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These are just some of the illegals that are receiving free health care far better than anything available at the VA hospitals.  Illegals also have assistance in housing, food, education and have better agencies to assist them to expedite their free stuff  and read them their  protection  rights (now that they are an immigrant, even though an illegal one) than our own VETERANS.

If you have had enough of the upside down and inside out disgusting abuse of tax dollars, the constitution misinterpretations, and most of all the mistreatment of our veterans…..stand up and demand that the gross abuse of  illegal border entry be stopped!

It is a shame to even see the report let alone know it has been ongoing for decades.  Our veterans are unable to get health care, jobs, and many are homeless.  Meanwhile illegals are taking up our emergency rooms with anything from a  common cold to a stab wound while living in government assisted housing and being fed through SNAP food programs.

veteransIt is time to take care of our Veterans first. America can no longer tolerate the slap in the face given to those who have served our nation to keep her safe.

Enough is enough.  Where is the expedited program to feed and house our veterans?  Isn’t it odd that we can make sure illegals have all they need from food to education but our very own citizens who have fought for their country have been left out on the streets?

It is time to change this around and sadly no one is talking about this issue except Donald J. Trump.  The media is too busy playing “surge the candidate” to look at real issues.

Meanwhile our veterans wait in lines to see a doctor, sometimes for days .  Many hope while they wait to be seen that the shelter doesn’t close its doors before they can get back for a cot for the night.  Many others will find some place outside to bunker down and sadly most of them are too proud to tell you they are even on the street.

The irony of it all is we are supposed to believe that McCain has done a fine job being an advocate for our Veterans and P.O.W.’s.  Well, look at the facts.  This is what has been done in the last 40 plus years and it isn’t impressive. It is a down right disgrace.

Written by Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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