Hold The Line – Putin Is Just Beginning!

It is looking a lot like Putin is Saving millions of lives and possibly billions! Those nasty biolabs have been dangerous and perhaps when we dig a bit deeper we just may find they never should have been built. Why did the U.S. need so many in Ukraine? In a Washington Post News Article Written…Continue readingHold The Line – Putin Is Just Beginning!

Will Putin Have Nothing and Be Happy?

Klaus Schwab – the author of ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ – and WEF President Borge Brende said they “deeply condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine” and “attacks and atrocities”. Sometimes all it takes is one post to clear up any fog in what you were thinking, and confirm everything you knew in your gut without having to look NO…Continue readingWill Putin Have Nothing and Be Happy?

World of Fear Update…

We’ve seen Ukraine troops attack their own people in real time and in false flag crisis acting. European papers won’t touch it, the deep state hides it and tell lies saying these are the Russians. Expose this. The Deep State is Pushing for their World War III at the cost of YOU…ALL OF YOU! And…Continue readingWorld of Fear Update…

A World Awakes!

FEAR NOT FOR THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! When they have footage like this…you need to share it. This is all deep fake! This is how the deep state does their news. They make it all up and the poor suckers they are controlling believe every liar word of it! And when you look…Continue readingA World Awakes!

Ukraine Breaking News

UKRAINE PRESS RELEASE ABOUT JOE BIDEN – HE AND THE EVIL DEEP STATE ARE EXPOSED FOR THEIR SINS! When you read this press release, you will see how evil these people are, seeking only their own lusts and desires. Seeking government seats to fleece the people. Rob them all blind. How much money do these…Continue readingUkraine Breaking News

Tough Questions For Gen. Flynn

General Michael Flynn has put himself front and center with his recent letter announcing his stance on the Biden sanctions on Russia. In an article written by Jason Easley titled  “Mike Flynn Outs Himself As A Russian Asset While Blaming Biden For Ukraine Invasion”, he pushes Flynn into a category of enemy of the state…Continue readingTough Questions For Gen. Flynn

“Revealing Ukraine”

We have seen Ukraine on Fire the riveting documentary that exposes the Obama Regime’s involvement in capitalizing a modern-day occupation of a nation, through a coup to control it and have the new colony govern itself under their coup advisors. Yes, that is what happened…or what the deep state tried to do. It just didn’t…Continue reading“Revealing Ukraine”

Are 501c3’s Aiding the Deep State? Nukes are coming?

Nothing is as it appears, we now see Snake Island massacre was a hoax. 82+ surrendered and there was not an “F-U” followed by a KABOOM! Once again Ukraine and fake news lied! And now the 501c3 Prophetic are Shouting COLD WAR AND NUKES! If there is any nuke buttons pushed it will be by…Continue readingAre 501c3’s Aiding the Deep State? Nukes are coming?

Is Anything Like It Appears?

What hat is Flynn wearing?  A white one, a black one or a grey one? First of all I want to say I have been among all who in the beginning rooted for Flynn and desired to see him free. I have done my Lion’s share of pushing the injustice done to the man. In…Continue readingIs Anything Like It Appears?

Chechen Special Forces ‘Hunters’ Enter Ukraine…

The same Joey who is out to take away our second amendment and right to bear arms, has sent his war chest of toys to the Ukranian people to fire off at each other and set the stage for a red revolution to blame all on the “Putin”. The puppet masters must have forgotten that…Continue readingChechen Special Forces ‘Hunters’ Enter Ukraine…