World Proxy War Update…

Moscow wants Peace Talks To Center On Creating A “NEW WORLD ORDER”.

But don’t panic… Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow has rejected a “unipolar world order led by ‘one hegemon'”. Which means the global RESET one world order. That order is out of the question and off the table!

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Ankara, Capitol City of Turkey

At a press conference in Ankara, Turkey, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today that Moscow wanted any Ukraine peace talks to be centered on creating a “new world order” and any negotiation needs to be based on taking Russian interests into account. They would also need to be about the principles on which the new world order will be based. Read: Ukraine War: U.S., NATO Plans for Kyiv’s Spring Offensive Leak Online – The Moscow Times

Moscow reports that Ukraine is killing its own soldiers… again.

They passed such laws under “Post Maidan” leadership in Feb. 2015. Wonder where they got those bright ideas making it legal to shoot their own? Remember the warhounds who helped them with their orange revolution are the same bunch that got the prosecutor fired, and the same ones helping now. Read: Ukraine Passes Law Allowing Military to Shoot Deserters (

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The Russian Defense Ministry reported today that the Ukrainian military command is killing its own troops with artillery fire to keep them from leaving their positions, or surrendering as prisoners.

This isn’t new, but it certainly has reached a point of ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ and time for the proxy war to stop.

Brazil Weighs In On Ukraine’s War…

The interesting thing now is how Brazil is weighing in on the matter. Even with their election quarrels still brewing, as the people still believe Bolsanaro won and Lula won by rigged machines.

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Ukraine rejected a proposal by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva that Kyiv should give up Crimea to end the war with Russia.  On Thursday, Lula said President Zelensky “could not get everything” and suggested Ukraine could give up Crimea to begin peace discussions. Now that was something, especially since Crimea is independent of Ukraine and under Russian protection. And Zelensky’s acts of force were acts of war against Crimea and Russia. Good grief these people are doing their own thing, making up their own history, and have no rules and no moral compass. And Brazil’s version of Joey Avatar, who is “Lula” is saying these things? Who is programming him? They sound like the same wind up toys!

But, Facebook reports that Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko stated, “There is no legal, political or moral reason that would justify us having to yield even a centimeter of Ukrainian land.” Yes, we now get our Zelensky news from Facebook.

Nikolenko added, “Any mediation efforts to restore peace in Ukraine should be based on respect for the sovereignty and the full restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.” Read: Brazil says Ukraine should cede Crimea to Russia to end war, Kyiv says no (

European Push back then and now…

Below note Joey Avatar at presidential podium with no seal of the President… and flags with no eagles. This was in March 2022 when the U.S. Inc., and the EU announced their new partnership to undercut Russian energy – WHYY

image 106

But maybe that was because he was sharing it with his fellow non elected, appointed head of the EU, Ursula Von der Leyen? Or maybe just protocol for non elected anythings?

image 107

Who spoke at it better? Remember WEF puppet masters are the ones programming Joey and all the other puppets and muppets!

Back then, when they started this messy proxy war, they thought they were going to win. Now let’s see how far they have fallen from their original plans….

EU says we can’t lose China – French President and EU leader among those meeting over Ukraine and World issues. April 5 thru 7th 2023!

What started out as talks to gain China turned out to be… a new strategy for relations with China: “De-risking.”

Washington’s push was to “decouple” from Beijing. The writing is on the wall that the BRICS are not budging. So, the EU is now talking about lessening its dependence on China.

So what is “De-risking”?

De-risking? Don’t you just love the way the DAVOS lizard people make up names for things? Apparently, the appointed and not elected group heading up the European Union’s RESET Global Disorder, has decided to ‘carefully lessen‘ its dependence on China’s economy, and not to drastically cut ties with this superpower. They call it ‘de-risking’. Whereas Joey Avatar desires that the West  must “decouple” from China, which means a clear separation from China’s economy in a bid to contain Beijing’s rising power. Read: China to host French President and also a EU leader – Prensa Latina (

In a nutshell, this calls for technological blockades in social aps and things gathered from balloons floating over American skys. Whereas, Xi says such things should be shared and no country should obstruct the development of other countries, no harm their people’s lives through political manipulation.

I know this all sounds so upside down and inside out… but remember nothing is as it appears. “We must jointly oppose anyone engaging in technological blockades, technological division and decoupling of development,” Xi said.

So this has the EU and France licking some China shoes. Xi’s speech was carried live online, and came just days after he delivered a defiant address marking the Communist Party’s centenary, saying China will not be bullied and will punish anyone who tries. It looks like Ursula got the message. So now it is “De-Risking”. Read: China’s Xi Attacks Calls for Technology Blockades | Courthouse News Service

So while all eyes were on the Trump Indictment… the world order RESET regimes were groveling for power!


Their obvious goal was to get Xi to put his muscle on Russia’s Putin and somehow do what exactly? Help them gain their RESET? What were they thinking?

image 108

“French president Emmanuel Macron and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen met with Chinese leader Xi on Thursday (6 April) in Beijing.

“Before their meeting with Xi, Macron and von der Leyen separately met Chinese premier Li Qiang earlier.

But doesn’t Macron already have his hands full? What on earth is he doing in China?

It appears they are losing and now they don’t know whether to go down with the ship or get in the life boat and oar to China’s shore? Are they begging? Let’s see… they are out of power of the fiat dollar, and lack a super power… all they have are lizards with fiat money that is no longer wanted? How much gold do they have? Must not be as much as they need.

This was from 2017 and Melania’s first trip abroad alone, to commemorate the Opening Ceremony for the Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada. The Invictus Games, were created by Harry for wounded, injured, and sick members of the armed services. This was its third year.

Meanwhile in Israel… war is sounding.

Must watch! In today’s episode: – War In West Asia? Israel Strikes Lebanon – Foreign Funding: India To Probe Ngo Oxfam – “No Compromise On Taiwan,” Says Xi Jinping – SpaceX Satellites Falling From The Sky – Myanmar Military Rule: Thousands Flee To Thailand – Afghanistan Debacle: Biden Blames Trump – India’s Space Economy – More Skeletons: British Monarchy’s Links To Slavery – Early-finish Fridays To End Staff Shortage?

Federal Reserves….Department of Defense’s Debtor is the Federal Reserve. This note is legal tender for all debts public and private. $14 Trillion dollars.

In their lien they include all men with hands and legs and all real land in the United States of America.

image 109

One last thing to ponder… past equals present or is it future?

The flowers were chosen thoughtfully as the forget me nots were Princess Diana’s favorite flowers.

image 98

At that time, according to People Magazine, Harry said to Melania, “Thank you. Thank you so much for coming.”

And yet, Harry’s hand gesture made the biggest noise and put the entire meeting under a microscope of speculation.

image 101

The most talked about was the hand signal, throwing the Invictus Games under the bus, so to speak? Many speculated what Harry was meaning by it…

But, in an interview with The Daily Front Row, CNN Reporter Kate Bennett revealed that Harry “was reaching in to unbutton his coat to sit down, but the cameras kept clicking so he still had his hand in there in that weird way.”

“He was pausing,” she said. “He wasn’t throwing a secret gang sign. They got held up in the pictures.”

Silly us… we just weren’t there to get the real story on this unusual way of unbuttoning ones coat in the middle of a photo op. This just proves how rumors get started. Watch the video again. It just looks like his hand froze to allow all the reporters to get a good shot. Smile. After all, Harry was so inexperienced with how the press works…right?

image 110

Every move made meant something significant. One thing is apparent. The Harry today sure looks different than the Harry of then.

That being said… the world is shaking back and forth… hold on and pray unceasing.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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