When we stop and look at the economic structures that have been put into place on a world scale, we see how little by little all the industry giants have coordinated their strategies into the nations, it is eye opening and criminal.

This was never devised by presidents and nation leaders, although they were used as puppets to achieve the end results. This was achieved by cleverly devised and disguised intrigue, planned and orchestrated in secret meetings by those of ancient ideologies whose goals have been to rule the world. These have acted in cult like groups, vowing in blood to achieve their world empire at the dispense of humanity. A humanity that in one breath these say they are concerned about and in the next breath they call the same humanity “useless eaters”.

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Who would have thought that a banking system to loan money to help build an economy would be the same system that would be used to overtake it? While all along the way, robbing, plundering, and bending it to serve them better.

Laws were put in place to keep the people out of their games, all the while owning the very same law givers to allow them a free pass as they move along the board making strategic moves to win, win, win.

As I wrote previously, in order to not be played you have to know what the game is, and how moves are made, and the rules to the game. Especially the ones that apply to opponents and not to the one who devised the game.  The only way to have a strategy to win the game is to understand how the game is played. That is the very first step.

For example, imagine sitting down to play a game of chess and you know nothing of how to move the pieces, and know nothing of the rules of the game. You can’t play, let alone have a strategy.

This is where we are at and presently, we are playing a game of “world domination”. Those who enter into the game better well know how to play it and understand the rules.

How to Play Chess - YouTube

Herein lies the intrigue:

In this game called “World Domination”, the goal is to build a Babylon the Great that is run by Oligarchs who do the bidding of the ruler of the world who happens to be the Prince of the power of the air, also known as Lucifer, Satan, devil, dragon, and the serpent.

The goal of the game is to dominate the entire world, depopulate it and bring Lucifer out into the open to be glorified and worshipped by all.

There are two sets of rules. One set for those who wrote the game, and one set for those who are to play the game.

This is a continuous battle strategy game that started in the heavens and upon losing the game up there… Lucifer was cast down to the earth and given this earth bound domain as his platform to play on for a little while. Lucifer has limited powers and God Almighty has Ultimate Power over EVERYTHING.  

Each player in the game must choose which side they are on. Each player has been given free will to choose. Upon choosing, each player is given gifts and guides and skill sets. It is up to the player to come to the knowledge of these in order to discern and move along in the game for the side they have chosen.

Each player enters the game without knowing how it is played. That is part of the intrigue. Depending on the family they arrive to the game in, will depend on how much they are taught or not taught on how the game works. Regardless of this, each player must choose what they believe and develop their own beliefs. For this is all about free will and choosing what way the player desires to be and who to follow.

To follow the world and Lucifer who dominates it, one can join those who have world power to make earthly deals such as, appoint kings, dole out wealth, fame, power and even join forces with secret leagues and learn the crafts of the ancients.

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Presently the world has infiltrated everything. They have devised a banking system that now controls all big corporations, all entertainment, the arts, the news, education, government, everything needed to build nations and to provide for humanity to survive from food, water, and every resource as well as create wars and control economies. They even own religion. They have a one world system in place and act as though they don’t. It has been in place since the inception of the United Nations. And some could debate way before then as they have operated in secret since ancient times.

The same world banking system now controls everything and can manipulate it to crash markets, buy and sell to their favor, start wars, and control the world by controlling its supplies, money, and livelihoods in every nation. Or so they believe and do their best to try.  They are now boldly bragging of their achievements in the open and vowed to all of us that their RESET goals shall be achieved.


The other choice is to follow the Kingdom of God. This kingdom isn’t a place one can look at and say here it is or there it is, for it is within the player. The player must recognize that the world is where you are and not what you are.  They must come to the knowledge that God created all things and sent his Son Jesus to die for all sins of mankind and come to Him with a pure heart and desire to serve God and do His will on this earth by accepting His Son as their Savior and King of all Kings. They will find Him by discovering that the cruel things that happen in the world and the temptations to partake of the things in the world have caused them and others suffering, pain, misfortune and death.

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They will know that there is a void in their heart and they will seek justice, love, and regret the bad things they have done that led them into a state of sadness and loss.  They will find their way to the Son which is the way to the Father God and ask for forgiveness of their sinful ways. The Lord will hear their cry and send the Holy Spirit to reside in them and teach them the way to go and show them how to use their gifts to serve God and not the world. They will learn how to have God lead them and be His children by following two commandments…which is to love Him with all your heart, mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself. With that, they shall be ready to resist the devil and he shall flee… and at the same time they will need to armor up with the full armor of God in order to stand in the wicked days ahead and to pray unceasing in order to have the Lord guide them in all that they do.

For these are the days of great wickedness and the devil is out to kill, steal and destroy.  Those who follow the Lord are always in preparation and must discern all things for the World Domination game players oppose all that is good and of God and His Son Jesus. They are out to destroy all that is good and dominate the earth. They are out to win the game by killing, stealing, destroying and all manner of deceit, fraud, and lies. Their leader Lucifer/Satan/Devil/Dragon/Serpent is a liar and the author of it. Nothing he offers is lasting, and those who take his material worldly wealth are never happy, and never satisfied. GOLD is their commodity, their greatest tempter of all mankind. There is never enough to bring them any happiness for all of what this world offers is vanity. Nothing is lasting and nothing is of love…nothing is of honesty, and every one is disposable.

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So this is the game… we call life. We are in a form of reality that is an illusion. We are a soul inside a fleshly body and our soul is here on a temporary basis. Each player in this game of life is given a number of years. We know not how many, or when those years shall be up. Therefore we must live each day wisely as though it may be our last in the game… and those who know the Lord and love God will have an eternity of days…therein lies the reward for resisting the evil and all the supposed happiness the world has to offer…it is all fleeting, unfulfilling and it does not exist except for in your mind. The truth that lay in the rules of the game are hidden…one must seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to discern what is true and what is a lie. Those who follow the world do not have the Holy Spirit, they are filled with evil spirits who lie and have no power over those with the Holy Spirit. They can kill the flesh but they can never touch the soul.  Those who choose God and His Son are forever the children of God.

This is the rule of the game in this life played out in this realm we call the world.

The Final Superpower: The Kingdom of God | United Church of God

So in this game called “World Domination” there is a stone uncut by human hands (The Lord of Lords and King of kings, God’s Son Jesus the Christ) that will strike the “World Domination Empire” at its’ feet and toes made of part Iron (world domination) and part clay (God’s children) and he shall set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed.

This Kingdom is the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. This is the winner of the game called “World Domination”. So each must choose which side they are on for all have been given free will and no one can take that from you. Choose which side you shall be on and choose wisely for this is for all eternity. The game in play is not forever, however the outcome from your choice is forever lasting, for all eternity. Your earthly participation in the flesh is for a limited number of years… how many you have on this earth is never given out for you to know…that is one of the rules of the game.

So this is the game we are in World Domination…also written in the Bible as Babylon the Great who is fallen, is fallen and a cry has gone forth for God’s people to come out from her lest you share in her plagues for her sins have reached up into the heavens.

Keep on Pressing Into the Kingdom of God….PRESS, PRESS, PRESS – we are almost there…GOD HAS ALREADY WON THIS GAME OF WICKED WORLD DOMINATION!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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