With Friends Like Cruz, Carson Doesn't Need Enemies!

I don’t think Dr. Ben Carson needs so-called friends like Cruz.  From what reportedly took place at the Iowa caucus, Candy Carson doesn’t need friends like Cruz either.  But he is now making a public blame apology pointing all ten fingers at CNN, once again.
Gee, where was McConnell? Maybe if he was there he could have just blamed him?  After all he already went all out calling him a liar in the Senate claiming it was McConnell’s fault he voted so wrongly. C-Span has it on record.  I have yet to see Rafael take responsibility for any of his actions as of this date.
I mean, it was bad enough when he called out a cartoonist for saying he used his kids as “props” via a cartoon.  That was bad.  He was right on that. But when my email was blasted with 8….I counted, 8 “I need your help and money” campaign ads for the nasty thing the magazine did that included the actual cartoon (that I would have never seen otherwise), I was baffled. Why was he using the cartoon of his kids as a campaign tool (prop) to raise funds at the same time he was denying he used his kids as a campaign prop?  Oh my head hurt on that one. To me he was indeed guilty as charged.
There is always someone else or something else that happened, and this extends to his senate votes as well.  It seems to happen with everything he does.  He seems to have a black cloud hovering over him following him every where he goes?  Do we really need to have the kind of person with either total bad luck, or misinformation that he believes, and never double checks, in charge?  A man that is easily duped by the likes of McConnell, and every one in the world?  Nope.  Don’t want that, nor need that.
America is in need of a strong leader, not a simpleton who is always running into bad luck that can’t understand things.
Help us Mr. Trump, we need you to lead America and make her great again!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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