Call Out The Progressive Hyenas…

Guys  like Juan Williams out to save their minority democracy, who think they can applaud Biden’s hate speech, like they always have…and ride the edge of other insane rhetoric that supports their idea of communism so grand… well, they need to get up to speed fast and understand… now is not the time to talk…Continue readingCall Out The Progressive Hyenas…

Big Execs Are Falling Out of Windows…

Death from building jumping and other “Mysterious” events have befallen some of the world’s top CEO’s. Chairman Ravil Maganov, of Russian oil giant “Lukoil”, fell to his death out of a window at the hospital and the report given was that he died and that was that. The fact that he was the 8th Russian energy…Continue readingBig Execs Are Falling Out of Windows…

Bye Bye Joey… Trump Won!!

As the entire world watches the multiple personalities and mental defects of Biden, he is now making the villians that control him cringe. What was supposed to instill fear and cause more division, has instead brought the people closer together to unite. This is not what Joe was supposed to do. Not at all. The…Continue readingBye Bye Joey… Trump Won!!

MAGA Is A New Beginning!

It was never an ending. Nor was it ever about one man…it was always about ALL OF US WHO VALUE GOD, FAMILY, AND FREEDOM! Serenity like no other is when you can stand on the shore and know… God made the earth, the sky, the seas, the air that we breathe…and the magnificent sight and…Continue readingMAGA Is A New Beginning!

President Trump Speaks In Pennsylvania!

Be sure and tune in to hear President Trump and all the speakers! Watch LIVE! Lines started 7 hours ago to get inside. They have already told those in line that they are up to capacity. The overflow is HUGE! These are Americans…the ones Biden et al are afraid of…these are the real majority! The…Continue readingPresident Trump Speaks In Pennsylvania!

Ten Thousand Million Jobs – Fastest Job Growth in History!

Little Jean Pierre said Biden created ten thousand million jobs…how do you write that number out? (10,000,000,000?) Good grief… this has got to be a show…it can’t be real…or can it? Did she say independent military? She’s confusing the Marines with Soros paid thugs – ANTIFA, etc… remember – Big O’s private army. Next he…Continue readingTen Thousand Million Jobs – Fastest Job Growth in History!


FBI RAID WAS A FISHING SPREE AND ADAM SCHIFF, GARLAND, WRAY, BIDEN ET AL CAUGHT NOTHING! But it does look like they’ve been landed in a big net by another master fisher! The biggest deal coming out of the FBI Raid on Trump was their visit to Melania’s closet and the play time doing their…Continue readingFBI MAR-A-LAGO RAID EXHIBIT “A” IS A DUD!

Biden’s Jedi Gaslighting Isn’t Working!

Tell Old Joe He Failed Last Night To Garner Any Support! Now everyone is looking at “His Failed Mandates” like Marxism, Open Borders, Toxic Vaccines and Electric Cars That Explode! Few are running out to buy an electric car, and thanks to Biden’s speech(s) from the Marxist playbook, fewer yet are out to save his…Continue readingBiden’s Jedi Gaslighting Isn’t Working!

President Trump Blasts Biden’ and his MAGA speech as “Insane”!

President Trump posted on Truth Social that Biden’s “awkward and angry” speech threatened America with the possible use of military force! He called his actions out as insane or else he is “suffering from late stage dementia.” Tonight, Biden sounded like a Marxist fascist who was revving up a color revolution in some third world…Continue readingPresident Trump Blasts Biden’ and his MAGA speech as “Insane”!


WILL HUMANITY BECOME A.I. FODDER FOR KHAZARIAN OLIGARCHS OR WILL GOD STEP IN? Wheels within wheels… frequencies within frequencies… what direction is the mad scientists at CERN taking their wheels within wheels of frequencies? Ezekiel 1:16 in its’ Context… 13As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance…Continue readingCERN = RESET = BOOM