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The so-called honest, conservative roll model who acts like a leader of a Jonestown following in the name of some sort of 7 mountain movement to bring about perfection on earth in the name of a campaign and New World Order ideal…..is looking more and more like the liar and deceiver he truly is.  His poison pen is now dripping all over everything as more and more of his liar past oozes out from under his closed closet door.
Liar Ted is so honest that he has to seal all of his records.  He is so honest that he has to lie about everything Trump says and does.  He is so honest he has to beg for dollars to give to Fiorina as hush money.  He is so honest he forgets the facts in the constitution like naturalized citizen and natural born.  He is so honest he won’t tell you that he isn’t really a citizen at all….why else would he seal his records?cruz Ce6oKGxVIAIlQBp
While he was so worried about Trump’s tax returns, Cruz was busy making sure that anything needed to truly vet him as a viable citizen and candidate was hidden far, far away!  WAKE UP AND DEMAND SOME UNSEALING!
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Anyone who allows sealing of docs and records and votes for the second person to do so (Obama was the first) deserves to have the wrath that awaits.  But, because I live here too – I am demanding that sealed records  be unsealed.  If he can’t do that….he is pleading the fifth amendment and definitely has a lot to hide!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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