Most people have no idea that their City just might be part of the New World Order…RESET!  They are not aware; they believe their Mayor and City Council is just doing the right thing for their city with innovative programs. Or the voters are complaining because they aren’t doing the constitutional thing, especially with COVID…Continue readingUNITED NATIONS AND YOUR CITY! 

RESET Is Not For Humanity

It is designed for a race of Khazarian Mafia Overlords to kill, steal and destroy in order to rule the world. The new world order plans are filled with smart cities and a sick idea of creation. An evil thing at that. The order is presented in different perspectives to appeal to different camps of…Continue readingRESET Is Not For Humanity

Will U.S. Food Shortages Impact The World?

With all the talk of the preplanned food shortage as food processing plants, and distribution centers continue to burn all of a sudden, fire after fire like dominoes… with a few planes crashing directly into them, we are having empty shelves and very high price increases. Biden blames that on Russia. I guess Russians set…Continue readingWill U.S. Food Shortages Impact The World?

Now Armenia? Who Is Next?

“RESISTANCE MOVEMENTS” SEEM TO BE THE NEW BUZZ WORD FOR COLOR REVOLUTION AND REGIME TOPPLING! Stay ahead of the game – it looks like the Khazarian Mafia have started a color revolution game of dominoes. They are caught and it appears the plan is to start a cascade of color revolutions against their puppet regimes…Continue readingNow Armenia? Who Is Next?

Fake News Exposed In Ukraine – NATO, EU, US Responsible!

WAR CRIMES NOW COMING INTO FOCUS AND IT’S NOT RUSSIA! Khazarian Mafia’s World Puppet Leaders Commit War Crimes and Fake Press Goes Along For The Ride With Wrap Up Smears! In a nutshell: Obama Regime has blood on hands, blames Russia, Russia, Russia. World turns blind eye on Eastern Ukraine since 2014 (and before) –…Continue readingFake News Exposed In Ukraine – NATO, EU, US Responsible!

Khazarian Mafia and Their Social Order, Straight From Baphomet!

It’s literally Hell on earth! Balance and equality, or a perfect social order, are a synopsis of an ethos perpetuated by a symbol known as the Baphomet, originally created by the Knights Templar in the early 1300s, or was it? To those who follow this deity it represents balance within the universe, a symbiosis between…Continue readingKhazarian Mafia and Their Social Order, Straight From Baphomet!

BIO HACKING Is REAL…How Will It All End In This Show?

D.A.R.P.A. has been bio hacking for a very long time. The question is, how long will God allow these type of bio creation experiments to continue? What could possibly go wrong? They say this is the future of medicine and they are doing this IN SECRET to help people. Which people do they want to…Continue readingBIO HACKING Is REAL…How Will It All End In This Show?

Zelensky Wants Biden’s 33 Billion Fast- He’s Got More Citizens To Slaughter!

French War correspondent Ann-Laure Bonnel: I’m sorry to shock the followers, but the truth is that the Ukrainian forces are bombing their own people. The world still has honest journalists like Anne- Laure Bonnel, and she’s had enough of the networks and their fake news! Her rant in the video above is well deserved. After…Continue readingZelensky Wants Biden’s 33 Billion Fast- He’s Got More Citizens To Slaughter!

Keep Your Eyes Open…

Symbolism will always be their downfall. Even in children’s stories. We learn a lot from Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, and now… from the Khazarian mafia, it is right in our faces. They even have their own witches they send out! But the trident says a lot and always has. Poseidon…Continue readingKeep Your Eyes Open…

Mariupol Under Attack By Ukraine

Donbass: I’m Alive! “What are they doing?” Ukrainian Azov Units making a human shield! Hear the civilians stories – 400,000 plus lived underground and not allowed to leave! Where are the prophets visions? Have any been able to foretell this destruction of Ukraine by Ukraine? Well, if they haven’t seen the vision, they can watch…Continue readingMariupol Under Attack By Ukraine