It sure is a crazy campaign strategy or is it just who they are?  I really don’t know how any one running for office could associate themselves with someone who is having a hate filled melt down on the world stage?  If someone wants a vote from a kind hearted, God fearing person….how on earth do they think they will get it by being so mean and underhanded.  While it makes for interesting entertainment (if you can even call it that) it sure doesn’t look good to hear lies that are proven to be lies before they ever hit the ears?
This entire fiasco of Cruz piously standing next to his so called conservative endorser Glenn Beck, while the veins in his neck pop out, his face distorts and turns from red to deep maroon, barely catching his breath as he yells condemnation to Trump, is sometimes a bit scary to watch.  It is a rare display of out of control establishment puppets who have been exposed for the lies they live and spew. What’s scary is no one in the Cruz campaign sees this as damaging.
It is obvious that Beck is unfit, misdirected, and has issues.  To shout “Give America to Communist Bernie” before you ever dare try to make her great again- is just insane to listen too.  And to say it to a morally driven Christian audience is suicide.
There will not be many votes gained by this embarrassing public display, but there will be a huge amount of prayers sent up to help these poor lost souls.  I mean it is really pathetic to watch.  Maybe a bit of therapy would help?
If there was ever any doubt, there is none now that Voting for Trump is the only clear sound, and sane choice to make.  Whoever  wants to drive  off the cliff in Thelma and Louise style….now you can with Beck and Cruz.
My vote is to make America great again, and rid the government of establishment puppets.  That’s why I’m voting for the adult in the room, the real leader – Donald John Trump!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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