Zelinsky, EU, & Joey Are Gaslighting Nukes & Nord Stream!

The liars in the EU, NATO, UN, and D.C. really think the whole world has dementia and can’t remember what these warmongers have said!

Fake news is doing their wrap up smear and so far it looks and smells like a great big bull took a dump on their Zelensky wrap up smear!!

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Kyiv’s NATO push

Zelensky wants nukes. Wasn’t he the one that just a week or so ago was shouting… I want nukes and blow up all of Russia right now. Yes he was. News networks had conversations on his flipped out attitude that he wanted NATO or Joey to Nuke all of Russia and blow them all off the map. He wanted a big hole where Russia once stood, I believe that is what Tucker was reporting. The mistake they made was letting Zelensky mouth off DEMANDING NUKES RIGHT NOW TO FIRE AT PUTIN TO PUNISH HIM. PUNISH, PUNISH, PUNISH!!


Zelensky’s Call for Nuclear War- “And now that Zelensky realizes that his high-stakes gamble might not pay off, he’s willing to sacrifice the American people in a nuclear war with Russia. In other words, if he’s going down, which is very possible, he wants millions of Americans to go down with him — again, not for freedom, but for NATO. He wants millions of Americans to be willing to die for NATO, just like tens of thousands of Ukrainians are now dying for NATO.” Zelensky’s Call for Nuclear War – The Future of Freedom Foundation (fff.org)

Remember in September Zelensky was shouting for nukes and punishment!

U.S. Needs to Threaten Russia With Nuclear Strike: Ukraine


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is urging the United States to flesh out specific retaliatory measures if Russia were to invoke nuclear strikes against Ukraine.

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According to The Guardian, Putin has threatened nuclear attacks several times since invading Ukraine in February, but his latest warnings have been this past week. Fake news and RESET puppets in the states hope people will be focused on Hurricane Ian, and other starvation fear tactics as wall street takes a dump. Zelensky has a history that he can’t hide of bombing the people in the DonBass Region and mistreating all the people who speak Russian and happen to be Russian. Because it used to all be Russia. He is “save my democracy progressive” and that seems to be code for NAZI. At least that is what progressive democracy has morphed into.

So in a war, you fight and when you are stupid enough to call for nukes to blow up your opponent… and you bomb your own infrastructure and demand the world pay for it… and fight with you to protect your dark money making machine… there comes a point when your opponent says…”ENOUGH!” FOLLOWED BY A “BOOM!”

Ukraine is currently an ally of NATO, but not a member. It has sought to launch accession talks for years but has consistently been turned down. It is obvious this is just their play station hub where they have all their monster building devices and as long as they aren’t a member of NATO… no one looks at what is taking place there as part of a rogue group of nations…. even though that is EXACTLY what is taking place. Their cover is blown. Putin has all the evidence… he has called their bluff and let them know he has proof of all their evil deeds. So, of course NATO is desperate to rid Putin…and Russia. Zelensky is just a sickening pawn. Like a perfect villain in a child’s movie. He will go down and the audience watching this thriller will cheer!

Meanwhile… the European Union has gathered and spoke their RESET scripts like war mongers pointing fingers at Putin for their own crimes against humanity. They have created their own world crisis as what was written for them to do by their puppet masters and their chaos proceeds as written in their LOCKSTEP and plans for Agenda 21 for their new world order!

The Nuke issue has acquired renewed urgency and the EU held a meeting blaming Putin for all of their sins to rule the world with a floppy iron disk fist. They so foolishly spoke, one by one, and stuck their feet in their mouths…every one of them.

No one is buying their tall tale that Putin has threatened Nukes all by himself. He has talked back to them AFTER HE WAS THREATENED WITH NUKES BY ZELENSKY AND ENCOURAGED BY JOEY AVATAR!

Now they tell on themselves of how Nord Stream was bombed. A torpedoe from a submarine. But not Putin’s. It has to be one of NATO’s subs. But, whose?

And where are our memories of Avatar Biden Saying He’d ‘End’ the other Nord Stream pipe line if he doesn’t stop in Ukraine. He was questioned how is that when Germany is also involved…Joey the rubber mask said…he would do it. So now… we are supposed to believe that the plot to harm Putin they didn’t have to do because he went all suicide watch and blew it up himself? These people are not gaslighting they are boldly lying to our face as though we are stupid like rubber mask Joe.

So between the historic hurricane in Florida, and Nord Stream pipe line bombing… Joey has had a busy past week or so. Not to mention the devastation in Peurto Rico and regular border immigration mess, and now Big Pharma is getting called out for the killer jabs while wall street dives and the dollar tumbles. Supplies are short and all by design. That is if you listen to the news. Those who do are walking around masked in a calm city with people living their lives, feeling like they are in a war zone and acting very peculiar as they irritate others with their rudeness. Seriously they are getting rude. Like they are angry they are wearing a mask…and don’t have the sense to remove it. I know because they have angry eyebrows.

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Meanwhile Saudi Arabia and Russia had Opec cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day, and Joey and the EU are raving mad…heck downright angry and call this a hostile act. I guess some of this is gaslighting…but rather rich coming from the hostile RESET takeover bunch don’t ya think?


What a contrast between SW Florida rebuilding and New York City business as usual….. law and order or chaos…come out of her my people.

Oh and Joey visited SW Florida today….

On a positive note….in just three days the construction crew has a temporary bridge taking people off and on Pine Island!!!! Way to go Florida!!!

God bless America and stay focused on the good you can do for others. Amen.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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