Zelensky Goes To Congress…

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So as Zelensky attacks the orthodox Churches in his own country – closing them all down, and forbids Christian worshipping, he yet continues to bomb and kill his own citizens… and then he boldly stands before congress and asks for more money and bigger weapons to continue his war against… just who is that again? It sure looks like he is at war with himself and his own citizens and isn’t that the reason why Russia intervened in the first place? Yes it is.

Zelensky failed to achieve the purpose of his visit to the United States and receive modern weapons for offensive operations” – Washington Post

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The WP writes that the goals of the talks between the heads of the two countries differed. Thus, Zelensky’s goal was to get “more powerful weapons and increase Ukraine’s ability to launch major offensive operations” next year. “There is virtually no indication that he has succeeded, at least in the short term,” the article says. For its part, Washington was looking forward to “discussing what Zelensky thinks about diplomacy,” so said a White House source.

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There are several videos of the Zelensky goes to congress and it sure looks like a staged event complete with doubles and our starring actors. I watched several versions with different camera angles of the event and some are just obviously staged. At least the footage of the congress persons gathering, chatting and waiting for the arrival of the star of the script… Zelensky. The USA Today footage is the most ridiculously entertaining. Watch and see if you catch the obvious moments of adlibing? I mean… he awaits in the wings grinning like an alley cat and after a muffled address he just enters congress on que as though the long awaited arrival of the king of Ukraine is here…???? And after he hits the podium he is addressed by Red Queen Nancy of the congress in Wonderland.

The most entertaining part of this scene was the Harris and Nancy interactions. Oh you can’t make this stuff up. The sound is poor in this USA Today footage, but then again… that’s what makes it easier to watch the body language that gives away the acting and idiocy of the entire event.

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For those who want to actually hear his script… this take is more audible.

This had to be a joke right? I mean you have the comedian Zelensky and the avatar of Joey the election thief meeting to discuss the demands of the comedian who fights the war from green screen studios and is most famous for his new demands of over a trillion dollars, complete with an American citizen tax program to make it happen. The man has thought of everything…except just one big thing. American patriots and Christians aren’t going to fund NAZIS! And we are broke. Thanks to Biden and grabbing money out of thin air… along with the rest of the IMF’s Western world… there is nothing left except a shell that is cracking in a million little pieces.

Zelensky’s bitcoin operations were never addressed. Nor his black market sales of previously donated US and Western nations weapons to mercenaries in South America and other nations. Why is that?

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At Biden and Zelensky’s joint news conference it was like a stand up comedy act. You had a journalist stating, “ Can we make long story short and give Ukraine all capabilities it needs and liberate all territories rather sooner than later.” Then Joey avatar answers in slow motion, “Well …. His answer is yes.” And the press all laughs.

Zelensky, as though he was reading from his script, waited a beat, then giggled and said “I agree.” Another round of laughing.

Zelensky  thanked Biden for providing a Patriot missile defense system. Then insultingly jested, “What’s going to happen after Patriots are installed? … (insinuating US military troops will be sent to fight his insane war against Russia and assist in closing the orthodox churches, so he can focus on protecting his money laundering. bio weapon labs, and child & human trafficking operations.) he paused and added, “After that, we will send another signal to President Biden that we would like to get more Patriots.” More laughter.

Those who found that amusing are part of the problem. Our military being sent to fight for NAZI dominance is not a laughing matter.  Nor is it funny that our tax dollars have been sent to support any of it.

Zelensky is a dictator by every definition of the word.

Nancy the wartime speaker of the J6 preplanned coup’s double acting out her grand part in the show…

Things like this make you wonder if the entire fiasco was filmed in front of a green screen?

Zelensky thanks stupid American tax payers for Olena, his wife’s share of your congress and senate’s financial generosity. It has helped her to sport a designer coat from Gucci and a Rolex watch that retails for £18,000.00, along with her Gucci vest, her Louis Vuitton bag £19,876.00 and bigger bag £21,000.00 … along with those Gucci sons of britches. Not to mention the nice ride.

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A Pew Research Center survey conducted in September showed Americans who are extremely or very concerned about Ukraine’s losing the war dropped by 17 percentage points since May, from 55% to 38%, I wonder what that is today?

Meanwhile…. Trump continues to point out the FBI and Twitters part in committing fraud to steal the 2020 US elections.

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And of course all of this points to the fake media who are doing the very same thing!

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And Pelosi gets caught…GOOD!

It’s about time this dog and pony show turn around and the clowns go down!

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The GOP House Representatives Release A Full Report On The Failures at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021!

Spoiler Alert – it isn’t what the non select committee was reporting at all!

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image 337


Copy of Report of Investigation (justthenews.com)

The tides a turning…and …

Lies are being exposed on all fronts!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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