people of the United States, when in reality he should have hesitated even to speak for himself. His sole concern appeared to have been our friendliness toward Great Britain, but not their friendliness toward us; and again he placed the United States in the position of a suppliant to the British throne. Mr. Choate then referred to a dispute which arose in regard to the passage of ships through the Panama Canal, and intimated that it was the understanding of Hon. John Hay and Lord Landsdowne that the British should have equal rights with us in the use of this Canal; a right which the British have never conceded to the United States in the Suez Canal. We have even been driven out of foreign markets by England for many, many years, and in her wars she has brazenly furnished us with a blacklist of firms with which we are not supposed to trade; and we, like fools, comply with her demands.  Again here is the link to read all the pages: Microsoft Word – Drifting Together Parts I through IX.doc (

RECOMMENDATIONS ON INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION (Quotations from p. 110, Year Book 1920) “It is not necessary for a workable program of International organization that the world should be federated; it is, however, essential that the nations of the civilized world should cooperate.” 1921-25: Witnessed the battle for the suppression of the Star-Spangled Banner and the desire to replace it with America the Beautiful.

Nine years were consumed in getting the bill out of the pigeonhole of the Judiciary, legalizing the national anthem against such attacks. In spite of this, the official national anthem is rarely heard. Mrs. Augusta Stetson put paid advertisements in newspapers around the country, including the New York Times (August 5, 1925), and admitted under oath when subpoenaed to city hall, March 5, 1924, for an investigation that she had spent $169,000 in one fund and $17,000 in another to destroy and delete the Star-Spangled Banner because it was not pleasing to England.

Franklin Ford, her secretary, in 1931, admitted at his office that he was financed by the English-Speaking Union and the British Commonwealth Club, Inc. (Refer to hearing before Deputy Commissioner Lowden, March 5, 1924, New York City.) 1925: A March issue of Saturday Evening Post carries an article by Owen D. Young, the originator of the Young plan bonds for the reparation of Germany, in which he stated that American labor would have to be reduced to the status of European labor.

 1929: Witnessed the visit of Ramsay MacDonald with Hoover on the Rapidan. (See World-Telegram, October 10, 1929.) “The result of those representations, both Washington and London will hold to be of vital significance to the future of organized society.” See also New York Times, October 10, 1929, Ramsay MacDonald said: “I have achieved more than I hoped.” 1929: Witnessed the stock-market crash. See National Message, official organ British-Israel World Federation, New York Public Library, October 12, 1935, page 679: “It was told to me by a heavyweight American financier before the crash came that the crash was coming, that it would be permitted to run to the danger point, and that when the danger point was passed it would be reversed by measures carefully prepared in advance to meet the situation. I carefully noted what he said and left it for events to prove the value of his statement.” 1934: John L. Lewis, organizer of the Committee for industrial Organization, attended the June conference of the International Labor Organization. (See New York Times, October 11, 1934.)

 1935: See CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, August 26, page 15051, Mr. Huey Long: “A newspaperman whom I know to be reliable telephoned me tonight and said: ‘I have found out for you that the Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Morgenthau, has given out a statement in confidence * * * that this 9- cent plan was devised by Mr. Oscar Johnson, of Mississippi.’ I said, ‘If it is the Oscar Johnson, of Mississippi, that I know about, he was the manager of a chain of British plantations.’ The newspaperman said, ‘That is the same man.’ I knew this idea could not have been given birth in the brain of an American cotton owner nor an American cotton planter, nor any American who understood the situation. I knew that the idea had foreign parentage; and, lo and behold, the gentleman who was formerly a manager of a number of British plantations, and has lately returned from London, has given birth to this plan, and his brain child has become the adopted child of the A. A. A. of the good old United States. * * * And he thought the cotton farmer was doing well if he made $100 a year.”

1935: September 25, New York Sun, Food From Overseas: “Twenty-two million pounds of butter came into this country from foreign countries. In the first 8 months of 1934 imported oats, for example, totaled scarcely 200,000 bushels, but this year in the same period imports exceeded 10,000,000 bushels. Imports of corn in the same period of this year exceeded 31,800,000 bushels compared with 371,700 in 1934. American wheat exports dropped from 16. – 600,000 bushels in the first 8 months of 1934 to 142,000 in 1935.” (While crops to this country were being burned and ploughed under.)

Donald Trump: Could the US president pardon himself? - BBC News


1935: Witnessed a secret national peace conference financed by a grant from the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, see New York American, December 19, 1935: “Meeting behind closed doors at the Westchester Country Club at Harrison, N. Y., the conference, composed of 29 organizations, adopted the following six-point program:

 1. A Nation-wide radio campaign to commit the United States to a policy of internationalism.

2. Crippling of the Army and Navy billion-dollar appropriation bill by attaching a billion-dollar housing project clause as a rider.

