Who knew that CHINA AND RUSSIA were working TOGETHER ON BUILDING LARGEST PORT IN THE WORLD during the Ukrainian uprising. Nothing here to see folks, they were just pushing forward while the opportunity knocked. Recall how the Obama and Biden administrations were busy with Ukraine, and barely a peep was said about them as they continued their ISIS war on terror distractions as Russia and China bunkered down carrying out their port plans.

At home we heard ISIS beheadings and Israel’s red line with Iran. Meanwhile billions of dollars were prepared to go to Iran, while Ukraine was on fire, Crimea returned to Mother Russia, and Venezuela turned into a third world country under voter fraud elections using the same Dominion software that has been used in many world nation elections, including the USA.  Who knew?

Putin continued to speak out against the UN and scold nations who act like children set out to rule the world. Meanwhile Russia remains in league to build largest port in the world while McCain shouted Putin’s Russia is a gas station. The world applauded McCain as a war hawk keeping Putin in line while he secretly recruited mercenaries to join ISIS forces paid and trained by Obama’s US.

Meanwhile at the same time, Hillary doesn’t have to campaign for they have Dominion over the elections and thus doesn’t have to campaign any more than Joey had to in 2020. People don’t know about Dominion…but wonder why she isn’t campaigning and believe she’s on house arrest. Something is wrong with her that’s obvious, but what? No one suspects she’s busy making Clinton Foundation Deals with foreign nations.

 Meanwhile Burisma hires Hunter for his (lack of) experience in the Oil Industry but other skill sets? Big Guy gets his cut on all the deals and President Trump is elected and now we chase Russia, Russia, Russia and Impeach, Impeach, Impeach.


Oliver Stone releases his documentary “Ukraine On Fire” and “Winter On Fire” both are viewed and no one says a word about any of the US involvement. Even though both Biden and McCain are revealed as bad actors in the toppling of the Ukraine government along with other Obama administration officials. It’s as though it were a fiction flick and no one cared.

Recall during the campaign for 2016 many distractions enter in prior to Trump coming down the escalator, like the BLM land grabs with the Bundy Ranch in order to take the land for Solar Panels and Uranium (another Hillary Clinton Foundation scandal)…this again goes nowhere but keeps public and social media focused on Nevada. This scheme reallocated 2,400 acres of public land in Nevada for the use of Stateline Solar Farm Project (SSFP) and the Silver State South Solar Project (SSSP) to build corporate infrastructure within the state.


The role of the BLM was to secure this land for corporate interests and ultimately Agenda 21 initiatives in conjunction with other federal, state and local agencies.  Harry Reid is accused of helping his son acquire the Bundy land and surrounding acres of national land for Chinese solar panel company. Thus enter more China, China, China. But we are not aware and are told to look at BLM and nasty unfair BLM. But no one is mentioning the UN’s Wildlands Project that is the real culprit behind the buy outs.

Meanwhile rest of the world continues to receive ISIS refugees and open borders invade nations in European countries. Somalia has jihad and sends refugees to other nations. The refugee open border invasions play out. Citizens in nations that receive the refugees have street wars and their cities become unsafe. Trump campaigns on building a wall and Hillary calls him racist and everything else she can think of – thus his supporters become Deplorable and irredeemable. 

Finally Trump is elected and he returns all the national parks back to the states and decapitates the BLM monster, foiling the plans of China , Canada, Russia, Clinton Foundation and their cohorts.

 Fast forward to 2020 and Hunter Biden Email scandal. December 12 2020 and the leaked phone calls show Hunter and Joe were in on the back side with Chief China Spy to build China’s largest port in the world.

How does this all play into the China 2020 US election interference and Dominion? They needed to get Trump out of office. He was never supposed to win. Remember Obama made deals with Russia and Hillary and her Clinton Foundation were already involved in Uranium scandals with Russia and China through their Canadian based company. A shell game?  All of it hidden in the archives of headed investigations designed to go no where but hidden in archived vaults.

Fast forward to 2020 election and we see China still on track to complete largest port in the world with or without sloppy Hunter who is now under investigation. Russia and China are still a go in the South China Sea and Japan is still at odds with the situation.

In 2018 China took over Kenya’s largest port. They have little by little taken over many ports, waterways, and the Panama Canal. Not by fight but by coin and might while the world was watching Bush and Obama in the middle east.  https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2020/12/2/commander-alarmed-as-china-makes-inroads-in-americas

While we were directed to look over there (middle east)….Obama and his deep state operatives were busy over here (south America and Caribbean) helping China’s port dreams and Russia’s oil interests.

Over the years, many years going way, way back during the Clinton years, China has bought a lot of USA real estate and so have great merchants from United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Our news outlets were invested in and purchased. Others bribed for a coin and invaded.

It seems the focus is now and has been on the ports. Dubai is losing its’ foot hold on having the largest ports while China is gaining ground by great stealth. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/17/dubais-dp-world-is-delisting-and-returning-to-private-ownership.html

The entire world was hit with bio warfare, thus enters lockstep COVID-19. Lock downs and small business destruction in play while globalist governors enact unconstitutional mandates and refuse to open up the states. Resulting in grave hardships on individuals and closing of small businesses. The cure becomes worse than the disease which has a 99.9% recovery rate. Meanwhile the push for a vaccine and scientists and cyber tech giant Gates act like Presidents of the world dictating what the people will and will not do.

So you see the 2020 elections are complicated and there is good reason that those claiming to protect their democracy are shouting. For their democracy is a pass to have endless wars and conquer the entire world with back door deals doled out left and right. Yet, there is a nasty little problem and that problem is WE THE PEOPLE and DONALD. J. TRUMP. Add to that list the new faces coming forward such as Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and now Jeffrey Rosen among many more.

Pro-Trump attorneys Sidney Powell, Lin Wood urge Georgians not to vote in  Senate runoffs without changes - glbnews.com

Due to the vast amount of deep state sell out which have been treasonous acts against the people of the United States from within their own government, the super powers of the world have had a hay day making deals and back door bids for their favorite real estate choices and intellectual property that was easily data mined. Biden just makes the final sell out a cake walk, while President Trump is launching an all out defense launch to protect WE THE PEOPLE and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  This is just the surface of the nutshell version, this does not include the layers of child and human trafficking, adrenochrome market, cannibalism, big pharma, GMO’s, poisoned water and clean water grab, and other war crimes against the people.

So you see it’s not just about Joe versus Trump and who will be president. This is about will there be a United States of America or will we become a colony of China with Russian (BRICS) and Globalist ties? Will we be the free cookie jar for the world dictators?

I say NO. Truth will prevail and Patriots will awake, stand strong and learn the truth from digital warriors and whoever dares speak the truth. But, there are many out there that are more concerned with editing finding typos than understanding the content of the matter and the urgency in creating public awareness. They point those errors out proudly and ignore the important information. Just ask me, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell who have all recently been scolded on the matter. As long as people are looking at true news and reports as something to proof read and grade, WE HAVE ENTERED INTO ANOTHER TYPE OF CENSORSHIP. So when all someone can say of a court order is….LOOK AT THE TYPO – that one who is shouting about a typo is in the way.  No better than an algorithm bot paid for by Twitter and Farcebook! However, pointing out without a sarcastic remark is always welcomed.

Applaud the people who are doing their best to get news out that is true and shove your red ink proof pens up your arses!  We are at war and in the end no one is going to ask if all the words were spelled correctly, they will be asking if you still have your nation and is anyone hurt!!!

So now enter Jeffrey Rosen…hold on to your seats this ride is just beginning and the way down will be a thriller!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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