Timing Is Everything…

“I WANT PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!” President Donald J. Trump On January 22, 1870, Albert Pike, self-proclaimed Satanist, 33 degree Mason, and one of his international co-conspirators, Guiseppe Mazzini, conceived the plan to establish the New World Order. This Plan was kept  secret within Freemasonry circles since the time of its inception, known only to fellow…Continue readingTiming Is Everything…

Russia, Russia, Russia In Ukraine

Fake News Joins The War In Ukraine! Does anyone else’s head hurt? Ohhhhhh…..!!!! Well, just when I thought I’ve seen it all…here comes a journalist who has now joined the Ukrainian forces and is fighting, yet his gloves are still so stiff from just putting them on that his fingers still can’t bend. Hope he…Continue readingRussia, Russia, Russia In Ukraine


WAIT FOR IT! Russians now have control over the Ukrainian Mariupol Strong Hold “ILICHA”! As of April 4, 2022, Russia has taken over the “ILICHA” steel plant and is now under Russian & DPR Control. Report was made by Patrick Lancaster, US Navy veteran and independent crowd-funded journalist. Lancaster is reporting news the main stream…Continue readingWHO KNEW?

While We Were Distracted…Elon Musk and Alwaleed Did What?

Just had a nice conversation with a family member on Elon Musk and Prince Alwaleed and Twitter. Since people are chattering about the takeover of Twitter plans and Alwaleed owning the second largest shares now…. and seem to have COVID overload amnesia, and forgot the same things my family member had forgotten, I thought it…Continue readingWhile We Were Distracted…Elon Musk and Alwaleed Did What?

mRNA, Now Alleged Cure For Heart Attacks?

Do You Believe Them? So now a headline today reads: Scientists discover world’s first cure for heart attacks using the same mRNA technology as Covid vaccines The article claims that technology used to make the toxic Covid jabs is now all of a sudden helping to regenerate hearts? While it has been proven to stop…Continue readingmRNA, Now Alleged Cure For Heart Attacks?

Does The Devil Have A Sweet Tooth?

So now we have the Snake Venom full bore main stream topic of the day. We also have Dr. Ardis saying..it is NOT in the water…and swearing he never said it…but did only say it to Stew. At this juncture we will quote Hillary, “At this point what difference does it make?” Dr. Ardis speaks…Continue readingDoes The Devil Have A Sweet Tooth?

Where Will The Evil End? Nicolaitans Exposed In The Vatican…

ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME… So we have recently covered the truth of Simon Magus, from Acts Chapter 8 and beyond, and his blending the way of the Lord with pagan gods of all cults, and even the occult. We have seen this was gnostic and practiced in the manner of Balaam which is for…Continue readingWhere Will The Evil End? Nicolaitans Exposed In The Vatican…

Ukraine Has It All Stamped Out… Will Putin Return To Sender?

Why did Zelensky have a stamp ready to go showing the sinking of a Russian missile cruiser “MOSKVA” one day before it even sank? Complete with the Ukrainian missiles “Neptun”? How long does it take to organize the commemorating of a new stamp? Is he now psychic or something else? The world is watching to…Continue readingUkraine Has It All Stamped Out… Will Putin Return To Sender?

Truth Versus Propaganda …

When it is all said and done, will you be able to say, “I did the right thing.”? The secret in standing is to hold truth up above all lies and don’t give a heck about what naysayers call you or say about you! Shine the light on the lies and speak the truth. In…Continue readingTruth Versus Propaganda …

Symbolism Shall Be Their Downfall!

The teachings of the Nicolaitans…The Thing God Hates! I have been looking at how to present a mountain of truth that has happened since the first followers of the way of the Lord and been delayed in trying to present it for it is vast and complicated with many mysteries. To throw it out there…Continue readingSymbolism Shall Be Their Downfall!