3. Abolition of the Army and Navy sedition bill, which would punish anyone attempting to incite enlisted men to insubordination or mutiny.

4. Abolition of the R. O. T. C. in colleges.

5. A vigorous campaign against those who oppose this country’s entrance into the League of Nations and to prevent the United States from obstructing the League in applying sanctions.

 6. Adoption of the drastic neutrality bill. Andrew Carnegie left hundreds of millions of dollars to carry out his plan. 1935-36: American Association for Adult Education, 60 East Forty[1]second Street, New York City, Carnegie endowed, lists the following activities that are financed by the Carnegie Corporation, and the Rockefeller General Education Board: Forum Experimentation (public forums), Federal Emergency Program (cooperates with U. S. Office of Education), C. C. C. camps, community organization, workers’ education, International relations, commonwealth college. (See p. 5701, CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, April 14, 1936, also see Annual Report of the Directors, above address).

1936: Witnesses Nicholas Murray Butler sailing on the Queen Mary June 5, for the most important Carnegie Endowment for Peace Conference in London, England, that has ever been held. It is at this meeting that the question of gold being used on an International basis is to be discussed. 1936—Herald Tribune, June 19, 1936, page 22: “Supply Held Adequate for World Gold Basis.” There even may be too much, Brookings Institution says. Brookings Institution (Carnegie-endowed) study of the adequacy of the gold supply, written by Dr. Charles O’Hardy, held that no existing or prospective deficiency in the world gold supply stood in the way of restoration of an international gold standard, whenever such a step was considered advantageous. * * *

image 42

WAKE UP PEOPLE! How many congress persons have spent any time in the congressional library? Very few. 

We are not just talking about A STOLEN ELECTION, AND A WHO/FAUCI/GATES  PLANDEMIC FRAUD, we are talking about SECRET SOCIETIES that have infiltrated all aspects of our government EVER SINCE WE WERE A NATION!  We are talking about a cabal that has infiltrated the ENTIRE WORLD and is too big for its’ britches.  This is what President Trump has been fighting…and why it is taking a little while to get back to the normal propaganda and stealing your life little by little. If you want to have that back….when you know the truth …you will have VERY FEW STANDING ON YOUR SIDE! 

This is NOT something we can just VOTE OUT – this is something we must REMOVE! It is an infiltration of a long standing secret society and it is international from its beginning.

The Royal Family on Twitter: "'Mr President, as we look to the future, I am  confident that our common values and shared interests will continue to  unite us.' In her speech, The
Oh to have been a mouse in the corner watching and listening to the conversation with the ole Queen.


Stand Strong….or FALL TO THE CABAL!


BIDEN'S STUPIDITY IS NOW A THREAT TO THE WEST – and The Vatican Is Announcing What?


SKY NEWS HOST, Andrew Bolt says the “stupidity” of US President Joe Biden is now a “threat to the West”. Mr Bolt said Biden’s recent climate summit was a “disgraceful farce. “I am just gobsmacked that Biden … insulted the intelligence of 39 other world leaders — including our Prime Minister Scott Morrison — by making them listen to the ravings of a bizarre parade of alarmists, mystics, New Age tribal women and even a teenager”. Mr Bolt said with “no scientists around” at the summit, anyone “could claim any wild thing”. He said the “global warming scare” is now a “religion – with a touch of Marxism.” This is a must watch for you WON’T SEE THIS ON CABLE NEWS NOR THEIR ALPHABET COUSINS!

John Kennedy translates the NAZI Tyrannical Garble that drooled out of Bidens mask covered mouth. A must listen.

Biden’s Stupidity is now an international conversation!

And now….here it comes the new SUPER WEAPON….METEORITES!

They have had it a while, but now they are letting you know they have it!

The First Man-Made Meteor Shower Will Light Up Japan in 2019
As I said, they’ve already been doing it! Now they weaponized it. The First Man-Made Meteor Shower Will Light Up Japan in 2019 (


THE SPIRIT OF ANTI-CHRIST IS AND HAS BEEN PRESENT SINCE THE TIME OF OUR CHRIST…BUT NOW …they are rewriting the Bible as part of their own cabal dogma, funded since the 18th century…and they are all anxious to RESET everything upside down.

So brace yourself for the next phase of the cabal’s big push to play out their script from monetized Darby, and the left behind series of one world religion ….here comes the Counter Magisterium….also known as Anti-Christ. When speaking about the upcoming Vatican Conference on Health, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò reaffirmed that “Rome will lose the Faith,” and the Church is currently in Eclipse while a Counter-Magisterium is in place. Dr. Taylor Marshall stated, “One might ask, how can this be the case of the Catholic Church and the Apostolic See of Rome is indefectable?”

