It is so good to have this mess all figured out.  I woke up today and realized I had been dreaming all of this and all of you are in my dream.  There is nothing to be concerned about and everything is not always the way it appears because that is how all dreams are…they are distorted.

This admission of understanding will undoubtedly be left to my own unscrambling of it as all of you are in my dream and in the waking life, you won’t even know what I am talking about. That is okay, for it is my dream and you will have your own dreams. What are you waking up from?  Or are you still sleeping and going through the motions?  The motions of getting up, getting your breakfast or coffee, getting dressed and going to work. Coming home eating and catching up on the crazy things in the dream that border on nightmare then sleeping, waking again and repeating the same thing until you look and three days went by and you swear it was only two. But,  don’t get hung up on it, that is how time passes in a dream.

Excuse me while I doze off, and dream…Larry Kudlow is talking…

So now in my dream, Biden is going to charge fees to the land leases oil companies are holding and are forbidden to drill on with his executive order, and now blaming these same oil companies for sitting on land and not using it?  And he is going to put some steep fines on them for not drilling and using it?  Yes, that is what he is saying. Does anyone else’s head hurt on that one? I mean, those who might be in my dream?

Now the scene has switched, and Progressive Dems are everywhere. Not even sure what exactly the progressive Dems government stands for other than I want it all and you can’t have anything. Meanwhile Biden is caught red handed using Ukraine for all sorts of money laundering, and illegal money swapping …well, downright crooked deals and theft involving bribes and black mail. And while he didn’t do this all by himself, and it wasn’t just him and Hunter, there were many seedy merchants and scoundrels involved. It now makes perfect sense that when we see the Dems fact checking and helping to hide his RICO crimes, there must be an obvious connection between them and him that needs investigating. 


Watching all this in our face in my dream has become aggravating to say the least. It is a test of patience and while we are to be patient…that does not mean we are to sit on our hands and do nothing. It is time to recall all of these…and since they are puppets…this gets tricky.

The truth is, the same way these have invaded Ukraine and taken it over, operating it like their own family farm…. doing all their evil deals in secret and all the secret things they have funded off other people’s money – meaning the citizens…they have been doing that right here in the USA.  So, that being said… it is time to do things very differently than we have ever done before.  You can’t vote this type of corruption out… you can’t buy it out.  It is time to point it out to everyone while they are complaining about the prices of everything inflating out of control, especially basic needs like food, gas, and housing.  The people will not just sit there and starve, and they will not take kindly to the truth when they finally realize those that they laughed at and mocked were right.  Sadly, many will turn quickly to theft and crime – because remember in this dream of progressive demon-cracy, they don’t just like what you have, they want what you have, especially when they don’t have it. It’s time to EXPOSE this corruption for what it is and that is a well thought out coup that has already been operating for over a hundred years within the USA.

In my dream people resembled other people…or were they the same?

image 1

And some things were just hard to unsee…

image 2
image 3
image 4

Beyond Nazi and now here comes Satanic worship of Lucifer… nightmare type of stuff brewing. TIME TO WAKE UP!

image 11

Wow…just saw that among the objects abandoned by the Ukrainian Nazis were found pentacles, representations of the Baphomet and other Satanic artifacts. The thread of Ukrainian Nazism goes directly to the satanic cult. Those who are supporting the Azov Nazis are not just supporting the killers. They are supporting a sect of assassins devoted to the worship of Lucifer. Under the rainbow of the flag of the peace flag, there is a swastika. Below the swastika is Satan’s five-pointed star.

This dream state keeps showing all sorts of things… melding in and out and all out of order.

I loved this part of the dream.

And now I’m dreaming that the Judiciary Republicans launched an investigation into Twitter and Facebook following new reports on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

image 5
image 6
image 7
image 8

And then I woke up. It was all so very real… and my mind reflected and thought… who else is waking up?

I wondered if as the world awakens if  in their dreams they were looking at the same corruption in their own nations.  Were they asking themselves what could be done to take charge swiftly and legally?  Were they having nightmares or were their dreams more like mine?  I also wondered if I was still dreaming and if all that I was doing now was another part of the  subconscience that no one was contemplating but me?

TO  INFORM THE WORLD OF THE CORRUPTION WITH FACTS  was that really to be the first step….or should that be said later, after we all WAKE UP? We can then talk about what happened in our dreams and be thankful it was just a dream, for after all…nothing like these events ever really happen in real life.  Right?

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God!  Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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