Why Questions Go Unanswered…

… because the answers lead to more questions!

Folks can deal with testimonials such as, “I once was lost but now I’m found”, but the kicker that’s been gnawing at people is the arrogance and side show stories from the one who claims he is chosen to save America. And it doesn’t help to hear his stories like when he daily devoured 13 pretzels in his so-called “loser working days at Target”, if it’s even true. Because apparently, it’s losers who like to sleep in, and work at target that never get ahead in life…sorry if you work there. Clark claims that God measures what you do as a business and you are rewarded as such. You will never have anyone listen to you if you look like you live in a van down by the river, no one will want to hear about your Christ. You have to have prosperity to serve God affectively. I guess that logic leaves John the Baptist as a LOSER. He didn’t even have a van, he just hung out down by the river.

Around 5.40 min. in he gets to the part mentioned…on Target. Then he gets way out there. But listen to the whole thing. It is what it is.

Oh, and now he’s out to save America because someone held up a flag behind him and his last name is Clark? Therefore, he must be the Clark in the Kim Clement prophecy, because he has influence (even though most of his YouTubes have between 12 and at tops 18,000 views when I last checked before I just said this) and someone behind him was touching a flag at the time he was somewhere doing something else or something? So, in Clay’s mind…how it works…it must be him. And now he is all over the place with his self-announced “I am the one spoken of.” Well, if he is the one… then let’s Go Brandon and SAVE AMERICA! WHAT’S HIS PLAN? HOW IS HE GOING TO SAVE AMERICA?

12 views at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. Up since 2017. Mr. Influencer Claaaaaayyyyy Clarrrrrkkkkkkkk!

But saving America isn’t cheap, so what do we have to pay to have him save America? What will the price tag on that be? Or do we just pay what we can afford? How is this saving America going to work Clay? I’m all in for saving America. But so far I don’t read anything in scripture about following carnival barkers as the way to do it? I’m reading a lot about returning to the Lord and what befalls a nation called by God’s name who turns away. I’m looking at the things coming upon the land and the promises God has given to his people if they will turn from their wicked ways and return to the commandments of God. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see what he sees? My discernment radar has been sounding like a shofar.

But, in all fairness, I must ask him, “What will you have us do other than buy a ticket to the road show?” I do want to hear the plans he has to save this messed up nation.

Meanwhile, this man, Agent Brandoe, shared an interview of Clay and Cannabis & Combat. C&C had his own set of questions to ask the newfound “Clark” out to save America…. he stripped off a few layers but only a few on the surface. It’s a big onion!


WATCH THE WHOLE INTERVIEW… Clay doesn’t call himself a patriot because he doesn’t put a label on himself? What? He has many labels lately, like the Clark in Kim’s Prophecy…boy he has sure tried to stamp that one all over the place!

So this guy markets “Bill Gates as though he was a guy to model and has it up since 2015 and just now takes it down when he’s called out on it by Brandoe? Okay. Now, no one would even care what the man does or does not do, and it is a time waste to delve into anything, so I just watch what is taking place on the surface because that is my world. I only deep dive for serious issues I don’t understand. I understand this Clay thing loud and well and have from the beginning. Many of the people he is influencing are people I like very much. So, this guy bothers me a bit because I am loyal to my friends and look out for them. Just saying if any are wondering what’s my big deal on this? I have no big deal. I have a concern for those who have such big hearts that they are easily led to overlook things they maybe shouldn’t be overlooking. I count the pretzels!

image 83
Brandoe calls out his Bill Gates, and just like that…the picture is finally down. After a long run. And I wondered how his subscribers feel now that he said this site was a not for profit and he didn’t know why he was still fooling with it? How does that honesty feel to his subscribers who still pay their $19 a month for something Clay doesn’t do anymore? Talk about ethics, this spoke volumes to me.

I never would have thought that Clark would be that arrogant to think real people believe all the garble he unleashes? But, the people don’t gather to hear him, they come to hear what to do with audits, Covid, and what to do for hope from the speakers. At least that was the intent when it began??? Not sure what it’s becoming these days, I have heard many things, but I don’t watch it anymore since it’s turned into a podcaster go fund me reunion. But, that’s just me. With the war going on and the snake song in my head, what I would normally not even look at twice, or just eye roll and change the channel….has me speaking up to take a second look. I have been praying that those I admire are not affected by this guy and his antics, and many I hear are praying for him as well. That is a big start. I think his calling was really to be a comedian…he would do great on Saturday Night Live.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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