I’ll guess at that answer, could it be because this isn’t God’s Conference and this isn’t God’s Word, and this is totally the followers of the illuminated light and the Cabal’s pagan quest to rule the world. Or maybe just acting like a harlot riding some dang beast? Guests to his event are Fauci, Gates, and all the cabal key puppets.

The church of Satan has raised its’ ugly head. They are now throwing everything they can at Christians on the milk before those on the meat can gently help them to open their eyes with some cold hard truth!

WAKE UP! THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST PLAIN ______________ AND _____________ AND CRAZY! The world is heaving back and forth like a drunkard and we got all kinds of cult groups out there, from channelers connecting with the light source of life preparing to go to the light, and some people of the cabal getting ready to beam up in a shift of light and becoming mini gods of some force….. and a fake virus with a vax that will eventually alter DNA in a most strange way – for those that survive it, and a mannequin as president, with a VP that cackles on demand, and ONLY BECAUSE THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN IN OUR FACES. Not to mention healthy people running around in masks like it is normal. We have a lawless Supreme Court and a joke of a justice sytem. And now we could be hit with man made meteorites whenever they feel like they want to… and they are itching to try it out like they did with tetonic plate shifting with HAARP when that was new. Remember Indonesia? What else do we need in this show to make it any more Sci-Fi? DON’T ASK!

It’s time for our heroes to enter and save the day. God is leading and we the people must hold up the arms of those sent to part the red sea! Remember – God’s Holy Spirit lives in YOU….IT IS NOT IN THE VATICAN, NOR HIDDEN IN THEIR VAULTS. And trust me, that is exactly where it would be right now if man could figure out how to get it out from you. God made sure NO ONE, NOT EVEN HELL ITSELF COULD TAKE IT FROM YOU! So as scary and surreal as this all sounds – God laughs at them and we have already won this war through his son and our savior Jesus the Christ! Fear not…just know we are marching to the Red Sea….so keep marching and watching as the Lord leads the way! This is Biblical!!!

I suggest to let the crazy demonic filled cult members enjoy their private showing and pray that God fulfill his promise to let them drink from the cup they are filling!


Satan is a false light to a dark world….his followers are many. Those that follow Lucifer truly believe he will give them all manner of power, fame, and life. This is an ancient religion, a dark cult. They pray to Lucifer as their savior and god. They pray for power of evil spirits and conjuring. The spiritual warfare rages on and it is real. Pray for God’s protection against these sick evil things and remember Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world! Amen.



The Circus has come to town and it has run out of popcorn! The only act it had was Joe pinning the Executive Order Pen on the donkey and Corn Pop….and neither was amusing, let alone funny!


The Circus has now officially left the building….Now it’s time to call them all out! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! But now that Rudy Giuliani is back in the picture by the FBI and Ole Joe… the Circus distraction is now on the back burner! The question is, was the FBI the good guys or the bad guys in all of this? If this were a movie, and they have told us it is a show, what would you expect to take place? Interesting…and it may be the head of some festering something…

And then….there is John Kerry…. now as we watch these great news flashes – be sure and remember President Trump has pointed out all these under fire for the EXACT SAME THINGS! The question is this, did President Trump give a green light to go after some of these guilty treasonous crime ridden cabal puppets? If so, does this mean phase 1 to get the head of the Cabal in a vice grip (if not lopped off) has been accomplished and now they have moved into phase 2? Tick Tock is now sounding more like a time bomb…..

It’s time to take a stand before the puppets do one more bad thing!

Stay Strong!



In these times of trouble when naysayers shout, “Nothing is being done!” The truth is that God is doing a marvelous thing and those with boots on the ground are working night and day to deliver all…even the naysayers out from this evil that has befallen the entire world.

Staying focused is like swatting gnats and flys and it gets in the way of everything we are accomplishing, if we allow it. Which brings to mind a cartoon image of how the buzzing things get in your way of what you are doing, steal your concentration, get in your ears and buzz throwing you off guard and make quite a mess of your day if you allow it!

Don’t make the mistake of stopping what you are doing to swat at them. I say get out the spray and end the chase! Otherwise the cartoon below is a good metaphor of what these buzzing creatures will do. But, only if you allow it. SPRAY BABY SPRAY!


Barry W. ⚾ on Twitter: "Welcome to the exciting world we call the  Twitterverse 😀@JacobT0505 "Beware the Trolls" i would suggest a can of  Extra Strength Troll spray.....Guraranteed to work or your


Troll Spray by biffjerky - Meme Center

It is time to let them know you are armed and not afraid to spray!