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“If you like America you can keep her” is not in the cards for any candidate to fulfill but one, Donald John Trump. All the others are already bought to push the sustainable goals that will end America all together, let alone make her great again.
The entire agenda is right out of the movie “A Bold New World”. So, to the many who are wondering what is going on in Oregon, and the west and wondering why the BLM and FBI is after the ranchers, now and in the past, it is called the sustainable development for the 21st century Wildlands Project.
Those who think what happens to the ranchers is not your business, and they are breaking the law, think again. They are under attack and you are next. Your home is in the plan too. In fact the housing bubble was all part of the plan. Glenn Beck knows all of this. That is why he bashed the Bundy family when they were fighting for their grazing rights and property. He was one of their best psyops to sway public opinion. (He had more clout back then.) Today the majority of the people know what a NWO puppet Beck is…others are just now finding that out. Below, please read an excerpt from their own link with their own description and plans to bring their project into fruition.
“The Wildlands Project is a massive program for restructuring society around nature as the organizing principle. The concept is Foreman’s, but the plan was developed by Dr. Reed Noss under grants from The Nature Conservancy and the National Audubon Society. It was first published in Wild Earth, a publication of the Cenozoic Society, of which Foreman is chairman. Funded by the Ira Hiti Foundation for Deep Ecology, 75,000 copies of the plan were produced and distributed. The Wildlands Project was set up as a corporation with offices in Arizona and Oregon; Foreman is Chairman of the Board; Reed Noss is a Director. 
Working in tandem with the Wildlands Project is the Biosphere Reserve Program, a creation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The objective of the program, conceived in 1971, has been to designate sites worldwide for preservation and to protect the biodiversity of chosen sites on a global level. Toward that end, the Sierra Club has redrawn the map of North America into 21 “bioregions.”
In turn, each of the 21 bioregions has been divided into three zones:
1) Wilderness area, designated as habitat of plants and animals. Human habitation, use, or intrusion is forbidden. 
(2) Buffer zones surrounding the wilderness areas. Limited, and strictly controlled, human access is permitted within this zone.
(3) Cooperation zones, the only zones where humans will be permitted to live. 
According to Dr. Michael Coffman of Environmental Perspectives, Inc., a strategy to implement reserves and corridors (in the northern Rockies, for example, see map on page 4 [Ed. Note: Not reproduced here; see maps at https://www.libertymatters.org/MapWild.html ]) would be to: 
1) Start with a seemingly innocent-sounding program like the “World Heritage Areas in Danger.” Bring all human activity under regulation in a 14-18 million acre buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park.
2) Next, declare all federal land (except Indian reservations) as buffers, along with private land within federal administration boundaries. 
3) Next, extend the U.S. Heritage corridor buffer zone concept along major river systems. Begin to convert critical federal lands and ecosystems to reserves.
4) Finally, convert all U.S. Forest Service, grasslands, and wildlife refuges to reserves. Add missing reserves and corridors so that 50 percent of landscape is preserved. [Based on United Nations World Heritage Program; United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, Article 8a-e; United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment, Section; U.S. Man and the Biosphere Strategic Plan (1994 draft); U.S. Heritage Corridors Program; and “The Wildlands Project,” (published in Wild Earth, Dec. 1992).
Also, see Science, “The High Cost of Biodiversity,” Vol. 280, June 25, 1993, pp.1868-1871.] Investigative reporter Karen Lee Bixman, in her article, “The Taking of America,” states that “each of the 21 bioregions will be governed by bioregional councils. Although in its infancy stage, the setting up of such a council is taking place [now] in the south in conjunction with the Smokey Mountain National Park in Tennessee. When these councils come into play, local, state and national government will not be able to interfere with their enforcement. It will be under the strong arm of the UN. Environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and other green organizations will be given the green light [to be] the enforcement arm of these councils at the local level.” [Karen Lee Bixman, “The Taking of America,” The Investigative Reporter (Huntington Beach, CA), March 1996, .3.]
It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this is a radical agenda designed to control not just the land, but all human activity, as well. Under the Wildlands Project, at least 50 percent of the land area of America would be returned to “core wilderness areas” where human activity is barred. 
Those areas would be connected by corridors, a few miles wide. The core areas and corridors would be surrounded by “buffer zones” in which “managed” human activity would be allowed, provided that biodiversity protection is the first priority. Reed Noss’s words put it very, very plainly: “the collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans.” [“Rewilding America,” eco-logic Magazine (Publ. By Environmental Conservation Organization, Hollow Rock, TN), November/December 1995, p.20.]”
If this doesn’t concern you, quit reading. If it does please go to this link https://www.pennsylvaniacrier.com/filemgmt_data/files/The%20Wildlands%20Project%20Unleashes%20Its%20War%20On%20Mandkind.pdf and read all the details and chapters. When you are finished you will have a strong urge to either reach for a very strong drink, or get on your knees and pray. Maybe both?
I do not know of any average citizens that could possibly be for this at all?

There is only one man that can lead America out from the iron clutches of the establishment elite who desire this world order and the redistribution of all of America. Cruz is moving the agenda like a sly fox through the senate. He is being exposed little by little. When you understand what is actually taking place, then and only then will you see each sly move as he makes it. And not only Cruz, but each move of Obama, Hillary, and the neoconservative mindset of those of the National Review, as well as the media, their paid pundits and darling candidates.
This is a huge battle we are in. The only way to win back America from the hands of those who have stolen her is by electing a strong leader who loves her – that leader is DONALD J. TRUMP!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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