Zelensky Demands Punishment!

Putin’s Ready To Give It To Him!

Zelensky needs removed for the sake of his people and all the surrounding border nations. He, along with the Western NATO puppets are lying through their teeth about what is taking place in Ukraine, forgetting that the world and a many honest reporters on the scene have called out every lie as they have said them. But Joey Avatar, fake news and the EU puppets continue to do their Alfred Hitchcock movie type gaslighting and act like they are angelic guardians over the world, when they are creating all the madness that citizens in every nation have been suffering due to their insane evil, wicked ideology to RESET and depopulate the world of 7 billion innocent people. All to please their puppet masters!

Everything they have rattled off are the things he has allowed Ukraine to do. Truss is reading her new lines of lies. All of these people are part of the KM system. They are all in the swamp.

So while Zelensky sits there in his T-shirt, looking like a cartel warlord on a video teleconference screen addressing the United Nations, his plea is to punish Russia. Punish, punish, punish…even if it means killing all the innocent people in Russia and nations that border it, including his own.

What thought processes go on inside these people and their ANTIFA like brains? They have a whole different mindset. It’s lawlessness on steroids. I don’t even want to think of the aftermath of the nations if Zelensky’s demands are met by the NATO and Joey avatar. Pray those who have perpetuated these war crimes against humanity are arrested and tried in Nuremberg trials. They show no remorse, and believe they will get away with all of their evil deeds. These are sad and very dangerous things that they eagerly plan to do.

Zelensky wants to have someone punish Putin by blowing him up and all of Russia, so he can go back to being Joey and the Oligarchs puppet. He’s tired and longs for his Miami mansion. Meanwhile he’s still blowing up his own country and innocent citizens in the Donbass region. Why? Because he is a NATZI and he doesn’t like his ethnic Russian citizens living in the Donbass region.

image 253

Zelensky wants to blow them up Right Now!!!! He’s been asking for nukes for months now.

image 254

Zelensky demands punishment to Putin and demands to have the world destroy him and his entire nation. Does he even know how that sounds? Let alone what it presents in the minds eye? It appears he is angry to have his day job interrupted and wants to get back to work with his bioweapon labs, human/child trafficking, and get back to his money laundering for his Oligarch friends. He is tired of all the interruptions.


This isn’t going to end well for any of them. You don’t stand throwing a tantrum like we’ve been watching him do since last February, and expect anyone to give you nuclear weapons. Zelensky has just showed the world why he is does not need them, nor is responsible to have any thing other than a water pistol. He needs hauled away to Nuremberg. His crimes against humanity are huge and he knows it.

His answer to avoid Nuremberg trials is to blow Russia off the map. That isn’t going to happen, so he better pack his other T-shirt and his high heels for the trip.

The truth is, Russia has been defending the people in the Donbass Region from being shot at and killed. The people suffer the terror of war daily and live in hiding for fear of the Ukrainian armys raids and bombings. This has been going on, they say for over 8 years. They are persecuted by their own government and have been denied any of their government pensions and benefits because they are ethnic Russians, even though they have lived in Ukraine all their lives. Zelensky and his predecessors have been bleeding them with hardships. Many who have lost their children and loved ones to Ukranian troops have had no place to bury them, except in their front yards. It is horrible.

If anyone needs punished it is Zelensky and all the NATZIS and greedy merchants, nation leaders, oligarchs, and wicked ones who have participated in the illegal operations being run inside Ukraine, way before the war ever broke out.

Hillary Clinton spoke a pack of lies about Putin and is eager to nuke him along with Zelensky. She never looks the same twice anymore. I noticed in this video she has RmL Disorder very bad. Look at that neck. She has that through the entire interview presented in the Tucker video above. Watch the line in motion… she has the disorder to the point there is no cure. None at all.

image 255

Hillary is once again lashing out with her lizard tongue snapping lie after lie, after lie, and catching a few flys as she yaps.

Then there are idiots at NATO, like Chief Jens Stoltenberg, who are saying aggravating lies and very stupid smart arse things that will have Putin pound his hammer on their heads.

The sad thing is… there are people watching and listening to these puppet idiots, who will believe their stupid ideas of let’s go blow up half the world and see who remains…. and are chiming in, cheering it on. Good grief these people need removed from their positions in government for their teasonous actions and crimes. It needs done quickly, for the sake of all humanity.

Where is the military? Many need removed ASAP. I say send those shouting to blow nations up to the front lines and tie them to a missile and fire it out to sea!

Some of these people are seriously ready to blow up the entire world. Every shortage and disaster is man made by their own HANDS. It has all been orchestrated by their puppet masters and they were greedy and stupid enough to carry these inhumane acts out on their own people and the world. These are the criminal acts that Nuremberg charges are made from. It is time to charge these crazy war zealots and haul them off. Where is the military?

All I can say is they are falling and dragging the citizens down to the pits with them.

The EU, NATO, Joey Avatar, Charlie and his mum with a crown, et al, made the entire energy crisis for their Khazarian puppet masters!

How many still believe they did all this to save the planet?

Meanwhile…did they just admit the Queen has been dead for four years?

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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